True Blood

Season 3 Episode 1

Bad Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 13, 2010 on HBO
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Sookie turns to Eric for help finding Bill. Andy urges Jason to stay the course. Sam wants to reconnects with his past so he begins his search for his birth parents. Tara seeks refuge from her grief. Lafayette gives Lettie May one more chance to help Tara. Meanwhile Jason and Andy work to cover up the truth about Eggs death. Sophia-Anne makes a surprise visit to Fangtasia.moreless

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  • intense

    I don't have the episode quite fresh in the mind anymore as it has been several days since I saw it but it was a great season premiere nonetheless! I had low expectations too as a friend of mine had said that it was a decent episode at best.. So I remember specifically being quite surprised at how good it actually was!

    What's with the queen vampire taking orders from that dude? I thought she was supposedly the most powerful or whatever.. And Eric oooof...he's effin it up. I can already tell this will be an intense season for sure!moreless
  • We find out who vamp-napped Bill!

    True Blood is baaaaack!!!

    I have seriously missed this show. And I can safely say that the wait was most definitely worth it.

    The premiere kicks off literally where last season's ho-hum finale left us: the aftermath of Maryanne's rein is still lingering in the air; Tara's distraught over discovering her lover's body; Sookie is in a whirlwind of panic after realising Bill has been kidnapped; Jason is a total mess since killing Eggs, while Andy takes it upon himself to help him cover it up; and Sam is off gallivanting, in search of his long-lost family.

    And that's only the human side of things!

    To say there's a lot to this episode would be a gross understatement. I'm honestly not sure where to begin! I could start with the ever loveable Jessica or Hoyt's awesome new hair or the sheer amazingness of Pam or Eric's six hour sex marathon (with bonus tushy shot!).

    Written by Brian Buckner, "Bad Blood" eases us into this concoction of chaos with some fantastic offbeat lines of dialogue, making sure almost every character has their moment; even the likes of dull as a doorknob-Bill gets to bring the funny (with Sam, but more on that in a bit). I had such a difficult time trying to single out a particular line of dialogue for the quote above, the script is that sharp. Having said that, there are a few missteps with certain character developments, but I wouldn't be too quick to land the blame on Buckner, I'm sure it has more to do with the planned arc of that particular character (ahem, Tara, ahem).

    Sookie's determination to find Bill, rather surprisingly, plays second string to Bill's plight, and, to be perfectly honest, Jason's, too. I liked that Jason seemed to be so shaken up by what happened with Eggs that he's all about turning over a new leaf. Could it be? Were the writers listening to me? Are they going to dial him down? I hope so! Andy of all people comes to his rescue, and actually makes for a semi-competent cop when paired with the former jock, and you have to love his philosophy: "Conscience off, d*ck on!" It was a rather startling image seeing those bullet holes during Jason's three-way; it looks as though they may be offering him up a solid arc for the season.

    While Jason's struggle with Eggs' death seems to benefit the character, adding depth to an otherwise sex-driven cipher, Tara's reaction -- admirably charged by Rutina Wesley -- comes off a little hollow. I loved Tara, once upon a time. Heck, I loved the whole Maryanne arc. I just couldn't wrap my head around Tara's relationship with Tall, Dark and Biceps (otherwise known as Eggs). Under Maryanne's control, they offered up some great television (in a deranged, orgy-orientated, heart-eating, ostrich egg-worshipping kind of way); but when the spell wore off, there was no spark for me. I couldn't feel what Tara felt for Eggs, and so I can't feel for Tara right now, or understand her reaction the way I was meant to; I'm in this limbo regarding one of my former favourites, and it's just wrong. Wrong, I say!

    What's even more shocking is how much I liked Bill in this one. We haven't seen him this badass since his flashbacks with Lorena in Season 2. He's usually taking orders from Eric, or else fawning over Sookie, but here he's snapping necks and taking names, even under such strenuous circumstances ('We're the f**k you club!' *stab jugular*). Now he's about to take on a whole pack of wolves, and there's hardly any CG in sight, I suddenly find myself rooting for the vamp! I certainly hope he has enough stamina, despite what Eric may think, to see it through to the next episode.

