True Blood

Season 4 Episode 10

Burning Down the House

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 28, 2011 on HBO

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  • Pherhaps the best episode of the series!


    I felt like this season could be the series' worst, but now it is all getting much better! These last 2-3 episodes has been really good, and I feel like they are taking a very original turn that most TV shows wouldn't turn to. It's important for TV shows like this to takes chances instead of being filles with cliche's.

    The Andy storyline was extremely bad, just really hard to watch. But Terry is still an interesting character, with a lot of history. Tara has at most times been a whiny character, but I am really starting to like her this season, especially in these last few episodes. Also nice to see that Sookie is embracing her fairy-powers, as long as they don't jump the shark on it, which can happen easily.

    And the Sam storyline isn't all too bad, things are starting to heat up, and nice to see that hewill revenge his brother, even though they had both ups and downs. Also fun that Alcide is backing him up, good that he understands that the Wolfpack is just evil people. When we are going into the wolfpack-subject... what is up with Debbie and that psycho leader of the pack?! Debbie is always jealous of Alcide, and thinks that he is in love with Sookie. And the packleader KILLES what he thought was Sam because he THOUGHT he was sleeping with his EXwife, and now it seems like those two wolves are hooking up... They must be really, really, really bad people.

    My hopes for the rest of the season:

    - That the wolfpack will have an interesting impact on the whole witch VS vampire war.

    - That Eric and Sookie will get together again even though Eric got his memories back.

    - That Sookie and the witch will have a fight towards the end.

    Anyways, in my opinion this was maybe the best episode of the entire True Blood series, hope the two remaining episodes will be even better!