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TV posters have become one of my favorite ways to show my appreciation for a good television show. Some shows have gone out of their way to create a considerable collection of great posters (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe have the largest number of unique non-character posters I've been able to find). In the case of True Blood I was able to track down a total of 58 different posters for this show (thank you HBO!) and I do indeed have one of them on my wall. Before we begin with the giant 64 team bracket - broken down into 4 mini brackets (A, B, C, D) for file size reason - a few notes on my overall thoughts on the True Blood posters.

Seeding is based on my personal preferences - please feel free to address my mistakes in the comments.

Individual character posters were created for three season of True Blood (2, 3, and 5).

Pam and Jessica are the two main characters that I wish had better character posters.

Steve Newlin is my nominee for character that most deserved a poster, but does not have one.

BRACKET A - Season 4 and 5 character posters

Bracket A (click here for a link to the full Bracket A image)

(1) Color White (Sam, Lafayette, Tara) Season 4 vs (16) Bill Season 5

My take: While it's not actually a bad picture of Bill, he is my least favorite character and I am just a huge fan of the Season 4 poster motifs of which this one is my favorite.

(8) Jessica Season 5 vs (9) Alcide Season 5

My take: Jessica is one of my favorite characters on this show and it's an okay picture. Alcide gets bonus points in this poster series because that is a strong picture of him making this matchup a lot closer that it might be if it was just a Jessica vs Alcide character battle.

(5) Russell Season 5 vs (12) Pam Season 5

My take: Russell is one of (if not the) best villains from True Blood. Pam is Pam (who is awesome). This is a tough one, I am not happy that this is a round 1 matchup. Russell gets the nod here because the picture of him is better than the picture of Pam.

(4) Combined poster of Season 4 vs (13) Jason Season 5

My take: I'm just not a huge fan of this picture of Jason. Nuff said.

(3) Color Red (Eric, Bill, Alcide, Sookie) Season 4 vs (14) Sam Season 5

My take: The show revolves around Sookie and her relationships. Easy one.

(6) Lafayette Season 5 vs (11) Sookie Season 5

My take: Lafayette is the best. Game over.

(7) Tara Season 5 vs (10) Roman Season 5

My take: That is just an amazing picture of Tara.

(2) Color Black (Jason, Jessica, Pam) Season 4 vs (15) Eric Season 5


BRACKET B - Season 2 Character Posters, Season 5 and Season 6 Theme Posters

Bracket B (click here for an image of the full Bracket B)

(1) Eric Season 2 vs (8) Tara Season 2

My take: That is a perfect picture of Eric and a weird picture of Tara.

(4) Sookie Season 2 vs (5) Bill and Sookie Season 2

My take: This one is a toss up - what do you think?

(3) Bill Season 2 vs (6) Sam Season 2

My take: Great picture of Bill.

(2) Jason Season 2 vs (7) Maryann Season 2

My take: When I started looking through these I couldn't remember who Maryann was - big advantage Jason.

(1) No One Lives Forever vs (8) Deadlines

My take: I just really like the No One Lives Forever poster.

(4) Blood Will Spill vs (5) Gimme Five

My take: Pretty even here, but TruBlood is pretty iconic within the True Blood universe.

(3) The Battle Begins vs (6) Stake Five

My take: The ominous The Battle Begins over the punny Stake Five

(2) Dont Cry Its Back vs (7) Bleed the Fifth

My take: I really love the Don't Cry Its Back concept.

Whew, that was a lot of posters. Keep an eye out for Bracket C and D later this week and later rounds as we attempt to crown the Best True Blood Poster.

What did you think of the seedings?

What is your favorite poster so far?

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