    Sam gets the short straw this week, as not very much is made of his storyline. It's highly obvious that Tommy is his brother, but beyond that, it's tough to say where this storyline will go. It'll be interesting to delve into the shifter mythology in greater detail, but I do wonder, can a shifter transform into a wolf? I could see that becoming a plot point at some stage in the season. As for his dream sequence, I was totally gobsmacked. I was looking around my room, hoping someone would explain WTF was going on, and then I remembered -- Bill's blood! Genius.

    Overall, the season premiere does a good job of laying the groundwork for the season ahead. I haven't even mentioned Sophie-Anne, who comes off far more sinister and grown up here (and, yes, I did jump out of my skin when she pushed Eric against the wall); or the fact that Jessica, bless her, just can't catch a break, she is such a vampire n00b. It's a jam-packed episode, heavy on small, icing on the cake, character moments that I just can't get enough of. As for our fury friends, they barely feature, but if the cliff-hanger is anything to go by, they're about to make their mark on this series.moreless
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Sookie turns to Eric for help finding Bill. Andy urges Jason to stay the course. Sam reconnects with his past. Tara seeks refuge from her grief. After last seasons finale this episode has started off really good. I loved the whole storylines with all of the characters. I love the way Bill gets kidnapped by those men, I feel so sorry for him. I loved the way Kenya doesn't believe Sookie. I loved the Merlotte scenes, especially when Tara breaks down / flips out on . I love the scene with Sookie and Jessica, talking about Bill and Jessica has blood on her face, she is so Awesome. I love the scene with Andy and Jason, I love the way they are together, there pretty Awesome together, I lvoe the way Andy tells him to go have sex basically! I love the way Sookie goes to Fangtasia. Awesome. Oh my God, the scene where Sookie walks in on Eric....Why is he so God damn hot!? I love the scene with them when he is nakered! I personally loved it, as most women who watched this episode should have. But yeah, Sookie and Eric are so meant to be together! I love the way Bill gets away from them men. I love Tara and Layfette. I love the scene with Tara and Sookie, when Tara attacts Sookie, amazing scene! Wow. I love the scene when Eric is on the phone, and his body and everything is amazing. I love the scene with Eric and Pam, I love them. I love all the characters and the storyline! I love the scene with Bill and Sam, I was like thinking what the .... in my head, thank god it was a dream, funny though! I love the scene with Jason and Hoyt, they are both Awesome and hilarious. I love the scene with Sookie in the police office, Awesome. I love the scene with Hoyt and Jessica on the phone, was cute. I love the scene Fangtasia, it's Awesome. Eric is looking so good constantly! I love the whole storyline with the Queen and Eric and that other guy. I love the whole Jason and Hoyt with those girls, so funny! I love the scene with Eric and the Queen on there own! I love the scene with Sookie and Pam in her house! I love the scene with Layfette and Pam, amazing. I love the scene with Sookie and Jessica, amazing storyline! Wow. I feel sorry for that old women Bill gets, however I love the whole storyline with him and her! I feel sorry for Tara and her storyline. I love the whole Jason storyline, damn he is hot! I love the whole Tara getting drugged up, Awesome storyline. I love the end with the werewolves!moreless
  • Thank God True Blood is Back! In all its' technicolour glory!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Season 3 opener. I have never submitted an online review before, but felt moved to after reading one review here that said the show was simply black and white with no depth. If they had actually watched this fabulous show, they would see that it is all about shades of grey plus a whole spectrum of colour! (Special mention of Pam in pink). I have loved this show since the 1st episode - it is a brilliant, arc-driven interpretation of the books, with layers and layers of meaning, the sort of show you can watch over and over and get something new out of each time. Can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Bad Blood gave me a Bad headache

    First let me start by saying I am in love with this show. Its edgy, it's dark, and it brought something fresh to the very stale vampire genre (That's right I'm talking about Twilight). After the big cliffhanger ending of Season 2 (Which really wasn't that surprising, but still awesome), I was so looking forward to see what was going to happen in Season 3's premiere. One whole year I waited anxiously, and what did I get on that faithful day, garbage. This episode was a big boring mess. The writing was as stale as the writing in twilight, the acting was relatively weak especially from Tara (I'm sorry but no one cares about Eggs I know I don't). The only character I was able to stomach was Jason, but he was always my favorite character. The worst part was that terrible ending. That was definitely not a True Blood ending. I wasn't at the edge of my seat once this whole episode (okay maybe when it started I was). This was in my opinion the worst episode of True Blood to date, but then again Season 2 started off kind of weak too and it turned itself around towards the end.

