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Today we will continue the process of crowning our favorite overall True Blood poster with the First Round in Brackets C and D - continue voting for Round 1 in Brackets A and B here

TV posters have become one of my favorite ways to show my appreciation for a good television show. Some shows have gone out of their way to create a considerable collection of great posters (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Fringe have the largest number of unique non-character posters I've been able to find). In the case of True Blood I was able to track down a total of 58 different posters for this show (thank you HBO!) and I do indeed have one of them on my wall. Before we begin with the giant 64 team bracket - broken down into 4 mini brackets (A, B, C, D) for file size reason - a few notes on my overall thoughts on the True Blood posters.

Seeding is based on my personal preferences - please feel free to address my mistakes in the comments.

Individual character posters were created for three season of True Blood (2, 3, and 5).

Pam and Jessica are the two main characters that I wish had better character posters.

Steve Newlin is my nominee for character that most deserved a poster, but does not have one.

BRACKET C - Season 3 and other theme posters

(1) Blood Suckers vs (16) Sister Sally

My take: I like the mosquito theme and to be honest (*sorry*) I think there is some sort of inside joke that I am just missing out on for the Sister Sally poster

(8) Life Goes On vs (9) Night Cap

My take: I like both of these posters pretty evenly, but I like the photoshop of Bill's face into the old picture as a bit of an homage to how ridiculous (in a good way) this show is.

(5) Thy Neighbor (Season 1) vs (12) VILF

My take: A very accurate Season 1 intro to the entire series poster easily gets the nod over VILF which would work better as a bumper sticker.

(4) Forms of Sam vs (13) Bitten Again

My take: Although I'm not a huge fan of Sam or most of his storylines, I actually quite like the way that this poster is put together. Fun fact - Bitten Again won the award for best TV poster of 2009 on the internet movie poster awards website.

(3) Don't Feed vs (14) Bewere

My take: If only the shapeshifter storylines were as good as these shapeshifter posters.

(6) Get Your Fill vs (11) Hooked

My take: Not in love with either of these posters, but the water coolers get the nod.

(7) Cup of Joe vs (10) Wicked

My take: Another matchup that I do not have a particular favorite in, but the cup of joe gets the nod.

(2) Vamp Stamp vs (15) Missing

My take: Is it possible for a poster to capture the overall essence of a TV show? I would argue yes, because the Vamp Stamp is kind of a perfect representation of True Blood.

Bracket D: Season 3 Character Posters

(7) Tara Season 3 vs (10) Pam Season 3

My take: That does not even look like Pam - what the hell?

(8) Sookie Season 3 vs (9) Jessica Season 3

My take: That is a really awkward pose for Jessica - she deserves better.


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Oct 05, 2013
I found that one with the "please do not feed the shapeshifters" really funny :) Also liked the Vamp Stamp and the VILF :)
Oct 05, 2013
I think that season 4 poster (something wicked) is fan made. The season 3 marketing poster were the best. I didn't like most of the S5 and S6 posters.
Oct 05, 2013
I always took "Me" is the dog: the first poster it's a 1962 picture of two shapeshifter children "Sally" and her big sister or brother.
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