True Blood

Season 3 Episode 12

Evil is Going On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2010 on HBO

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  • "Evil is Going On"??? How about "Evil is GONE"!

    How do you spell "What Happened?" when your a vamp. I guess it starts somewhere with this episode. If there ever was a case of lazy writing on a season finale this is it. The continual plot holes, and silly antagonists is getting out of hand quick. True Blood has now regressed the last two years from the first season. Whereas shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad continually keep their audiences eagerly awaiting for the next season premiere True Blood does not even have me looking to see when it is next on! Oh well thank goodness for reruns of The Sopranos!
  • Overcooked

    Another season finale of True Blood, another disappointing end to the season. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this -- arguably the worst season closer yet from a topsy turvy third season of the show. It kicked off with werewolves, descended into watchable madness (although nowhere near as bats**t crazy as Maryanne's ordeal); forgot all about the werewolves (which was fine by me, as they never really fit into the season anyways), and then strayed off into many, many directions, overloading the show with distracting rather than engaging story-lines; True Blood really needs to pull back next year. I admire a show that wants to develop a large cast in such a small town, but we're being offered too many subplots over the course of 12 episodes -- this finale only serves to prove that.

    Maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to genre television and the typical scenario being that the Big Bad always gets its comeuppance come finale time, but I was disappointed to see Russell Edgington still alive and kicking here. Well, dead and crispy anyways. It's not that I find the character grating -- I don't, in fact he's the best thing about this episode -- or that there's no more potential storylines to be drained from this character (obviously there is if they're keeping him around); it's the absolute garbage we're fed as to why he must stay alive and not meet his true death:

    Deus Ex Machina in the form of Godric's spirit who waffles on about love and forgiveness to Eric. Gun -> Brains -> Splat.

    Not only does it completely undermine the character of Godric (and suggest the ludicrous idea of an afterlife and chance of redemption for vampires; this isn't Angel, people!); the fact that Bill, Sookie and Pam agree to keep him alive is never really explained, it's just stuffed down our throats and we're expected to roll with it. Eric changes his mind half-way through and decides to ignore Godric's message of love, so why leave Russell alive? They bury him six feet under cement, but look at how easily Eric broke out of that! Russell is a king, doesn't he have underlings other than Talbot?

    Sookie owns this episode, at the very least -- crazy, maniacal mwahaha-laughter and all. She spews so much venom towards Bill and Eric that I almost felt sorry for the guys. Anna Paquin really shines (no pun intended) throughout the episode, but I just didn't buy Sookie's break-up scene with Bill. It came across as too daytime TV. We're meant to take it as such a 'it was Bill all along who slept with your husband's daughter just so he could infiltrate the clan and inherit your family's fortune and run off with his mistress not before knocking you up leaving you with no home for you and the little one' gasp, shock, horror reveal. Far too melodramatic, even for this show, Eric turns up just to overhear the perfect amount necessary to reveal that -- GASP! -- Bill didn't come to Bon Temps of his own accord, and it wasn't a coincidence that Sookie drank his blood that very first night.

    It really is a shocking moment, but it's hammed up beyond belief, and why Eric didn't kill Bill on the spot didn't make a lick of sense. It all comes down to fan-service: Eric was never gonna burn, fans love him too much. Russell, I'd say, was kept around for the very same reason, and there ain't a chance in hell of Bill meeting his true death. There's no weight behind the threats made against these characters who have become so overly complicated I'm not surprised Sookie up and left to go to Fairyland. (I just typed that, didn't I?)

    As for the rest of the main plots that spilled across the entire season?

    Hotshot never worked out, it was a total train wreck as far as arcs go. It's not even remotely concluded either. Jason has been put in charge of taking care of dozens of brainless hill folk? Yeah, there's a storyline I can't wait to see develop further (he says sarcastically). And we're to believe that Felton has no problem killing his own father but hesitates when it comes to killing Jason? The same guy that has been doin' the dirty with his girlfriend! Come on! (See what I mean? There's no gravity behind these threats when it comes to main characters.)

    Sam shoots Tommy off-screen. I cannot tell you how much I do not care about this storyline. Jesus reveals to Lafayette that he's a witch. Hoyt and Jessica make the big leap and decide to move in together (what was with that creepy doll, eh? Witches, I tells ya! Witches!). Tara feels the need to reboot and so she cuts off a large chunk of her hair (how very Buffy) and leaves everything behind, and her conversation with Sam coming out to her as a shape-shifter is also wonderfully underplayed. I hope she comes back straight away, as the idea of a Tara-less Season 4 is just too hard to take.

