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True Blood S06E06: "Don't You Feel Me"

What an episode! I think Season 6 might actually be my favorite season of True Blood so far. I know, I know, I’m as surprised as the rest of you. But the conflict keeps growing and the heroes keep surprising me, and this week the series regained, with the beheading of Governor Burrell, that utter unpredictability that enchanted me as in the early seasons. What a wildly entertaining and deeply upsetting episode this really was.

Before we talk about plot, I feel like we should acknowledge that Todd Lowe retired from True Blood this week (barring any vampire cures, which I think we can assume won't come into play), and he will be greatly missed. Lowe continually impressed with depth he brought to Terry Bellefleur, a character who could have been a shallow vet stereotype. Lowe’s work transformed Terry into a three-dimensional person who was universally loved by fans. The lingering scene of him dying, ironically just hours after Arlene finally figured out how to manage his PTSD, served as sort of an honorarium from the writers to Lowe’s considerable range: He got to portray a new Terry, one who was free of conflict, and then do a juicy death scene, which actors LIVE for. Well done. The show will be less without Lowe and Terry, but I’ve no doubt the actor is onto bigger and brighter things.

Mourning Terry aside, can we all have a collective sigh of relief that Lafayette wasn’t killed in this episode? When Warlo flung him into that tree like a rag doll, I really got concerned. When Terry came over to drop off his security box key and kept Laf out on his porch at night, I got very nervous that he would get caught in the crosshairs of Terry’s crazy suicide plot. But Lafayette is still with us, and for that we can all be grateful.

Sookie survived her father’s attack through Lafayette, as she is wont to do, thanks to the interference of Edward Cullen Warlow, the handsome vampire who lives for her and her alone and likes to sit in brightly lit meadows just *talking* with her, and also who can barely restrain himself from begging her to be his bride. Honestly, all I could think of as Sookie and Warlow basked in the sun together were the Twilight parallels: His anxiety that he would hurt her, her admitting her attraction to him despite \his inherent danger, the sparkliness when they effed. 

It was all very teen dream, as I’ve said, and sort of cheesy fun. Also the pejorative “danger whore” is a new one on me. We had a girl in our high school who had sex in graveyards too, but I don’t remember anyone calling her a “danger whore.” Her boyfriend just had a job as a grave digger.

I am similarly happy, as I suspect all fans are, with how Pam and Eric handled their face off. Both of them rising into the air and then attacking the snipers trained on them—and with one perfectly placed peephole identifying their torturers (ho ho, Steve! Watch out!)—was blissfully satisfying. After two seasons of our favorite duo being at odds, seeing them be all ride-or-die for each other without a word was as comforting as pipin’ hot macaroni and cheese on a cold autumn’s day.

The Vampire Camp, meanwhile, is starting to genuinely make my flesh creep. Even though it appears that inmates are allowed to play Connect Four (dope, whahbout Snakes and Ladders?) , we were treated to a positively nerve-wracking scene of torture that simultaneously inaugurated Sarah Newlin as the series’ new Big Bad and made us love Jason and Jessica just that much more (although really, what a savvy Prince Charming Jason has become… I love how proactive he is these days, defending Jessica and doing something sort of wily). The scene where Sarah tried to force Jessica and an extremely handsome vampire to copulate in front of the "researchers" was so deeply troubling. The level 3 on Jessica’s shirt presaged her wan, broken compliance.

The extremely talented and did I mention hunky vampire James was absolutely fantastic in making me believe he was both being burned (keep in mind that a PA is just hitting him with a flashlight during that scene), and being sort of a total vampire gentleman about the whole situation. Meanwhile, Jason’s facial reactions were a master class in the emoting of barely restrained anguish, and the whole scene was just incredibly poignant; the relief I felt when Jessica was allowed to leave was tangible. I can’t think of a better way to make me root for Jason and to utterly despise Sarah—although whoops, I kind of totally already did.

As a foil to the degradation and defeat of that scene, Eric’s escape with the help of Willa and Lucy felt like a “good ol' days” swashbuckling adventure right out of The Mummy or Die Hard or something. Lucy continually dropping the severed hand they were using to get around and Eric in some impossibly stretched-out guard uniform was a plausible escape and a heartening display of heroism. That he discovered they were squirting Hep-V into the TruBlood is both a relief and an incalculable raise in the stakes for the season going forward. Did I mention I loved this episode? Gosh, moments like Lucy flopping a severed hand on the floor and Eric gruffly yelling “Fantastico!” to a bunch of TruBlood bottlers are exactly why.

Also, Sam realized he did not know how to raise a child even slightly so he gave Emma to her grandmother and avoided committing to ever visiting her again. Hahaha what a jerk. Nicole was scowling at Sam the entire time they were hanging out, and I didn’t blame her. The only thing worth mentioning about the ordeal is a naked lady who happily warmed her crotch with fried chicken. Put that on my bucket list! And by bucket list, I mean list of erogenous zones on which I want to place a hot bucket of KFC. (It's longer than you think.)

Andy Bellefleur’s daughter at last has a name. Adeline Barbarella Capricetta Danica Patrick, or something. The actress playing Adeline is completely winning me over already, and all she’s done recently is sit up and smile. I really hope this storyline goes a bunch of places, and for once I found myself wanting to return to Andy’s storyline, a lifetime first.

Elsewhere, Bill consulted with Lillith again after forcing his blood expert to drain him to the point of inducing a coma, basically. I am starting to really adore the dynamic between the doctor and Bill, they have a kind of Sherlock/Watson meets Don Quixote/Sancho Panza vibe. I think the doctor would help even if Bill did let him leave the airlock to the solid-steel basement ajar, is what I’m saying. Bill’s tete-a-tete with Lillith involved Vaseline on the lens and a lot of bitchy bickering, but Lillith basically said everything was Bill’s problem and sailed off into a thick vapor of red. Bill drank down Warlow’s blood, spiked the beaker, and finally got to meet the sun after so many years of yearning for Vitamin D. The daylight reveal of Bill reminded us all how much pancake makeup Stephen Moyer has been dealing with all these years. You wear it well, dude.

Bill was super despicable and an asshole last season. With almost every episode he wore away all the goodwill built up for arguably the lead of the series, until many of us were relieved to see him dissolve into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West. However, with a fantastic stroll through a hail of wooden bullets, Bill came BACK. Oh, he came back big-time. Compelling all the guards to shoot each other and then summarily taking off Burrell’s head in a blip of spectacularly jarring special effects was without a doubt my favorite moment of this season. By this point in the episode we NEEDED this catharsis,we needed to get revenge on what our favorites had been through, and it gave Bill so much of his likeability back. The sinisterness of the human plot against vampires was suddenly trumped by the unquantifiable wild card that is Billith. I am into it! My Boyfriend's Back


... Will Billith be able to cure Hep V?

... Has Sookie fallen prey to Warlow’s charms, or is she plotting her next move?

... Is Terry the “big” death that was teased going into this season, or are more losses to follow?

... What is in Terry’s safety deposit box?

... Do you have a big crush on this season?

... Did you see that beheading coming, or were you blindsided?

... Do Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin sleep in a bunkbed in a sauna every night to stay fat-free?

... What did you think of this episode?

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