True Blood

Season 3 Episode 2

Beautifully Broken

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on HBO

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  • The wolves come out to!

    Boring old Bill gets his groove back: he annihilates an entire pack of werewolves in the opening teaser, gore in mouth n'all, and he even gets to scoff at one of their names (''seriously?''). Please, please keep this up! This new Bill -– this lamp-throwing-at-Lorena Bill -– is wildly entertaining, and he's quickly climbing up that ladder to one of the best characters of the season so far. I'm not sure how wise it was to have him slaughter so many wolves so early in the game, as it undermines the cliff-hanger with Eric and Sookie (although maybe this particular wolf is stronger somehow). But it's interesting to learn that a vampire controls their comings and goings, and Bill is slap-bang in the middle of it all.

    Which leads me to Russell, played with a wink and a smile by Dennis O'Hare, Bill's shining white knight and kidnapper (although he'd be more inclined to think of Bill as his ''guestage''). While I'm not too keen on all of this territory, faction malarkey, I can't deny that Russell's introduction, and his not too shabby digs, is definitely a highlight of the episode. Bill is literally powerless to do anything right now, and with Sookie's life on the line and Lorena back on the scene, what can he do but obey?

    Staying on the vampire front (since I barely mentioned them last week), Eric has taken it upon himself to be Bill's stand in while he's away. As he candidly tells Sookie, it'd be more than advantages for him if Bill were never found, and then proceeds to offer her primal sex (and his protection, of course, he's not a complete douche). I'm not sure if I like where they're taking Eric. He's becoming more human and it sort of takes the edge off. I really don't want the writers to soften him like Spike was on Buffy.

    Sam's storyline gains a bit of momentum as we finally get to meet his biological family. His mother, Melinda (J. Smith Cameron) is a shifter, as is his younger brother Tommy (Marshall Allman), but his father, Joe Lee (Cooper Huckabee) isn't. Of course, I've heard rumours that this lot will take Sam for a ride and make his life hell, but for now, at least, they seem fairly decent (for white-trash). Tommy, of course, is the exception, and baits Sam into a shift-run that almost gets him killed. It's too soon to tell if this particular storyline will have enough weight to stand against vampire factions, werewolves, and Kings and Queens, but only time will tell.

    Tara is still a total shambles this week, but at least there are a few interesting developments made along the way. Lafayette is always there to state the obvious – he's always there for a much needed reality check. But the whole ordeal involving his mother (ick, I'm sorry, but I really couldn't stomach her dialogue) felt a bit too Daytime TV for this viewer. Still, the mysterious vampire who shows up to help Tara take out her aggression on a couple of racist rednecks suggests that her storyline could be picking up soon enough. And what was he doing in Bill's house? He tells Tara he's no friend of Bill's, so what's he up to exactly? And did you see that he got turned on when Tara started throwing punches? I have a feeling the writers may play this pairing out as the antitheses to Bill's and Sookie's relationship.

    Sookie, once again, has very little to do except worry over Bill, chit-chat with Terry (hilarious, by the way), and clean out her house. I appreciate that the writers, at least, are giving her some funny scenes as result – her impersonation of Bill calling her name was priceless. Again, I'm not too fond of the whole Sookie/Eric teasing (unless, of course, they're naked – thank you, season 2!). Hopefully things heat up next week and our main character has a bit more to chew on, eh writers?

    Heck, Jason gets more to do this week than his sis, but I'm not entirely sure if I care all that much. I have never really liked Jason (except for when he was with Amy back in season 1). The idea of teaming him up with Andy may seem rife with comedic potential, but the show would work just as well, if not better, without him. He was the series' main source of sex appeal back during the first season, but we have hotter vamps now, so what's left for him to do? As for that woman that he saw, I'm just throwing it out there, and I'll probably be slammed for it, but I'm thinking... wood nymph?

    Not as solid as last week, 'Beautifully Broken' strolls on by at a leisurely pace. I've been so looking forward to seeing werewolves on the show, I guess I'm just a little underwhelmed that not much has been made of them yet.
  • No, Jason, there is not a Santa Claus.

    I enjoyed this episode, maybe because we got to see more Eric. I know there's some criticism about the show involving too many characters this season but I actually kind of like it. There's a little bit of each story presented without making the show seem too fragmented. Plus, like a good Quentin Tarantino film, it'll be fun when all the stories finally intersect. Even more fun, will be when they start killing off the characters. Fingers crossed that Tara bites (no pun intended) the dust. To be fair, I used to be a fan of Tara but she does tend to weigh on my nerves. I think she's kept around to give Lafayette-a thoroughly enjoyable character, in my opinion-an anchor in the story. Other than Eric, some of my favorite highlights were Jason-who I think is played with a naïve sincerity by Ryan Kwanten-asking about Santa Claus; Pam in the bathroom with Jessica, or really any scene with Pam in it; and the scene with Alfre Woodard as Lafayette's mother.
  • A more methodical episode develops here as the main plot-lines introduced in Bad Blood are explored. A few new characters are introduced, which bring a few fresh twists to the series.

