True Blood

Season 3 Episode 12

Evil is Going On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2010 on HBO
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Sookie gives careful consideration to a life without vampires of any kind. While secretly planning a perfect payback for Russell, Eric deals with his feelings of right and wrong. Tommy's latest overstepping boundaries leaves Sam in a rage. A new vocation is in store for Jason after he warns Crystal's family about a potential drug raid. Jesus has something more to offer than just an interpersonal relationship when Lafayette comes to him for help. Hoyt ignores his mother and entertains plans for a future with Jessica.moreless

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  • "Evil is Going On"??? How about "Evil is GONE"!

    How do you spell "What Happened?" when your a vamp. I guess it starts somewhere with this episode. If there ever was a case of lazy writing on a season finale this is it. The continual plot holes, and silly antagonists is getting out of hand quick. True Blood has now regressed the last two years from the first season. Whereas shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad continually keep their audiences eagerly awaiting for the next season premiere True Blood does not even have me looking to see when it is next on! Oh well thank goodness for reruns of The Sopranos!moreless
  • Overcooked

    Another season finale of True Blood, another disappointing end to the season. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this -- arguably the worst season closer yet from a topsy turvy third season of the show. It kicked off with werewolves, descended into watchable madness (although nowhere near as bats**t crazy as Maryanne's ordeal); forgot all about the werewolves (which was fine by me, as they never really fit into the season anyways), and then strayed off into many, many directions, overloading the show with distracting rather than engaging story-lines; True Blood really needs to pull back next year. I admire a show that wants to develop a large cast in such a small town, but we're being offered too many subplots over the course of 12 episodes -- this finale only serves to prove that.

    Maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to genre television and the typical scenario being that the Big Bad always gets its comeuppance come finale time, but I was disappointed to see Russell Edgington still alive and kicking here. Well, dead and crispy anyways. It's not that I find the character grating -- I don't, in fact he's the best thing about this episode -- or that there's no more potential storylines to be drained from this character (obviously there is if they're keeping him around); it's the absolute garbage we're fed as to why he must stay alive and not meet his true death:

    Deus Ex Machina in the form of Godric's spirit who waffles on about love and forgiveness to Eric. Gun -> Brains -> Splat.

    Not only does it completely undermine the character of Godric (and suggest the ludicrous idea of an afterlife and chance of redemption for vampires; this isn't Angel, people!); the fact that Bill, Sookie and Pam agree to keep him alive is never really explained, it's just stuffed down our throats and we're expected to roll with it. Eric changes his mind half-way through and decides to ignore Godric's message of love, so why leave Russell alive? They bury him six feet under cement, but look at how easily Eric broke out of that! Russell is a king, doesn't he have underlings other than Talbot?

    Sookie owns this episode, at the very least -- crazy, maniacal mwahaha-laughter and all. She spews so much venom towards Bill and Eric that I almost felt sorry for the guys. Anna Paquin really shines (no pun intended) throughout the episode, but I just didn't buy Sookie's break-up scene with Bill. It came across as too daytime TV. We're meant to take it as such a 'it was Bill all along who slept with your husband's daughter just so he could infiltrate the clan and inherit your family's fortune and run off with his mistress not before knocking you up leaving you with no home for you and the little one' gasp, shock, horror reveal. Far too melodramatic, even for this show, Eric turns up just to overhear the perfect amount necessary to reveal that -- GASP! -- Bill didn't come to Bon Temps of his own accord, and it wasn't a coincidence that Sookie drank his blood that very first night.

    It really is a shocking moment, but it's hammed up beyond belief, and why Eric didn't kill Bill on the spot didn't make a lick of sense. It all comes down to fan-service: Eric was never gonna burn, fans love him too much. Russell, I'd say, was kept around for the very same reason, and there ain't a chance in hell of Bill meeting his true death. There's no weight behind the threats made against these characters who have become so overly complicated I'm not surprised Sookie up and left to go to Fairyland. (I just typed that, didn't I?)

    As for the rest of the main plots that spilled across the entire season?

    Hotshot never worked out, it was a total train wreck as far as arcs go. It's not even remotely concluded either. Jason has been put in charge of taking care of dozens of brainless hill folk? Yeah, there's a storyline I can't wait to see develop further (he says sarcastically). And we're to believe that Felton has no problem killing his own father but hesitates when it comes to killing Jason? The same guy that has been doin' the dirty with his girlfriend! Come on! (See what I mean? There's no gravity behind these threats when it comes to main characters.)

    Sam shoots Tommy off-screen. I cannot tell you how much I do not care about this storyline. Jesus reveals to Lafayette that he's a witch. Hoyt and Jessica make the big leap and decide to move in together (what was with that creepy doll, eh? Witches, I tells ya! Witches!). Tara feels the need to reboot and so she cuts off a large chunk of her hair (how very Buffy) and leaves everything behind, and her conversation with Sam coming out to her as a shape-shifter is also wonderfully underplayed. I hope she comes back straight away, as the idea of a Tara-less Season 4 is just too hard to take.

    So there ya have it, folks. It has been a wild ride and not always the most entertaining. I've had people tell how much they loathed this season while others simply couldn't get enough of it. I'm a little on the fence, to be honest. There have been some stinkers this season, sure, but there have also been some of the best episodes of the show to date. It's just a pity the finale wasn't one of 'em.moreless
  • Sookie saves Eric, Bill's real reason for coming back to Bon Temps is revelaed (like we didn't figure it out), and Russell meets a gray fate.

