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HBO (ended 2014)

Well, guys, it's official. HBO has confirmed recent rumors that True Blood's seventh season, set to air next summer, will mark the show's True Death. 

The news shouldn't really come as a shock; the clock has been ticking on Bon Temps for quite some time. And while many people think the series should've ended a few seasons ago—and they might be right—let's not forget that there were times during Season 6 where it felt like the series had finally gotten its groove back.

I know that some of you—like, maybe a dozen or so—might be sad to hear this news, but look at it this way: Now Alexander Skarsgård will have more time to get drunk and angry at football matches. That's way more entertaining.

Now that we've only got one season left, what do you want to see in Season 7?

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AIRED ON 8/24/2014

Season 7 : Episode 10

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