True Blood

Season 5 Episode 2

Authority Always Wins

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 17, 2012 on HBO

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  • Authority Always Win

    Because we really think they will kill off Eric and Bill.

    I don't think this is the right role for Christopher Meloni, or the right casting by True Blood, but at least they are trying something different. The show still feels a little stale though.
  • Question Authority

    Eric and Bill and imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured by the Authority with UV lights and this makes for the single most interesting part of the episode. They are then brought before the Council that is the Authority which consists of about six elder vamps and their leader the Guardian (Christopher Meloni) who says that he wants them dead more than anything but Eric's sister's betrayal as an Emissary of the Authority is much more troubling. Bill offers them Russell Edgington in exchange for their lives which the Guardian grudgingly accepts and also lists the goods and bads that both Bill and Eric are guilty of for the past two seasons including the elimination of Marnie and Eric's bloodfeud with Russell. Sam and Luna have a falling out even after her saving his life over his not wanting Luna's daughter Emily be influenced by the werewolf pack run by Marcus's mother but since they're not sure whether Emily is a shifter or a werewolf (she's a werewolf we learn) the two are put at odds despite what they just went through. Jessica is confronted by Steve Newlin about buying Jason off of her and when she sexually describes him and Newlin gets "excited" she says that she wouldn't betray a friend but when her party is later crashed by Newlin she kicks them all out of her house. Jason is confronted by a kid whose mother he slept with and is punched. Andy makes a step in the right direction in terms of his addiction. Arlene confronts Patrick about Terry's tour in the Middle East and its effect on his life when she become worried about his mental state. Alcide rejects becoming the new pack master even though he killed Marcus resulting in a power vacuum in the pack. Hoyt refuses Jason's friendship yet again when he tries to apologize. Certainly much better than last week but the taming Tara while she goes bat$$it insane as a newborn was boring and consumed too much time. Here's to improvement.
  • The gospel according to the Authority...

    Ever since the AVL's first debate on national TV, the show has been building up to this: the moment we met the men in black behind the men in black, the ones King Russell wanted to exterminate, the leaders the Magistrate died for, the people Nan Flanagan was scared of. And the Authority do NOT disappoint, you can see it in their eyes. From several frames of history, they have fought to adapt just as fiercely as they have fought for the vampires under their command. Its not an option, its a necessity. And defiance would not be tolerated: the war for tolerance begins with peaceful coexistance. Coming from natural predators, this makes you have hope for mankind.
  • next filler at least less boring please

    I really didn't think it could have been possible, but I got bored watching True Blood! and not just in one scene, but practically for the whole episode.

    I understand that the authors are trying to juggle between many different storylines that have nothing in common and that need time to grow, but in this episode REALLY nothing happened. If you give just a couple of scenes for each storyline, at least make them meaningful!

    Everything I saw was unengaging and slow, I didn't manage to get interested in anything I saw and the same things could have been said in half a time with better planning. Which makes me worry that the main storyline of this season is so thin that they had to stretch things to the extreme to fill all the episodes.

    I hope it's just a boring filler before things heat up in the next episode. There are funny scenes here and there, but I expect more from True blood.
  • Okay supporting arcs and superfine Bill Eric III but the editor is a vegan raptor (Spoiler-free)

    I'm not a specially religious individual but when it comes to summer TV, I believe in True Blood ! Turn! * 3 was quite a weak way to begin the new season but this second installment was similar to season 4's second episode, You Smell Like Dinner. Indeed it seems I'll again spend the next weeks torturing the storybordeleditor (Bordel, from Old French : Mess, whorehouse) because if the show has one weakness, it's definitely "the thing" responsible for dislocating the arcs ! Scene 11 : Jason is at the police station. Scene 12 : Pam is in 1909. But it's already time to forget about what could ruin the show if it hadn't enough brute force and addictive flavors to both entertain and captivate us !

    Successful episodes like Cold Grey Light of Dawn have proven that when it comes to turning your night into a televisual orgy of bloody fun well until further notice you can't do better than Jessica ? Censored, and even not for $20000 ! Billeric ? Oh, no ! It leads us to Jason because even if his moments were rare he still managed to make me laugh enough to acknowledge that humor is a mandatory part of the journey. As for Andy one of his decisions should definitely inspire you, even if he's slower than me when it comes to dodge spoilers. I'm also glad that he has evolved from a Sheriff Rosco-co-clone to a well pretty little Bellefleur. More seriously Pam's side was short but refreshing and despite the immersion killer I have already pointed out it at least had one smooth and well thought out transition to Bill Eric !

    I could mention that Alcide and Sam deserve more attention because from the performers to the story their arc has undeniable potential. I could mention them, so I did. Do I make any sense ? Probably not but at E3 Far Cry 3 didn't either and its psychotropic presentation was praised. Now back to me, no to True Blood. What about Tara ? Well I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of her as a vampire but Rutina Wesley is both charming and charismatic so I'll keep my mind opened for now. Moreover you can't beat Pam as a maker and Lafayette's dilemna was interesting to witness. I cried, because he's Rembrandt Brown's spiritual son after all.

    Last but not least (Finally !), let's judge King Bill Compton and Sir Eric Northman ! Beside the amoebitor I can't see a single viewer not giving the show a second chance after the mediocre premiere but if you haven't already seen Authority Always Wins well Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgrd are the only excuses you need. From the inevitable torture to crossed interviews their part represents the best of what True Blood is capable of. You care, you feel and you even think a lot (But not too much, thank "you know who"). Each season requires its set of freshly decayed ingredients and True Blood's fifth is no exception. Eclectic and freaky new characters ? Checked. Fascinating topics like religion covered in a controversial fashion ? Crossed out. A last minute offer and a gorgeous villain ? Double date !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • The definition of filler

    Another meh episode, seriously this season has been pretty bad so far. They just feel so uninspired and predictable, at least this episode was a bit more entertaining and it was an improvement over the last one.... but that's not saying much. It feels that they are just setting up things to come and that's why nothing is actually happening.

    - It seems that they are finally giving Pam something to do. I really liked her flashbacks and that scene with Eric was great.

    - Steve Newlin, I mean the character is sort of stupid but he end ups being funny and enjoyable. I have to agree that his entrance was hilarious.

    - The great ending with Russell. That was sort of scary but badass.

    - I really don't care what the story line is for Terry and Arlene. It was just filler and boring.

    - It was really disappointed by the Authority. I mean they took all away all the mystery and menace of them.... plus again just BORING.

    - Ugh... what a terrible episode
  • Authority Always Wins

    Authority Always Wins was a superb episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching. The story was good and the new characters were interesting. It was neat to see inside The Authority and to learn more about them. I also liked seeing how Pam met Eric, sort of how Angel met Darla in some ways. Tara was crazy and it was a scary and at times funny not knowing what she would do next. Bill and Eric make a last minute plea deal with The Authority. Russell Edgington seems to be getting better and I can't wait to see what he does. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Awesome

    Fantastic Episode!, nice to know the back story of pam & eric!, and the Vamp Bible thing! interesting!, can't wait to see Eddington in play, waiting "sucks"realy!