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True Blood S07E07: "May Be the Last Time"

For what “May Be The Last Time,” True Blood kicked back. I assume the final three episodes of the series are going to be CATACLYSMIC, so this may've been our last chance to sort of just kick back before the fireworks and enjoy a particularly funny episode that seemed to delight in subverting its own tropes.

Like, raise your hand if you thought Violet was going to immediately attack Adylin and Wade. Instead she escorted them to her personal f*ck palace, where we got to see her brilliant taste in decorating, an impressive collection of love-making accessories, and a stunning oil portrait, and the young lovers got to enjoy a full day of sexin' before she attacked them at the end of the episode.

Sookie calling in Dr. Ludwig was just frame after frame of pure joy. It’s during moments like these that you know the True Blood writing staff just wants to spend this last season hanging out with their favorite characters again, and you know what? Me too.

After Sookie called upon Niall, my expectations were shattered when the old man actually showed up. Sure, he wasn’t particularly helpful, but Sookie’s open complaint letters to the universe are typically left unanswered. At least Niall was there for a little grandfatherly counsel.

And it's possible Niall was saying that forgiving Bill is as close to a miracle as Sookie is going to get—in which case, mission accomplished, because Bill was humping Sookie before a roaring fire in no time, all like, "Alcide who?" And you know what, y’all enjoy that! I’m not going to lie, I was on board for one last run through the backyard to Bill’s house. I know that we’re supposed to hate Bill at this point, but these days, all I really see when he and Sookie share a screen is a married couple reliving the first giddy days of filming a hit show and simultaneously falling in love. Studio nanny is watching the kids, Mr. and Mrs. Moyer, so just go on and have at it.

Hoyt is back in Bon Temps with a bangin' new girlfriend, and despite all the heavy emotional angst between him and Jason, Jason still seems aroused by her mere proximity. Is this the start of a mini redemption arc where Jason will NOT eff his ex-pal’s girlfriend, as an acknowledgment of all that once existed between them? Will Jason show a development of character in not wounding his friend so grievously a second time?

Speaking of character development: Sarah Newlin’s return to the FOTS camp and her ensuing visitations by all her sex partners, like Scrooge being tortured by the ghosts of booty past, was both brilliant and surprisingly unnerving, especially for a daylight horror scene. While it’s a shame that her spunky sister had to die so fast, having Mr. Gus the Tru Blood proprietor instantly realize that he could capitalize on Sarah as the Hep-V antidote was clean and efficient work, and the faster the show gets a giant butterfly net around her and sits her down across from Pam and Eric for a heated exchange, the happier I’ll be.

Did you guys notice the bondage pants Eric was wearing, presumably borrowed from the Dallas closet at hand? I wonder if the True Blood wardrobe department organizes all of Eric's costumes around the premise, “What will make Alexander Skaarsguard burst out laughing when he comes into the trailer each day?”

We were also treated to a thoughtful, surprisingly romantic interlude between Arlene and her vampire admirer Keith, and then a thoughtful, surprisingly poignant interlude between Arlene and Sam—but honestly, I’d rather brush a cat’s teeth than sit through a round of Sam discussing his tired, irrelevant, obvious-solution, not-real-problems B-plots. Sorry, Sam! Go find your girlfriend and your child and stop boring me to tears. Your trailer in Bon Temps is great and all, but it’s not that great. 

With three episodes to go before True Blood calls it a series, "May Be the Last Time" ended shortly after a tantalizing glimpse of Lafayette and Lettie Mae digging up someone’s front yard, the one storyline I’d been sort of clamoring to return to since last week. I guess this means they spent literally all night running/driving to get to Tara’s old house? Maybe they stopped for a late-night snack? I don’t know, but for me this is one of the biggest question marks as the show hurtles toward its end: What is ghost Tara up to?


... Seriously: What is ghost Tara up to?

... Is the miracle Sookie forgiving Bill, or is there a miracle cure looming in their future?

... How long will Sarah Newlin last with a trigger-happy Eric on her trail? To the final episode? Past the final episode?

... What exactly was Violet wearing when she started attacking the kids in the sex dungeon?

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