True Blood

Season 5 Episode 9

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on HBO

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  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Just a really all over the place episode of True Blood here. Some interesting sequences of action, but no really great moment I can pinpoint as standing out.

    The music during the final scene also did not make sense and match up with what was going on.
  • Welcome to your life...

    ...there's no turning back. Even while you exit, Salome will find you. So glad, Molly & Eric almost made it. Alas, everybody wants to rule the world.

    This fairly clever critique on authority begins with a simple statement, from Andy Bellefleur of all people! As authority, it's the Sheriff's job to protect from sons of bitches to decent people, from vampers and shifters to werechickens. It's the job of the authority to defend those who can't defend themselves. A job Jason grasps in the nick of time to save Hoyt. A job Terry understands all too late to do anything but avenge the civilians his superior officer told him to kill.

    Being authority its a job: to serve and protect. A job former Sheriff of Area 5 and plucky vampire named Molly try to accomplish to the best of their capacities, even if the only Authority they've ever known doesn't understand how to be an authority. See, everybody wants to rule the world: it's the authority's job to protect us from them.
  • Lovin' the hot Pam but can they let Eric outta the Authority office building?

    This episode was quite enjoyable, because they finally closed on the two side-stories that were boring me to death, the whole American-soldiers-did-bad-things-in-Irak-now-it's-revenge-time one(mostly because I can't stand Arlene's screeching) and the Obama-mask-KKK-wannabes-shooting-supes story, because it added little value to the main story and was really just a distraction, just look at how lame the bad guys turned out to be in the end, Bud and his fat bossy girlfriend who's had about 5min airtime in total on the show.

    So back to the more interesting parts of the show, Pam's new outfits are fabulous, yes I'm a girl but I still can't help admiring her smoldering sexy features(yes I mean both her face and her cleavage), the new Tara is also much better than before, sexier, tougher, and not at all pitiful. The new vampire boss, Elijah will be an interesting addition to the show, he's hot and mysterios (and they must have stolen the name from Vampire Diaries).

    My favorite Swedish vampire hunk Eric unfortunately is still stuck in the vampire office building while his buddy Bill is turning less likable each episode and stopping them from getting out. What the heck do these authority people want to do anyhow? Whatever it is can you please make it more interesting than draining radom humans and worshipping Lilith everyday?

    As for the werewolf story, as long as there is a scene of Alcide half-naked in each episode, it's enough to keep me interested, especially with the super cute husky puppy becoming a regular.

    It's almost end f the season, I really hope the last few episodes get better and especially for Eric to get some real action! He's been doing nothing all season!
  • There Must Be Some Sort of Way Out of Here

