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There's only one more season to go of the series that started the hunky shirtless vampire and werewolf and hybrid-werewolf-vampire and shapeshifter and quarter-vampire and werepanther trend, and it may be saving its craziest stuff for last. HBO's True Blood returns for its seventh and final season on Sunday June 22, and to stoke your excitement, the network has released the first official trailer for the season:

A bit heavy on the "memory lane" angle, but hey, at least it was nice to see Gran again, and I suppose that's in line with showrunner Brian Buckner's promise to return True Blood to its roots as the show begins its swan song. With zombie-esque vamps on the loose and headed toward Bon Temps, "a reckonin' a-comin'" (according to The Wright Brothers' "Blood on My Name," which soundtracks the trailer), and a purpose that will be revealed "when the time is right" (as per the aforementioned Gran), what do you think is in store for True Blood's final go-round?

True Blood Season 7 premieres Sunday June 22 at 9pm on HBO.

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