A True Blood Community
HBO (ended 2014)
Jason and Violet take it after Joan Watson and Sherlock in their strictly monogamous, initially platonic and totally committed relationship; her problems are his problems, his sister is her sister, their community is the same community in such way Sookie can only wonder why can't she and Warlow do the same.

Shame Mr. Royal Half Fae takes it after Game of Thrones, for he doesn't even want to hear the word "dating"; arranged marriages are meant to be consummated and its not like they won't learn to love each other...in 500 or 1000 years. It's only natural the Stackhouses won't like this and that includes Grandpa Neil, making a last minute heroic appearance that saves Sookie and breaks the spell of fae blood across the world, up to the very spot Eric is taking a seriously miscalculated tan.

The message seems clear: power resides within the community. It doesn't matter how small, eclectic or unusual said community may be; shake the hand of a stranger, someone you have never met before and the power that comes from sheer togetherness will astound you. Even more so than Mayor Sam Merlotte, more so than Andy spearing Jessica after she offers her protection, more so than Lettie Mae finally being a nurturing mother, more so than the hordes of hungry vampires coming after a town that has finally embraced every single member of their community, dead or living.
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Aug 19, 2013
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