    True Blood got back on its feet this week with strong inclusions on the side stories and the enthralling adventures of Eric trying to escape the Authority compound. The Chancellors continued to feed on human flesh as "God's Will" Eric puts his escape plan in motion. He approaches Alex, the nerdy vamp girl with put the I-Stakes onto them earlier, who also wants to get away. Eric also wants to spirit Nora away with them as well. Alex says that they need a Chancellor's blood to activate and use the elevators so Eric says he will get Nora's blood while Bill attempts to get Salome's so there's no redundancies. But something in Bill makes him betray Eric when he is about to escape. Eric's plan nearly came together so nicely too with his quick thinking injection of Nora and Alex's ingenuity then being met with Salome and a bunch of Authority armed guards really was a downer. Hopefully Alex won't bite the dust she is rather charming as a side character but after her betrayal that may be a little too much to ask. Terry's curse story wrapped up neatly this week when Patrick captures Arlene at Merlotte's and makes her tell everyone it's closed for the day which is really quite bad since Terry said that he did deserve a fair fight for his life he had to go and do this. But Terry turns the tables on the gun wielding friend and when the spirit of the woman appears she tells him to do it and he kills Patrick. Sookie, thanks to her fairy friends, finds out that Bud Dearborn was the one who found her parents, so she goes to visit him. When he won't reveal something to her when she reads his mind the woman he is having an affair with clocks Sookie over the head with a frying pan fearing she knows that they're the Dragon, the ones behind all the Shifter and Supe shootings this season. However she's the mastermind and not Bud Dearborn, who had a rather believable reason for joining forces with them. Andy and Jason figure out Bud's involvement when visiting the website of the humans-rule organization with footage of Bud dancing in an Obama mask with his boots he got at his retirement party, combined with the Sam and Luna's help when they said that Pig feces was a scent they picked up off the Obamas a pig farm belonging to Bud's family leads to a police raid. Coincidentally Hoyt was held up by Bud's girlfriend last year and Jessica's guilt over getting him involved after letting her go really shows how complicated her predicament is. When Sookie is about to get killed by Bud and his crew Sam, who was in pig form shifting saves her when they try to feed her to the pigs. His naked fighting was cool but it was more satisfying to see Luna chase down the girlfriend of Bud in shifter form and punch the hell out of her for shooting her. Bud goes death by cop, which is just as well, although I suspected his appearance a few episodes ago was just for comedic follow-up but incorporating him unexpectedly into the season long arc was a good choice writing wise. Pam and Tara continued their adventures at Fangtasia and when she sees a vamp sitting in Eric's throne drinking from a human in public she tries to kick him off but she is overpowered and he tells her that he is Elijah, the new Sheriff of Area 5 and demands all vamps to grab a human to feed upon on him. The news coverage of the True Blood factory explosions and all of the vampire overpowering of human culture around the world is really beginning to become troublesome as humans realize what the perpetrators are doing, especially when Pam insists that Tara keep selling True Blood so that vamp customers don't panic about the disaster and how they sell faster than ice water in hell since they're in high demand. The Authority's repeal of the mainstreaming act of non-feeding in public was the nail in the coffin for quashing Roman's agenda. Russell and Steve visit the barn where JD's pack is meeting. He offers them his blood and wishes to take Emma to give to Steve as a pet. When JD says that he can't take a member of his pack Russell threatens him telling him that his blood is anything but free. Emma's capture, much to the dismay of her grandmother, draws Sam and Luna now into the Authority storyline potentially. Alcide goes to visit his father in Jackson after being abjudred from the pack last week and has a flashback where his dad tells him about the importance of a pack back to when he and Debby were kids and chose the pack of Jackson to be their home. His father lives in a trailer and is gambling on a horse race when Alcide arrives and I guess his father serves as a foretelling of what being abjured and without a pack can mean in the long run. Hopefully Alcide will go back challenge JD again or find another pack to latch onto since moping around in a 12 episode cable series is only good for about two episodes max. All in all a very strong entry into the season and we finally hit our stride this season with a lot of balls in the air that hopefully will lead to a satisfying conclusion with only three episodes left and Bill and Nora's humanity to save Eric's got some work to do and Sookie's got a vampire to find and kill. In closing the end where the Tears for Fears cover plays as Eric looks at Bill disappointed that he would betray him. I have a theory that Salome's blood is poisoned with a type of hallucinogen since when Bill drinks from her he sees Lilith and when Nora says she started believing was when Salome snuck her in to test Lilith's blood. So perhaps there's a property to Salome's blood that makes people see Lilith and Bill also saw Sookie as well so it may not just be to see Lilith but may have a brainwashing capability to it since both Bill and Nora can't refuse Salome's influence after having drunk it. Anyway just a theory and I hope there is more to Lilith blood thing in subsequent entries.
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World was a perfect episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching because the various plots unfolded amazingly. It was great to see how every thing is interweaving and coming together. A few of the plot lines were more or less settled and some surprising new situations were presented. I loved the character development, attention to detail, and how every thing flowed. Russell giving Steve his first pet was a great scene as well as when Sam saved Sookie from the pigs. Bill and Eric have a discussion but things aren't always as they seem. The ending was awesome and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • I miss the old True Blood

    First of all, let's all just be glad that the Ifrit situation is over. Second, let's also give thanks that this whole hate group storyline is over. Third, can we make the remaining three episodes "The Pam and Tara Hour" because that is the only great storyline we've had all season. Yes, I will admit that things are starting to look up with the whole "Who Killed Sookie's Parents" plot, but I am so far over this Lilith thing I can hardly see straight.

    -Unless he has a plan, I really don't see how they can redeem Bill as a character. I mean, right now I hate him. Besides, this whole change is so out of character and sudden.

    - Uggh, that ending! Not only was it so predictable, but it was so cheesy. It almost felt like a really lame Melrose Place episode ( Don't get me wrong I love MP) with the music.