True Blood

Season 6 Episode 6

Don't You Feel Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2013 on HBO

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  • Terry...

    Worried about so many supernaturals, as an audience we tend to forget the best amongst humans; those without prejudice, those who experience true remorse, those who make every day in their lives heroic simply because they don't give up on their fellow humans.

    Terry Bellefleur was one of those men: father, husband, cook. A true friend who wasn't ashamed to hug someone he cared about, help someone in need or pay for his sins as he saw fit. He deserved better than to experience war, he deserved better than Merlotte's or a gun shot wound to the neck. And he gets it: one last night without those awful memories, one perfect morning with his favorite music and his wife, cradling his head, filling him with the best memories of their life together as he slips away, dying.