True Blood

Season 4 Episode 7

Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2011 on HBO

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  • Antonia suggests that vampires wear extra sun-screen.


    This is more like it!

    The season kicks it up a notch with an episode that begins with a very amusing, very cool throw down between Pam and Tara, and ends with one hell of a scorching cliff-hanger.

    The last few moments of ''Cold Grey Light of Dawn'' are utterly brilliant. The arc revolving around Marnie takes on a completely new, compelling life with Antonia behind the wheel, and as first strikes go, recreating the spell that lured many vampires into the sun 400 years ago, aint no small feat.

    Marnie necromances one of Bill's sheriffs, Luisunder, who repeatedly abused Antonia back before she was burned at the stake, to send a message to King Bill: a bullet to the gut. Bill manages to get the upper hand, and just before Luisunder stakes himself he informs Bill that Antonia has been resurrected. It's enough to spook Bill into calling all of his area sherifs and forcing daylight lockdown upon them. Every vampire under his rule is to be silvered every single day until further notice.

    Unfortunately, Bill's love for Jessica undermines his judgement. Upon seeing her in so much agony under silver, he makes the mistake of letting her off easy. The result aint pretty. Jessica manages to break free of the restraints and I'm left screaming ''Bill, you fool!'' at my TV. It's an admittedly exhilarating few minutes, as everyone's favourite vampire crawls her way up from the basement and directly into the sunlight.

    Now, it's hard to believe that True Blood would kill off one of its best characters while so many other duds remain. I'm hoping that Jason somehow manages to get out of his little firearm situation just in time to save our baby vamp. BUT, if Jessica does meet her true death, I'll be gutted. Like, serious man tears here, people. I threw a freaker last year when Russell grabbed her by the throat and threatened to rip her head off. But this spell may be constant, and with Jessica broken off with Hoyt and doubting her own humanity, maybe they're trying to severe all ties before she bites the dust.

    Strong Mark...strong mark!

    The Antonia arc has recruited some noticeable players from True Blood's main cast. Okay, so I'm mostly talking about Tara here, but she did also bring Holly onboard (Tara's little ''we won't go down'' interplay was very sweet). You can also add Jesus and Lafayette to Marnie's/Antonia's vendetta.

    This arc has suddenly offered up a very interesting dynamic for the show to play with. I pretty much agree with Antonia, to an extent. And I completely understand why Tara would be game for eliminating all vampires. But then you have to consider that two of my favourite characters on the show are vampires: Jessica and Pam. Yet two of my favourite non-vamp characters are Tara and Lafayette.

    So I'm very confused where to place my bets right now.

    But it's this splintered effect on the cast that has made things incredibly interesting. It's essentially Team Tara (Marnie/Antonia, Holly, Lafayette and Jesus) against Team Sookie (Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam), and I can't wait to see where this could all possibly lead.

    Aside from the potential awesomeness of a showdown, the rest of the episode doesn't quite hit the mark. Eric and Sookie enjoy a good sex montage (only on this show, eh?), but spend the majority of the episode under the covers chin-wagging. Boring. Debbie and Alcide have montage-less sex and a chat between the covers. Seriously boring. Sam finds out that Tommy had sex with Luna and threatens to kill him if he ever sets foot in his house again. Oh, and Lafayette is a medium now...

    Like I've said before, I'm not crazy about the whole Eric/Sookie relationship. I just don't buy it. And the other plotlines littered about the place aren't exactly tickling my fancy either. But with the Marnie/Antonia storyline beginning to take front and centre, hopefully even more characters will be pulled into this potentially awesome storyline, and I can begin to love the show again.

  • This is the episode that did it for me.


    I've given up on True Blood after this episode. It's just become a mess that yo-yo's between boring non-consequential fluff and nonsensical action. The show seems to be continuing the decline in quality that started in season 3 with no signs of improvement.

  • Best episode of the season yet

    This episode was really awesome! I have been waiting for this all season, for the storylines to be connected. Sookie and Eric scenes are really good as well, they have great chemistry. I actually think this whole episode was very original and fresh, didn't see the part coming with Jess walking into the sun, I hope she doesn't die. I know she probably won't, I am sure that Jason or one of the guards will pull her back into the house.