    Crossing my fingers for the rest of Season 3.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Magister: Trouble abounds in your fair state.
      Eric: Tell me.
      : It would seem your idyllic little home is competing to become the V capital of the world.
      : Can you believe it? I am so embarrassed. Naturally I told the Magister that you were the only vampire in my kingdom that I could trust with this.
      : Any thing I can do to be of service.
      Magister: Our blood is sacred. Wasting it on any thing but procreation is blasphemy. Sophie-Anne: Madness!
      : Blasphemy.
      : Have you noticed an uptick is users in your neck of the woods? Maybe even here in your club?
      Eric: I haven't, no.
      : See that surprises me. Because every other sheriff to whom I have spoken to has. The amounts are so great in fact, we can only assume a vampire is responsible.
      Sophie-Anne: An act of self loathing. So shameful that who ever is responsible should fall on his own stake.
      Eric: Respectfully, Magister. I'm not sure I follow your logic.
      Magister: If your average run-of-the-mill drainers were behind this, it would stand to reason that said drainers would need vampires to drain, which means there would be missing vampires and plenty of them... How many vampires have gone missing in your area?
      Eric: None, Magister.
      : So now do you follow my logic?
      Eric: I do and I will look into the matter.
      : Good and I will expect results.

    • Andy: So conscience off. Dick on. And everything's gonna be alright.
      Say it with me. Conscience off!
      Jason: (sigh) Conscience off.
      Dick what?
      Dick on.
      And everything...
      ...'s gonna be alright.

    • Jason: God, I killed a man!
      Andy: No, Stackhouse. I killed him! That's what I just told Bud and that's what both of us have to stick to, 'cause there's holes in our stories. Big gaping ones!
      Jason: Like?
      Andy: Like if he was really all up in my face threatening me with a knife, how come the gun that killed him was fired from over twenty feet away!?
      Jason: Well shit, then. Why'd you tell a story with holes in it? We gotta go back and tell him the truth.
      Andy: You tell anybody anything, we're both gonna spend the rest of our lives in jail!

    • Bill: (to his captors) If you have any kind of orders to keep me alive, you are about to fail. At the rate you're drainin' me, I will die!

    • Sookie: I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight Pam.

    • Pam: Now, why'd you have to go kill that maenad? She was a terrific decorator.

    • Pam: I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember I can rip your throat out if I need to. And also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Good Behaviour" by Powersolo (Bill is held in a car)
      "Pistol Whip Me (Back into Your Arms)" by Acumen Nation (Sookie interrupts Eric's sexcapade at Fangtasia)
      "Crazed Country Rebel" by Hank Williams III (Bill crashes the car trying to escape)
      "On The Horizon" by John Lincoln Wright (Hoyt asks Jason if he can stay at his place)
      "Between You and I" by Stoll Vaughan (Sam appraoches Tommy at the garage)
      "A Drink With Hank" by Sean Patrick McGraw (Hoyt calls Jessica from Merlotte's)
      "Necroplasm Fix" by Horrorfall (Queen Sophie-Anne and the Magistar pay a visit to Eric at Fangtasia)
      "Here in This Nowhere Town" by Agona Hardison (Arlene smells the cinnamon in the chili; Jason tries to pick up two girls)
      "No One But the Dawg" by Steve McComb (Terry finds Arlene in Sam's office)
      "Everybody Wants You" by Billy Squier (Jason has trouble performing with the two girls he brought home)
      "Bad Blood" by Beck (end credits)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America - June 27, 2010 on HBO Latinoamerica Este
      Germany - November 4, 2010 on Syfy
      Czech Republic - November 23, 2010 on HBO
      United Kingdom - January 14, 2011 on FX/FX HD

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Zlá krev (Bad Blood)