    A more methodical episode develops here as the main plot-lines introduced in Bad Blood are explored. A few new characters are introduced, which bring a few fresh twists to the series. Even though it is slightly lacking in the "crack like" addiction of the first season, it's still infused with dark comedy and there are some very strong hints that there maybe more to Bill's attachment to Sookie than we were first led to believe.

    As always, we begin right where we left off, with Bill's battle with the same Werewolves that kidnapped him. Well, it wasn't quite a seamless progression of the action, as we disappointingly skip the entire fight, only to see Bill chewing on an ear and surrounded by a couple of eviscerated corpses. The whole Bill kidnapping was a little lackluster in its portrayal; the second season ended with this huge cliff-hanger that has been pretty much resolved within just 2 or 3 short scenes. I know True Blood is more character and story focused than most Vampire books/shows/films, but a little action is always welcome, especially when we are teased frustratingly with the promise of bloodshed. (Disclaimer: I am not a sociopath, I only ever torture small animals and it's not stalking if you shout 'SUPRISE!' when you jump out).

    Regardless, Bill is fine and we learn that the Werewolves were merely pawns of the King of Mississippi. The King is what my dad would describe as 'pretty light on his feet' and lives in flamboyant luxury with his camper-than-camp man-slave, Talbot. This storyline is interesting, if not that exciting, but it does pose some interesting questions as to what exactly Bill is doing living in Bon Temps. This, I think will prove to be the major plot within season three and I'm under the impression many people may have missed it. Bill seems to have ulterior motives for his fascination with Sookie and relocation to the sparsely populated town. His dismissal of the accusation was convincing, but there was one major hint later in the episode that blew a massive hole in his story.

    Near the end of the episode we see a pair of weathered cowboy boots snooping around in Bill's house and uncovering a secret compartment in his study desk. In it, is a dossier containing a Stackhouse family tree with both Sookie and her grandfather circled, along with what look like surveillance photographs of his future bride, from childhood to present. So wow, major twist in the narrative. Bill is suddenly not the wandering loner we thought he was, he has a motive for his connection with Sookie and everything that has existed between them, may suddenly be no accident at all. When the other major character is introduced, a quick glimpse of his shoes confirms that he was the one rummaging through Bill's things. Franklin Mott appears to be a Bill clone with a British accent and penchant for saving damsels in distress (the ever irritating Tara). So what is his connection to Bill and how is it he seems to know exactly what he is looking for? Another interesting development lies in the disappearance of the body Jessica has been harboring in her sleeping chamber. It's pretty obvious that Franklin Mott must have removed it in his stealthy visit, but the reason for that is a total mystery.

    Sookie's investigation into the Nazi Werewolves (that could only be more awesome if they were also from outer space), reveals that Eric and Godric were well aware that there is a Vampire who controls these creatures and it appears they have been hunting them for decades, maybe centuries. We don't yet know whether they know of the King's involvement, or if he sits at the top of the pyramid. Sookie and Eric's interactions are amusing and if I was female, it would probably make my knees quiver, but I'm not, so I just wanted him to bite or punch something. The episode ends just short of fulfilling my wish, as Eric confronts a Werewolf that has been stalking Sookie; the closing shot showing the petite blonde firing a revolver. This was possibly supposed to draw uncertainty over whom she blasted, but I doubt there will be much confusion over the intended victim.

    Other developments of note are Sam's introduction to his real family, two of which are also shape-shifters. It's an expected development that is predictably going to lead to Sam developing his gift. Tara and Lafayette take a little road trip after the suicide attempt, which yes, I am aware I predicted wrong. But in my defense, having Lafayette use the V stash he was under orders to get rid of, is a far better idea than her simply throw up all the tablets and be absolutely fine within minutes. They go to see Lafayette's mother, who is more abusive but significantly more likable than Tara's mother and this gives her a little kick up her backside to stop feeling so sorry for herself. The problem is, Tara is just tiresome to watch and even though Lafayette is a constant amusement and one of the most colorful individuals on TV, he is far too closely anchored to her monotonous character and it's quite frankly, a waste.