    So there ya have it, folks. It has been a wild ride and not always the most entertaining. I've had people tell how much they loathed this season while others simply couldn't get enough of it. I'm a little on the fence, to be honest. There have been some stinkers this season, sure, but there have also been some of the best episodes of the show to date. It's just a pity the finale wasn't one of 'em.
  • Sookie saves Eric, Bill's real reason for coming back to Bon Temps is revelaed (like we didn't figure it out), and Russell meets a gray fate.

    I'm a huge True Blood fan, don't get me wrong. But this season's finale wasn't a finale. It was a hiccup in the plot. Each character plot seemed too rushed, too choppy, and never seemed to have enough air time (unless you count the ones like Arlene, Sam, Tara, and Lafeyette's scenes in which we just fast-forward). The plot that have always interested me (Bill & Sookie; Eric, Pam, vampire world) just seemed too broken in this episode, too overtaken by the meaningless crap we endured.

    Plots they could cut (and no one would miss): 1. Sam's PMS. We get it, he's angry. We had to watch 12 episodes of Sam expressing emotions he never shows. See Sam happy, see Sam shocked, and then 3/4 of the season See Sam REALLY angry! Not only did I not need to see this storyline, I think it was a waste of film. Yes I was interested in learning why his birth family weren't "good people", but for an entire season? 2. Arlene's Evil Spawn. Don't get me wrong, loved the idea of Rene's evil baby, but after watching nearly 20 minutes of Holly doing a ritual with salt we were ready to set ourselves on fire (no disrespect). This plot just furthered my boredom and was skipped through most of the season. 3. Lafeyette's new boytoy. At first I was ecstatic to have more Lafeyette in this season, but after a while (seems to be a pattern huh?) it just got old. The freaky mask of Jesus was enough foreshadowing for me, no need for Seasame Street's dolls of Satan (although it made me laugh for days). This was another plot in need of some staking. Best Plots 1. Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle. Loved it this season, there was enough tension to choke a horse. However I noticed that Sookie only insulted Eric in front of Bill. "See honey? I told you I hate him!" Sookie seems to be saying to Bill. Meanwhile we're calling bullsh*t like crazy. 2. Jessica/Hoyt. I have to admit, I was into this plot this season, while everyone else is having a fight with mystical creatures, Jessica and Hoyt are having good old-fashion relationship issues. I'm really glad that they got back together as its the only solid romance in the series this year (and that's sad). All in all, it wasn't very good as a season finale, but okay as an episode.
  • The Good The Bad And The What!!

    Ok bare with me, I watched this in the Uk last night so sorry if I am repeating things already posted, but,
    I had to put some thoughts on this episode and this season down while still fresh.
    Well to start with thank God for Eric and Russell because the rest of the episode was just a mess, jumping all over the place, pretty incoherent at times , and plots left hanging and no conclusions to hardly anything.
    Phew got that out of the way.
    Now the GOOD
    This season has been way better than last season, thats why it gets a 8.5 rating. 1 - Thank you for Eric, watching his back story, the way his character has been shown trying to get used to having feelings? for Sookie and also the way he is with Pam, love it.
    2 - Thank you for Pam, thats it just thank you, she's a hoot.
    3 - Thank you for the Jessica/Hoyt story- Twilight eat your heart out.
    4- Thank you for Russell Edgington.I will come back to him later.
    5- And a mention to Franklin Mott, what a piece of work !!.
    And now the BAD
    1- Jason, please get rid, its painfull to watch a character so stupid.
    2 - Sam , please get rid or at least stop trying to make him more interesting its just boring.
    3 - Tara, please stop her crying, thats all she seems to have done this season, I never knew a woman could have that much water in her, altho after watching her drive off is that it?.
    4- Crystal/Hot Shot- One split second showing of her as a panther does not a character make, and it seems the Hot Shot element of the story is not going to be explored, and I thought was treated pretty poorly on the whole.
    5- Jesus - get rid he is just creepy.
    And now the WHAT?
    1- What is going on with Lafayette, I thought he was a great character, sassy, outrageous, and bad ass, now he's a wimp!
    2 - Arlene and Terry, please resolve this one way or the other on the baby front, it makes no sense.
    3 - So Sookie has Fairy blood, but lets be honest that wasn't really a surprise was it!
    4 - Is Bill bad or is he good, I was left feeling confused.
    And Finally
    Please make season 4 a little bit like the books, cos lets be honest most people want to see Sookie and Eric get together, don't they?
    Oh and finally on a personal note I would just like to say a big thank you to RUSSELL EDGINGTON for my tv highlight of the year so far
    Blood splattered and holding a human spinal cord in his hands, having just killed the newsman and delivering his speech about eating children etc, the lines
    "And now it over to you Tiffany with the weather"
  • dead end too much unanswered thrown together polt holes. No wolves, bad acting and bill is a douch. What happen?