    I'm a huge True Blood fan, don't get me wrong. But this season's finale wasn't a finale. It was a hiccup in the plot. Each character plot seemed too rushed, too choppy, and never seemed to have enough air time (unless you count the ones like Arlene, Sam, Tara, and Lafeyette's scenes in which we just fast-forward). The plot that have always interested me (Bill & Sookie; Eric, Pam, vampire world) just seemed too broken in this episode, too overtaken by the meaningless crap we endured.

    Plots they could cut (and no one would miss): 1. Sam's PMS. We get it, he's angry. We had to watch 12 episodes of Sam expressing emotions he never shows. See Sam happy, see Sam shocked, and then 3/4 of the season See Sam REALLY angry! Not only did I not need to see this storyline, I think it was a waste of film. Yes I was interested in learning why his birth family weren't "good people", but for an entire season? 2. Arlene's Evil Spawn. Don't get me wrong, loved the idea of Rene's evil baby, but after watching nearly 20 minutes of Holly doing a ritual with salt we were ready to set ourselves on fire (no disrespect). This plot just furthered my boredom and was skipped through most of the season. 3. Lafeyette's new boytoy. At first I was ecstatic to have more Lafeyette in this season, but after a while (seems to be a pattern huh?) it just got old. The freaky mask of Jesus was enough foreshadowing for me, no need for Seasame Street's dolls of Satan (although it made me laugh for days). This was another plot in need of some staking. Best Plots 1. Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle. Loved it this season, there was enough tension to choke a horse. However I noticed that Sookie only insulted Eric in front of Bill. "See honey? I told you I hate him!" Sookie seems to be saying to Bill. Meanwhile we're calling bullsh*t like crazy. 2. Jessica/Hoyt. I have to admit, I was into this plot this season, while everyone else is having a fight with mystical creatures, Jessica and Hoyt are having good old-fashion relationship issues. I'm really glad that they got back together as its the only solid romance in the series this year (and that's sad). All in all, it wasn't very good as a season finale, but okay as an episode.moreless
  • The Good The Bad And The What!!

    Ok bare with me, I watched this in the Uk last night so sorry if I am repeating things already posted, but,

    I had to put some thoughts on this episode and this season down while still fresh.

    Well to start with thank God for Eric and Russell because the rest of the episode was just a mess, jumping all over the place, pretty incoherent at times , and plots left hanging and no conclusions to hardly anything.

    Phew got that out of the way.

    Now the GOOD

    This season has been way better than last season, thats why it gets a 8.5 rating. 1 - Thank you for Eric, watching his back story, the way his character has been shown trying to get used to having feelings? for Sookie and also the way he is with Pam, love it.

    2 - Thank you for Pam, thats it just thank you, she's a hoot.

    3 - Thank you for the Jessica/Hoyt story- Twilight eat your heart out.

    4- Thank you for Russell Edgington.I will come back to him later.

    5- And a mention to Franklin Mott, what a piece of work !!.

    And now the BAD

    1- Jason, please get rid, its painfull to watch a character so stupid.

    2 - Sam , please get rid or at least stop trying to make him more interesting its just boring.

    3 - Tara, please stop her crying, thats all she seems to have done this season, I never knew a woman could have that much water in her, altho after watching her drive off is that it?.

    4- Crystal/Hot Shot- One split second showing of her as a panther does not a character make, and it seems the Hot Shot element of the story is not going to be explored, and I thought was treated pretty poorly on the whole.

    5- Jesus - get rid he is just creepy.

    And now the WHAT?

    1- What is going on with Lafayette, I thought he was a great character, sassy, outrageous, and bad ass, now he's a wimp!

    2 - Arlene and Terry, please resolve this one way or the other on the baby front, it makes no sense.

    3 - So Sookie has Fairy blood, but lets be honest that wasn't really a surprise was it!

    4 - Is Bill bad or is he good, I was left feeling confused.

    And Finally

    Please make season 4 a little bit like the books, cos lets be honest most people want to see Sookie and Eric get together, don't they?

    Oh and finally on a personal note I would just like to say a big thank you to RUSSELL EDGINGTON for my tv highlight of the year so far

    Blood splattered and holding a human spinal cord in his hands, having just killed the newsman and delivering his speech about eating children etc, the lines

    "And now it over to you Tiffany with the weather"

    BRILLIANT !!!moreless
  • dead end too much unanswered thrown together polt holes. No wolves, bad acting and bill is a douch. What happen?

    Now people may hate this but bear in my me and my girl are hugh fans. In the first eps you get inconsitant eps. True blood dose this alot. Creating likable arks then killing them. Like the wolves are not only cool but go nice with the vampire power struggle. Then russle in my mind the best villian of any season shows up.

    Eric starts a great war and I think true bloods back. After a crappy farier ark not even in the books there going some where.

    At the end of the ep me and my girl are mad. No plot was sloved. They make a half baked plan to turn bill into a bad guy, Most likely to play the eric sookie thing. Then set up a bad ark with witchs. The writing felt as if they wanted us to be enticed by these story arks.

    Yet they ended nothing and poorly progressed the chacters developement and got ride of a fun intresting villian just to bring him back later.

    I almost said forget this show but I do want to see the point. Hopfully the writes beef up season 4 and end there arks.moreless
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