True Blood

Season 6 Episode 6

Don't You Feel Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2013 on HBO

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  • Don't You Feel Me

    Glad to see Terry gone. Never thought he added anything to the show.

    I thought they killed the Governor off way too early. They could have built this up until the end of the season.

    Still, an interesting show tonight. Sookie stripping is never a bad thing .
  • Alas, Poor Terry

    True Blood did some magnificent things this week as it thinned the herd in a much needed sweeping of some unnecessary secondary characters. There was a lot to like about this episode aside from the whole Sookie/Warlow instant take-back from the drowning last week as Sookie told her father's spirit to piss off for good. But them going over to faerie land to escape Bilith's influence was a nice touch until it lasted the whole episode and led to them clunkily having feelings for one another, although if you're into tied up graveyard sex this was your bag for sure. Sam returns Emma to her grandmother and Alcide tells him he's never to set foot in Shreveport or Bon Temps again. Alcide, as I've already said, is just being a total jerk this season even when Emma is back in the pack's hands he still holds a grudge against Sam for no reason, and Nicole tells him that she has no desire to tell the world about shifters or weres wither for that matter. I miss the old upstanding Alcide who helped Sam back in Season 4 and was trying to become packmaster for the pack's good back in Season 5. And all that stuff with Robert Patric, forget about it, he told Alcide anyway and had sex while eating KFC and threw any potential character stuff out the door. But Terry was glamored into thinking he was never at war and got a nice day or so with Arlene being a perfect husband, except for he was still killed behind Merlotte's by his old military buddy. I was hoping that glamoring would have its limits on the human psyche with something as deep as trauma goes so I was hoping that it would have a more debilitating effect on Terry and he would slip further down the rabbit hole than just be all fine. I'd like to see glamoring have its limits though, and its something that the show should explore further. Oh, and Andy names his remaining daughter if anybody cares. Although the Charlaine name is a total nod to the Southern Vampire Mysteries author herself. Now to the good stuff. Jason plays the "I've killed a lot of vampires now let me tell you about" card and gets high up in the ranks of the AVLTF (I think it's Anti-Vampire-Louisiana-Training-Force) or something like that. He also runs into Sarah Newlin again and threatens to tell the organization how unGodly she is in regards to sex with him and how he's there to spring Jessica loose. Sarah's devious plan is to have Jason watch the copulation study with an overly noble vampire named James, and Jessica, who James refuses to have sex with on the grounds that he is a vampire, not a rapist. Lucky Jessica, she got herself a noble love interest and more competition for Jason. Surely she will express some sort of gratitude next week in some way, knowing this show probably sexual. But it was refreshing to see a vamp unwilling to bow to the human wants and risk the UV rather than "hey baby let's The whole Eric/Pam fakeout was expect but cool seeing them drive the stake through the glass and the soldier they pulled out of the top of the room. But Eric is then caged and Burell brings in Nora who he injects with a new virus that is strictly anti-vamp called Hep-V and puts her in front of Eric to watch her die. Nora was a decent character and it would've been sad to see her go and would've fit into the episode in terms of appropriate deaths and it would've changed Eric in a way we haven't seen since Godric's passing as well. Burell is implored by WIlla to be put into Gen Pop and he refuses and she says that vamps are her kind now. Burell seems to refuse to want her to be a vamp and even suggest a cure that can bring his little girl back to him. Eric manages to escape with Pam's help and he then poses as a guard escorting the now injected Nora and Pam to spring Jessica and Willa and Tara (I think). But when Eric stumbles into the Tru Blood factory line on the facility he sees that Hep-V is being put into all of the Tru Blood and uses a great human phrase, "Fantastic-O!" while waiting around. So he's probably still going to escape despite seeing this atrocity. Bill, meanwhile has Takahashi put him close to the True Death so that he can visit Lilith in his mind for answers. She gives him none and tells him not the visit her again, and I 'm glad he's tying back to wanting to save all of his friends in that vision he had earlier. He gets brought back via blood transfusion by Takahashi and then drinks the only sample of Warlow's blood that they have letting him daywalk. He pays Burell a visit and awesomely has all of Burell's guards shoot one another after surviving bullets to the chest himself. He then has a great scene where Burell blames vampire-kind for Willa's turning and that there will be other's after him. Bill says that he'll rip their heads off too and ceremoniously rips Burell's head off and leaves it on a foot of the statue (I almost expected him to start quoting Shakespeare). This felt rather abrupt as I felt he was this season's antagonist but I guess Sarah Newlin is stepping up to the plate now to fill that role. But I would've liked to see Nora die in front of Eric to see what threat this Hep-V is capable of doing and it doesn't really seem to have a fast effect like Burell made it sound. But maybe three deaths was too much, but kudos to the TB writers for axing Terry three seasons too late. But this episode went to some interesting places. Sookie had sex in faerie land, embracing her "danger whore" persona she always seems so keen to go against. This makes things super complicated with Warlow, as she now has a boyfriend who can daywalk. He's still kind of a blank slate though except for his whole backstory with Lilith what do we really know about him in terms of who he is? He could in fact still be down with evil, and that whole "it was worth eternity to wait for you babe" was total BS but the bit about how Sookie would have to become a vamp for them to be together forever was a nice bit to ponder. I like the leaps this show makes with the outer-supernatural beings such as the skinwalking that Luna did last year or the half-vamp-faerie thing that Warlow is. I was honestly hoping Bill's visit to Burell and inquiring about the "room filled with light from the sun" would act as a self-fulfilling prophecy that his very questioning would bring it into being but that seems not to be the case as Sarah will have to come up with it all on her own. He was a decent enough villain that had some complicated motivations so it was a bit of a letdown to see him go in only six episodes but it was good to at least see the writers take the chance on trying it now that there is so much left to deal with in these last few episodes.
  • Terry...

    Worried about so many supernaturals, as an audience we tend to forget the best amongst humans; those without prejudice, those who experience true remorse, those who make every day in their lives heroic simply because they don't give up on their fellow humans.

    Terry Bellefleur was one of those men: father, husband, cook. A true friend who wasn't ashamed to hug someone he cared about, help someone in need or pay for his sins as he saw fit. He deserved better than to experience war, he deserved better than Merlotte's or a gun shot wound to the neck. And he gets it: one last night without those awful memories, one perfect morning with his favorite music and his wife, cradling his head, filling him with the best memories of their life together as he slips away, dying.

    I don't know how they did it twice in a row. This episode was freaking amazing! I just can't get over how good the show has been lately!