    Now people may hate this but bear in my me and my girl are hugh fans. In the first eps you get inconsitant eps. True blood dose this alot. Creating likable arks then killing them. Like the wolves are not only cool but go nice with the vampire power struggle. Then russle in my mind the best villian of any season shows up.

    Eric starts a great war and I think true bloods back. After a crappy farier ark not even in the books there going some where.

    At the end of the ep me and my girl are mad. No plot was sloved. They make a half baked plan to turn bill into a bad guy, Most likely to play the eric sookie thing. Then set up a bad ark with witchs. The writing felt as if they wanted us to be enticed by these story arks.

    Yet they ended nothing and poorly progressed the chacters developement and got ride of a fun intresting villian just to bring him back later.

    I almost said forget this show but I do want to see the point. Hopfully the writes beef up season 4 and end there arks.
  • Jason becomes the keeper of something (not quite sure what). Tara taken to her limits by Sam. Russell is extra crispy. Bill N Sookie, end it, right? Hoyt and Jess find luv, may only last a sec though.

    For a finale it was rather a letdown. Sam tells Tara he's a shape shifter like it's the most normal thing in the world while eating pancakes. I think that took Tara to her limits. Where the hell is Tara going? I was a little wary about Tara because I wasn't sure if she was leaving town or planning to drive off a cliff. She was a little too calm in the end. I maybe in the minority, but I love her character. Emotionally she is over the top, and that with Sam made for an interesting couple. Now Jason is saddled with a whole clan of something. His next season is going to be dreadful. Lafayette fell in love w/a witch. I was as perplexed as Lafayette was, although mine lasted more than two seconds. Bill, Sookie and Eric triangle was the biggest letdown of all. I just was not interested in them at any point. The only time I found Sookie remotely interesting was when she was talking to extra crispy Russell. Russell was a riot. Eric was boring. Bill was sullen as usual. The absolute best of the finale was Hoyt and Jessica. I know doom is on the horizon though, but at least w/Vampire shows people who may die don't normally stay dead. Hoping the writer's will go back to their 1st Season formula next season.
  • Well, it was not what most would have expected...

    Usually a finale is highly anticipated to be one of the best and brightest episodes of the entire season. And while there were bright lights (literally fairy lights), it was not one of the best. Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination but I seemed to be somewhat lacking.

    One of the central issues with this episode was that it was spread too thin over to many different characters and their respective storylines. It felt like a filler episode (like the two before this one) and as such it left the impression that it was simply leading into the big finale, rather than actually being the finale.

    Now to break down the main sections of the episode.

    Staring with Jason and his Hot Shot drugs/girlfriend story. This was one of the slowest aspects and is perhaps something that should have been left out of the big finale, as it perhaps did not deserve to be treated on the same level as Sookie/Eric/Bill story. It is cool to see Jason taking on some responsibility, and grow up a little bit, but this Hot Shot and Crystal part is just… not that interesting.

    Tara. I hope that next season she is no longer moping and constantly crying. It is getting old and really annoying, PLEASE give this girl some self respect. Her hair cut seemed to soften her up though.

    Sam and Tommy. Why has Sam been turned into an angry murderer? (Remember from a few episodes ago when he shot and killed that couple in the woods). I sure hope they make use of the Tommy character. I am also guessing that he shot the bag and not his brother.

    Pam. Why didn't we get to see her kick that Reuben guys ARSE?!

    Alcide. More please.

    Bill. Kinda cool in this episode. Tried to kill Eric and Pam, got into to a fight with the Queen. Went slightly nuts. Not really much else to say.

    Eric. The whole Godric/going crazy idea instantly added to the episode, and in a good way. This will carry onto season 4 I would imagine, as will the whole Russell plot line. Also, it was a little bit disappointing that we did not get to see how he escaped from the concrete. But cool that he explained to Sookie that he thought she deserved to know the truth. Still one of the better written characters in the show. Also he swears really well.