    Sam and Tommy storyline was a little boring, but the scene where he found out what was going on was okay. Kind of hoped that Sam would kill Tommy so Sam would "inherit" the human-shapeshifter ability.

    Great to see another Jason and Sookie scene, even if it was only for a minute.

    This episode set up for a great season, now anything could happen, I kind of wish that Marnies "servants" will get some sort of powers too, so they can stand a chance against the vampires. (Even though I kind of root for the vampires...) Anyway; great episode, probably one of the best episodes since season two! Can't wait for the next episode! A 10/10 from me.
  • The ties that bind.

    As hard as it must be for any shiper to watch the current storyline, I reckon no one can deny this is one of the most powerful seasons so far: In what it's perhaps the most controvertial order since the last Inquisition, the King of Lousiana prepares for the impending witches strike by comanding all his subjects to bind themselves with silver, not the least of them his own progeny.

    Jessica and Bill's bond finds the perfect metaphor in the silver that binds them, sometimes painful, sometimes abrasive it's, however, essential for their survival; they can't exist without it and it tears Bill apart to watch Jessica release herself from it only to walk to her certain death. As strong as its Bill's bond to his progeny, so its his progeny's bond with Jason, who's last seen running desperately towards Jessica, hoping to get there before the spell would tear her apart.

    A bond of other kind, grows stronger between Eric & Sookie, as well as between Alcide & Debbie, without any silver, pain and/or regreat attached to it, it's a simple bond of honesty that binds them as tight as the silver that was supposed to protect Jessica.
  • Dead by Sunrise

    Marnie (now under the influence of Antonia) manipulates the vampire under her control to set her free and try to kill Bill (hehe) but Bill manages to kill the Spaniard vamp with a stake. Marnie begins recruiting other willing witches and humans to cast the vampires into the sun. Bill, foreseeing this possibility demands all his sheriffs to tell their vampire residents to leave the state or to bind themselves in silver in their coffins so that when they are taken control of they can not escape. Alcide and Debbie look to find Sookie after having been initiated into the pack and find her with Eric which leads Debbie to believe that Alcide may have feelings for Sook for some reason. After Pam's attempt to kill Tara is thwarted by the presence of cameras and other humans she vows to return and in the wake of danger Tara sends her girlfriend back to New Orleans without her. Lafayette and Jesus return from Mexico with a lesson learned of Lafayette being a medium, baby Mikey is still creepy and that spirit keeps singing to him. Sam is confused by Luna's anger towards him and discovers Tommy's skinwalking and demands him to get out of his life for good. Holly and Andy's date doesn't go over too well with his withdrawals from V in effect. Marnie assembles the witches into a circle and casts the spell and a certain vampire gets loose that we care about and may meet the sun in the most thrilling episode Season 4 has given us. Finally some payoff in the witch department this week as hopefully there will be even bigger and more threatening spells to be cast and humans vs. vampires continues.
  • 407


    Look, True Blood is good summer fun, it is a nice escape, but let's be honest here, the acting during the final scene, with the witches drawing the vampires to the sun was really bad all around. Was it a big moment? Sure, but their screaming could use a little bit of work (odd for a show that features so much intercour......never mind.)

    The speech by Antonia was good, and yeah, they got me with the cliffhanger of Jessica opening the door, I want to see how they handle it. And the date with Andy was comical. It was a good episode, but from an acting standpoint let's say it was pretty weak.

  • Cold Grey Light of Dawn

    Cold Grey Light of Dawn was a really great episode of True Blood, however, I thought it was a little slow paced and could have had some thing more intense happen. I did enjoy watching the episode and there was tons of character and plot development as well as great acting. This episode kinda just was a character and plot building filler sort of to me. I mean there were significant events but the main focus was on individual characters but not enough. Sam confronted Tommy, Tara asks Holly to join her and the others, and Bill takes drastic measures to protect himself and his Kingdom. Alcide and Debbie have a moment over Sookie, whom they saw with Eric in the woods. I look forward to watching the next episode of True Blood!!!!!!!