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HBO (ended 2014)

Very few episodes have captured the bond among the Northmans quite like "Life Matters" did. For someone that doesn't believe in nesting, Pam's concern about her fellow vampires can only be compared to nesting mentality. Eric trashes everything in his path except for human pet Ginger and his grandprogeny's friend Jason. Tara and Willa ring around the rosies like the baby vampires they truly are.

The storyline, however, never tries to fool the audience: these vampires are monsters, taken straight out of the most dark and gruosome corners of the genre, but they are also creatures that understand the grief of a progeny about to lose its maker, that level the ground of the place their sisters were killed, that are willing to do whatever it takes to save their offsprings.

Put them back, Terry Bellefleur would say, because life matters. All life, even a fish's life, Sarah Newlin's life or these vampire's lives.

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