    Sookie: Well wasn't she bad-ass when she was baby-sitting Russell? Taunting him and tipping his beloved down the sink? Cracked me up! And telling him to mind his ******* language? Priceless. But her disappearing in such a camp style at the end was totally the most anti-climactic ending to a season in a while. All she did was disappear with a poof. All in all an ok episode but a boring season finale.

    This review came all the way from New Zealand, so enjoy!

  • what did they do to this show!


    first of all i know im gonna get heck from die hard fans but if you actually think this finale was justified then i feel bad for you. well the two weeks have passed and you would think that for the finale it would make up for the last two episodes (even though the ending of last episode was superb) but it did not. instead they give us a change in bill's character that should never have happened, a hundred questions, and really no storylines get wrapped up. now lets get to the review.

    the good: russell's dialogue, i never get enough of his scheming voice. russell didn't die after all, i was hoping that they would leave his character's storyline able to resurface. atleast one werewolf(alcide) returned finally even though he pretty much did nothing. the build up of witches being in season four.

    the bad: bill turning to a crazy mess who goes on a killing spree for sookie, someone is whipped. the return of summer. jason turning into a saint. it was a little too much niceness for him and it was corny as hell. revealing that bill was evil, it kills his character. could someone who read the books tell me if that really happens cause that was just a huge load of stupid. russells face being a burnt mess, it was kind of wierd and his smug looking face built to his evilness. tara cutting her hair, i hate her voice and now they added how she looks to my list of hates abiut her, oh yay she has a half fro now. the worst thing of this episode is instead of wrapping storylines up they leave them hanging still. now we have to wait til next summer to see what happens to storylines that should have been answered tonight. for example, where is tara headed? will bill win the fight? did sam shoot tommy? will hoytt's mom kill jessica? and theres storylines that should have had cliffhangers but didnt like what happened to arlene, pam, lafayette, and eric? and to make matters worse they make sookie go evil, like really she considers letting russell kill eric and bill just because they used her in a minimal way? also the one storyline fans hated this season was sookie being a fairy, and now they end the episode with sookie disapearing with them, its basically just a reversed cliffhanger of last seasons ender where bill vanished. WHO CARES

    the great: steve newlin being in it for the second time this season, and the cardboard cutout of him holding the rifle was cut funny. and now we play the waiting game til next summer even though it probably wont be as grueling as it have should been. so now ends a hit and miss season of true blood.
  • Gave me what I wanted...

    ...more or less. Mostly less, which is as a season ender should do.

    The story line tied up exactly nothing but did open up a whole new can of worms for almost every key cast member for next season.

    Bill is a schmuck who apparently is totally influenced by some vampiric hormonal fluctuations which guide his actions. He can't say no to a Queen or a fairy, apparently. He will start next season in Sookie-exile and will have to work his way back into everyone's good graces. Makes for some good potential story lines.

    Eric has saved Sookie, saved Pam, been saved himself and yet remains unsafe as long as some poor loser may have the chance of busting up that concrete pad. I'm guessing Eric and Russell are not done with each other, and Eric has some conscience the form of visions of deal with next season. And he has to work his way back into Sookie's good graces; assuming he can find her. Makes for some potential great story lines.

    Sookie has gone awol, but for how long? Perhaps long enough to learn how to harness her powers and protect her light from everyone. It was great to see her torment and essentially screw with a chained and burned Russell. The girl has I have been giving her credit for. She will come back next season prepared to be her own fairy! Makes for some potentially great story lines.

    Sam is just on a real killing spree for such a cute puppy. Its the little cute ones who will get you every time. He may end up replacing Tara as next year's victim story line, because Tara seems to have decided she is headed for greener they in this life or the next? Either way, her look says, "I have made some decisions"...Makes for some potentially good story lines.

    Jason has become father, uncle and babysitter in one reckless moment of responsibility. All for a character I didn't much care for, but hey: Its interesting to see Jason's evolution (complete with an actual wardrobe this season!) and it makes for some potentially interesting story lines.

    Lafayette is set up to go to the dark side next season...maybe. Maybe he doesn't go alone, but has some help getting there, and how much will his crazy old mama be involved? We didn't see enough of Alfre Woodard this year so hopefully she is involved in Lafayette's own personal hell next season. Makes for some potentially interesting story lines.

    Jessica and Hoyt can't be happy because they just can't, and so between that crazy old mama of his and whatever housekeeping faux pas was on the floor of that home they are about to make for themselves, well...makes for some potentially great story lines.