    The main source of intrigue is Bill's ulterior motives and the King of Missisippi's impending play for power. The story needs a little jump start as I don't feel myself quite as compelled to watch as I was in previous seasons. The background characters such as Jason and Jessica, still work well to give us some light relief from the conspiracy and suspicion, but some of the story lines also seem to be absent, like the Queen and her underground V business.

    My major criticism is that the action is either cut short (I know I haven't mention Lorena's torching, but it was so brief and teasing I'd rather have left it till next week), or skipped altogether. I like character driven stories, but please don't deprive me of my adrenaline fueled violence; it's the contrast of aggression and sensitivity that gives the Vampires their depth.

    However, I was still glued to the TV from start to finish and there aren't many shows that can do that, especially for nearly an hour. Bill has suddenly become infinitely more interesting and I can't wait to find out the real reason for his obsession with Sookie. Plus, if all else fails, the episode contains a scene of Nazi vampires stabbing Nazi Werewolves and that in itself is TV at its very, very best.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Sam tests the strength of his family bonds. Tara finds an ally in a shady vampire named Franklin Mott. Eric remembers his past. Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, concocts a plan to consolidate his power. Wow. I loved last weeks episode, so let's hope this one follows it by being Awesome too! Wow. The start of this episode is epic! The werewolves are Awesome. I love the whole storyline with Bill and the werewolves! I love the scene with Tara and Layfette and then with her mother, Awesome scene and storyline. I loved it. I love the scenes with Sookie and Eric are always Awesome, especially when there on there own. I love the scene with Pam and Jessica, so funny. The scene where Sookie cries in front of Eric is Awesome, I'm in love with everything he says or does. I love the whole flashback with the vampires and the wolves. I love the whole storyline with Bill. I love the scene with Layfette and Tara, they are Awesome together.I love the scene with Jessica and Hoyt, I really want them together! I love the scene where Jason scares Sookie, I love them together. Jason is hilarious, asking if Santa is real, I love him. I love the storyline with Sam. I love the whole scenes with Sookie and Terry, Terry is hilarious too. I love the whole Layfette storyline. I love the whole storyline with Andy and Jason. I love the scene in Merlottes, where everyone thinks he is a hero and Jason embarrasses him, it's an funny scene, I love them together. I love the scene with Eric and Sookie scene in her house. I love the way Eric is trying to look out for Sookie, I love, love, love, the way he is with her, it's the best. Terry is so cute, with his list and all that. I love the whole missing dead body with Jessica, pretty cool. I love the end with the vampire and Tara, amazing. What an ending, I loved it!
  • this episode is awesome i can"t wait for the next one

    this show is so awesome but i wish they choose a better sookie but she is a good actress. this episode i like the most because eric is showing some emotions, not alot but some. i really hope bill doesn't come back i hate him well not hate but i wish he would go away and let eric have sookie. i really hope tara is not going to be stupid and hang out with frankie because i read in the book that he gave her to another vamp named mickey and he didn't treat her right. but the show is totally worth it.
  • 302

    Last week I tuned into True Blood for the first time and was not really a fan, but this week I can kind of see why people love this show. While I am not flying off the wall like some people are (I have actually seen some claim this was the best hour of television all year) this was an entertaining episode of HBO's vampire soap.

    Anna Paquin's performance as Sookie Stackhouse kind of got on my nerves last week, but she was great here as the lead protagonist from the start to the final gunshot. Paquin's looks may be why she got this role, but she is certainly a strong actress, and does a good job of balancing the madness in Bon Temps. Stephen Moyer is a little less likable as the male lead, but he is not the worst vampire I've seen in media these days (you know who I'm talking about.)

    As a new viewer it is hard to keep track of a lot of these characters, but over time I will learn.

    I resisted True Blood at first, but like the spell of a vampire, you can only resist for so long. I'm on the bandwagon now.
  • "Apologize to the Lady"

    Had a much more balanced episode this week as there was time for individual storylines rather than just trying to cram them all into one. Liked the King riding in and shooting the wolf but I would've like to see Bill's fight, but there will be much more time for that later on. Lafayette's story had some weight to it this week with his racist mama, Tara met a foreign vamp, and the showstealer was Terry reading off a list of 10 reasons why he should be trusted with Arlene's kids. Loved Bill throwing that lantern at Lorena which is a much better alternative than having to put up with her for another story arc. Great cliffhanger ending, hopefully Eric kicks some major wolf tail next week in the opening. But i don't see how Bill, and outsider of Sophie-Anne's inner circle will get her to reconsider his marriage proposal but they'll probably explain it better in the weeks to come. Can't wait till next Sunday.