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True Blood S07E06: "Karma"

True Blood has always referenced, albeit sometimes obliquely, the discrimination faced by the LGBT community, but “Karma” did a devastating job with Bill’s storyline in hinting at some of the indignities suffered by the earliest victims of AIDS: He doesn't have any legal protection for his loved ones. We saw him be physically shunned by his own community. When he tried to amend his will, he found himself at the mercy of a prejudiced bureaucrat who openly held him in complete contempt and tried to extort him. Indeed, Bill’s journey in "Karma" was brutally evocative. 

He’s been our hero for seven years, and there’s something about a character you know so well being de-humanized on so many levels simultaneously—for what he is, for what he’s suffering—that forcefully brings to mind the unwritten history of atrocities faced by AIDS victims of the '80s and '90s, and how many hundreds of “Bills” there must've been who not only suffered from a terrifying, debilitating disease but faced a total void of compassion in the institutions they dealt with. 

So yeah, it was complete emotional justice to see Bill put a letter opener in this lady’s throat.

Aside from gracefully reflecting on unspeakable social atrocitieds in way that felt both immediate and universal, "Karma" also contained flashes of Quentin Tarantino swagger as Pam and Eric struck a deal with a Yakuza cowboy, and we learned that Sarah Newlin of all people is the antidote to Hep-V.

I am really just so grateful there’s a magic potion (Sarah Newlin’s blood) in play to possibly save some of our favorites. I’ve been so brainwashed into thinking of Sookie’s blood as a panacea that the discovery she’d infected Bill (well done to the commenters who called this two weeks ago) was shattering.

But it's Sarah Newlin who takes the title of MVB (most valuable blood) for this season. Her speech and explanation of her name (Numi = "new me"?!) to her sister was... perfect. It was absolutely perfect. I don’t know how every week her character gets even more hilariously awful just by opening her mouth—honestly, the writers top her dialogue every week in four lines or less—but then her dizzying spiral from ridiculous to compelling when she revealed she was the antidote was, well, it was just extraordinary. I got chills. And then to see Eric poised to be the first one to know about the cure was just a tide of good endorphins, and then the guy who synthesized TruBlood was expecting her body by morning, no doubt he’ll figure out that by synthesizing her blood and selling it as the antidote he can recoup his fortunes, and I'm sure his factory is just WAITING to roll out the bottles!! AAAAAGH!! Possible happy ending?! I can almost taste it. 

Now here’s the huge question mark: What the hell is Ghost Tara up to?

I’m glad True Blood isn't leaving us without revisiting Tara running through the trees in a streaming white gown like a woman on the cover of a Gothic romance, but how is this going to pay off in the next few episodes? What could she have buried in the lawn of her childhood home, and how in hell will Lettie Mae be able to use it effectively? I don’t have a clue, but I’m glad Lettie Mae was joined by Lafayette in her scenes this week. She could use the levity. 

Also Andy and Holly’s kids are straight-up boning! Considering Adilyn’s about two years old, I can see why Andy is concerned. As for Wade, well, I imagine he somehow looked up Cousin Cousine online. Now they’re in Violet’s clutches I’m guessing proud protectoress Jessica will be forced to come to Adilyn’s defense and hopefully rid Jason of his crazy ex once and for all. 


... Are you disappointed that Sookie’s fairy blood didn’t come through to defeat Hep-V?

... Does this mean Eric is going to be okay?!?!?!

... What is Violet cooking up? Do you feel bad for her? Scared of her? Indifferent?

... Is this final season so good it hurts?

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