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The final season of HBO's True Blood premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9pm on HBO, and we still have no idea whether Eric Northman and his penis were vaporized into a pile of dust or they're both fine and being all hunky somewhere following last summer's odd Season 6 cliffhanger. He wasn't in any of the first promotional photos for Season 7, and he wasn't in the first official trailer, either. So, surely he'll be in this second trailer for the show's swan song, right? 

Still. No. Eric. Well I guess that means he's dead. (Yeah, right. He's already signed on as a series regular.)

I'm still not totally sure what to expect from True Blood's final season, but it looks like war is breaking out in Bon Temps with the townsfolk lining up on both sides. However, the real war will be for Sookie's heart, with Bill and Alcide taking their shirts off and rolling around on the ground with each other. Fine by me; that means there'll be less competition for Jessica. 

True Blood returns for its seventh and final season on Sunday, June 22 on HBO

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Season 7 : Episode 10

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