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Thanks to everyone who voted in Round 1 and 2! Here are a few fun notes from Round 2

1) After having several posters win with over 90% of the vote in Round 1, not a single poster in Round 2 received 90% of the vote in its matchup. The highest vote total was for the Season 4 Red Character Combo poster (Bracket A #3) with 89% of the vote in its matchup.

2) None of the Season 5 character posters have survived into the Sweet 16

3) While the top 4 seeds remain alive in Bracket A, Round 2 featured 7 upsets in the other 12 matchups.

4) All four of the #1 seeds are still alive, while the lowest seed remaining is the #10 seed in Bracket D (Season 3 Pam)

5) The closest matchup in Round 2 was between Season 2 posters for Jason and Bill with Bill edging out the win by a slim 52% to 48% margin.

Bracket A - Season 4 and 5 Character Posters

(1) Color White (Sam, Lafayette, Tara) Season 4 vs (4) Combined poster of Season 4


(2) Color Black (Jason, Jessica, Pam) Season 4 vs (3) Color Red (Eric, Bill, Alcide, Sookie) S4


Bracket B - Season 2 Character Posters, Season 5 and Season 6 Theme Posters

(1) Eric Season 2 vs (3) Bill Season 2


(2) Don't Cry Its Back vs (4) Blood Will Spill


Bracket C - Season 3 and other theme posters

(1) Blood Suckers vs (5) Thy Neighbor


(6) Get Your Fill vs (7) Cup of Joe


Bracket D - Season 3 Character Posters

(1) Season 3 Character Combo vs (5) Jason Season 3


(6) Eric Season 3 vs (10) Pam Season 3


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