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HBO (ended 2014)
If someone would've told me back on season 2 that Sarah Newlin would become one of the greatest villains of the final season, I would've laughed so hard! Yet here we are and she's still standing, adding the perfect mix of bigotry and comic timing no other foe, human or supernatural, could bring to the table.

She's not the only one, for Mr. Gus Jr., Maxine Fortenberry, Sheriff Dearbone, Marnie and Rene proved to be as dangerous as Violet, King Russell, Debbie Pelt, Warlow or Maryann so far. Here's a poll to honor those that inflicted the most damage, the ones that harmed human and supernatural alike, the ones that would never stop unless they were stopped.

So cast your vote and hit the comments! After all is said and done: Who deserves to be the Ultimate Villain of True Blood?


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