    Arlene may have not rid herself of her demon seed, especially if Lafayette's visions mean anything, and that could set up next year's "Franklin"-like character...Reverend Newlin looks poised to represent moral certitude once again...makes you want Russell back, doesn't it?!...The Queen will need to make a final stand, and we will see very quickly who comes out on top of that slow-mo (and I must admit, very poorly done) wire-act fight. I'm guessing Stephen Moyer has the longer term contract! ;o}

    Yep. Gave me what I wanted. Absolutely zero reconciliation in anyone's pathetically tormented life, and therefore the perfect set up for another perfectly tormented season four. ...and I won't be waiting patiently...
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Sookie gives careful consideration to a life without vampires of any kind. While secretly planning a perfect payback for Russell, Eric deals with his feelings of right and wrong. Tommy's latest overstepping boundaries leaves Sam in a rage. A new vocation is in store for Jason after he warns Crystal's family about a potential drug raid. Jesus has something more to offer than just an interpersonal relationship when Lafayette comes to him for help. Hoyt ignores his mother and entertains plans for a future with Jessica. Thank God, after two long weeks I can actually watch this episode, let's hope it a good one. I love the start scene with Russell and Eric, they're Awesome., and then Godric is ''there''. I love the scene with Sookie slapping Bill, and then Bill tries to stop Sookie in saving Eric. I love the way Russell annoys Sookie so she can get her power, and saves Eric. I love teh way Eric needs human blood and Sookie asks Bill to bite her so she can give it to him. I love the breakfast scene with Tara and Sam, I love the way Sam tells Tara what he is. I love the way Eric wants Russell to be saved, and Sookie has to go out and save him. I love the way Sookie wants to be alone with Russell as she doesn't want to se Bill or Eric's face right now. I'm kind of bored with Jason and that whole Crystal thing boring! I love the scene with Hoyt and his mother and his ex, quite funny. I do love Hoyt though, and Jessica. I love the scene with Sookie and Russell, with the deal and what they talk about and the way Sookie makes sure Talbot dies. Urgh, I HATE Crystal and the whole storyline to do with her! I love the scene with Sam saying sorry to Terry. I love the scene where Tara walks in on her mother and well you know. I love the Merlotte scenes, the way Sam freaks out about Tommy and the way all the employees are. I love the way it was Alcide on the phone with Eric and he comes to help Sookie out, they are so cute together. I love the way they all wake up, and are all down to buisness already. I hate Jesus, I can't stand him, so boring! I love lafayette too but this season when he has been with Jesus, it just bores me. I love the scene with Sookie and Tara, I do love their friendship. I love the scene with Eric, Bill and Russell, I love the way Eric is shouting at Godric, I love Godric, he is Awesome and so is Eric. Wow, I didn't see that coming, 'that coming' meaning Bill getting Eric like that! I love the scene with Jessica and Hoyt. I love the scene with Bill and Sookie, when she allows him in and they talk about what's gone on. Wow, I love the way Eric comes and ruins the moment with Bill and Sookie, oh how I love his timing, and the way he does it! I also love the reaction from Sookie, amazing scene! I also love the way she tells Eric to go too, I would of loved a little making out by them, but whatever I will just wait until season four for all that! I love the scene with Eric and Pam. I love the scene between Bill and the Queen. The fight scene between them sucked, so lame they could of made it better with the effects and stuff. I love the scene between Sookie and her grandma. Sookie has gone awol. I can't wait for next season, bring on everything! I don't think I can wait for June though, I'm sure I will be reading the books again and watching all the episode again!
  • 312

    My first full season watching this show comes to an end, and I have to say, the season finale was disappointing. I did not expect, I know that I did not want, to see 60 minutes of a guy in charcoal, but that is not the only reason. It seemed like they just brought in all the characters for the sake of having them there. Why did Owen from One Tree Hill need to come back? Or Tara's mom?

    True Blood's third season conclusion surely did massive numbers for HBO, but it did not entertain me really. Six out of ten is generous for it.
  • imo this episode was completely off. few of the actors seemed adequately inspired/ present which also could have been caused by sloppy direction; i don't know. the show was kind of unrecognizeable.

    imo this episode was completely off. few of the actors seemed adequately inspired/ present which also could have been caused by sloppy direction; i don't know. the show was kind of unrecognizeable. maybe it was because the season semi-finale was so good that this played out like an autopiloted encore, improvised with detuned instruments over a bloodless theme. that said season 3 has overall been a pleasure to watch with the tension being strung out till the end of aforementioned episode 11, much unlike the previous season which stopped up when it was merely halfway along it's running time. looking forward to fresh blood in upcoming episodes.
  • Good not great

    I wish that I could have given a huge thumbs up to the season finale of True Blood but I couldn't. Not because it wasn't well acted or well written but because it was missing something extra special that makes a season finale stand out from the rest. While secrets were finaly revealed (some not so secret) there wasn't that big shocker moment that you expect in a finale. No blood?, no bodies? (if you don't count Russell) no evicerations? no explosions? When the end scene closes with Sookie I was left thinking is that it? Of course being a true addict of the show I will defintely be tuning in next season to see what kind of shennanigans Alan Ball will dream up for my favorite characters to get into. I can't wait for season four!
  • meh

    Where is the magic? Something was missing from this season. Russell Edgington supplied a bit. But he is now covered in tons of concrete, though something tells me he will be back. I hope so.
    I cannot stand sad Tara. End her. Bring back crazy Tara. This episode was kind of boring. Better than the preceding ones, yes, but that's not saying much. Predictions for season 4-
    Sookie is initially happy in fairy land, than wants to go home.
    Sam shot Tommy in a non-vital area then nurses him, creating a bond.
    Bill and the queen fight. Either He wins (duh) or they are interrupted by a blah blah Vampire emergency blah blah
    Concrete Russell escapes (yay!) and plots his revenge
    Jesus teaches Lafayette to be a witch. Chaos ensues.
    Please - more werewolves!
    Jason saves the redneck shifters.
    Tara - dont care.
    Season 4 new supernatural creature prediction: Frankenstein monsters.
  • Cliffhanger??? more like a breather

    Wow - Jason growing up, who would have thought? but will give him the benefit of the doubt, I am sure he will screw-up again, but heart is in the right place. Tara: driving off into the night, is a new "life" in the making and are we going to be in passenger seat seeing the developement or is she gone??? Sam: Did he shoot Tommy fatally or just neuter him??
    either way, would stop him from procreating! Hard to believe Sam an as a hardass but seems to get protective when someone is trying to steal from him.

    Bill: Do you really have a chance against a Dior wearing Queen?? We know he is coming back, but as what???

    Eric: still developing his conscience after all these years (Vikings look good but are slow learners!) Wish you luck in getting back in the good graces of Sookie

    Alcide: are you really such a good guy??? Seem sort of a push-over. Don´t know how much will be lifted from books but he isn´t the most honorable character.

    Pam: gotta love her, Split ends and all.

    Sookie - go into the light and get a life!

    Questions Questions Questions: but still going to miss my hour of non-thinking entertainment of over-the-top trashy southern comfort.

    So am done for the winter. When does the next season start?
  • Making It Up as they go along, the wrong way.

    This episode was inferior compared to the other episodes of the season. We're led to believe now this entire time that Bill betrayed Sookie, nothing really showed this at the beginning, thus just making it up as they go along. This episode left a lot of things not wrapped up. I agree with other people, bring Tara's story to an end. Sam's story is interesting too, but they should have wrapped that up. The Jason storyline was a bit weird this season, too. Not really intriguing. The show lost something this season. I really liked Bill and Sookie together, but to find it was all a setup at first? It's kind of a downer...
  • The Thing About Bill

    This episode was a step above the last two entries but not by much I certainly give them points for not ending it in the sunlight with Eric and Russell. Sookie finally learned the truth with some serious consequences and makes a choice. Bill swears to rid the world of all who've tasted Sookie's blood, Russell meets his end sort of. Alcide returns finally after a long time and does a favor for Eric while Sam confronts Tommy for taking his money and does the world a favor by killing him, Jessica and Hoyt look at a house that he paid a deposit on and Mrs. Fortenberry will stop at nothing to have her son not in the arms of a dead woman. Ultimately it wasn't a total letdown although I did want to see more of Arlene's baby story and the revelation that Jesus was a witch I sorta saw coming but it's all a set up for the next season anyway so it's not so bad. It was sort of a cliffhanger but gave us a more satisfying ending than last year certainly and Tara will hopefully become a more acceptable character with her do hairstyle and optimism. Not bad True Blood, not the explosive climactic fight that I wanted but it'll do given the downs that the latter part of Season 3 has had. Here's to better luck next year.