True Blood

Season 6 Episode 5

F... the Pain Away

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2013 on HBO

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  • F The Pain Away

    Sarah is already making an impact on her return and I like it. Interesting character to add to the mix. This Warlow thing is a little bit over the top, but I am curious to see where this goes as well.

    It may not be as good as the old days, but True Blood seems much fresher than it did last season.
  • F**k the Pain Away

    True Blood moved towards Bill's vision this week as Eric and Tara gave themselves up to Governor Burell's Anti-Vamp soldiers to rescue Pam, although it wasn't much of a plan as it turns out. Once inside Eric can't find her and all the other vamps are unwilling to give any information about anybody. Although we did get to see the interesting inner workings of exactly what kind of "research" Burell's people were doing. Pam's therapy session being the week's scene stealer explaining to Otis from the Walking Dead about how vamps don't value human life (or at least she doesn't). Eric plays "catch that ball or get shot" with a bunch of others which turned out kind of boring. Anyway, Alcide boringly kicked his dad out of the pack (even though he was never really "in it") and keeps saying "I'm your packmaster!" which isn't true and also if you have to exclaim your power title then you don't really that much power do you? This season has totally killed everything about Alcide that I liked although I get what they're trying to do with the whole "power corrupts" which was kind of what happened in Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy when Jax became the Club President power kind of took over him. But Alcide was interesting to watch before and now all he does is have threesomes with Andi and other girls, kills college kids looking to help supernaturals, and bothers drunk people in bars about a shifter who is trying to take care of a little girl entrusted to his care by her own mother. Any of that sound interesting to watch? And the whole coincidence of Robert Patrick staying at the same hotel where Sam and Jessi and Emma are was really cringe worthy although I honestly don't know if he'll call up and tell his son about it although the story still remains flat. Sarah Newlin is distraught by Burell wanting to take his daughter to the vamp camp and not have sex with her so she goes and hooks up with Jason and Jessica shows up still high on V. She confesses to killing the faerie girls of Andy's and how she's been overtaken by the Devil. And of course she makes a nonsense choice of thinking that Bill's the devil and doesn't want anything to do with him anymore which is sad because that was one of the only things that was working. But Sarah rescinds the invitation to Jason's place and Jessica is captured and dragged off to vamp camp leaving Jason wanting to save her. He goes to join the anti-vampire ranks to spring Jessica loose which is at least a little bit interesting and I like the "I love Jessica and would do anything for her Jason" much more than broody Season 5 "I hate vampires and will kill them all for my parents' memory" Jason because their relationship just works for me even though the show hasn't really capitalized on it, mainly because of Hoyt, which is why it probably still feels fresh so they solved the whole giving Jason something to do. It seems a little lazy that the writers flipped Warlow over to a bad boy good guy who killed Sook's parents to save her life, although the whole Bill showing up and commanding him as Lilith to come with him was unexpected. While a little forced the flashbacks to Lilith and Warlow's first encounter were intriguing as well as the scene where Warlow is demanding to be released when threatening to kill Dr. Takahashi. But Warlow is the perfect test subject for Bill's blood experiment although if Warlow was a faerie the flashbacks never established that his tribe was they seemed like regular ancient peoples who gathered and hunted, although there was that thing when Lilith began humping him because he smelled really tasty you never would've guessed that any of the others were faeries. Sarah's actions don't make a whole lot of sense just because Burell cares about his newly turned daughter, and Burell poking holes in Eric's plan and how that would've changed his mind on vamps was lazy since he put Willa into the camp anyway. Seeing the vamp on the gerbil wheel and in the fast forward sex thing was funny as Pam volunteers for that during her therapy session. I'm noticing it more and more now but True Blood just has way too many characters, like Terry in yet another yawn worthy scene where he hires an old Marine buddy to off him for killing Patrick, and Andy and Holly mourning for the three dead faerie girls he lost to Jessica, it seems like a convenient way for the writers to narrow it down to one for simplicity sake. Then there was no Nora in this episode either so she'll probably show up next week and tell Eric about the revelation about only Warlow being able to kill Lilith (which was another great flashback when he tore open the cave ceiling and she met the True Death). But overall this episode worked for me despite the wacky elements. I enjoyed how Lafayette's gift came back into play but not how Sook's dad possessed him and tried to drown her and save her, as well as the unnecessary flashback to Warlow begging for Sookie's hand when she came of age. Lafayette is way too susceptible to getting possessed by evil spirits as we saw with Marnie back in Season 4 and other times so Sookie trusting him to hold back parents that she just found out had tried to kill her doesn't seem like such a bright idea in retrospect. But, overall the episode worked although we all know that True Blood loves its fake-outs so of course that means no Pam/Eric death next week and definitely a "Sookie is miraculously un-drowned" scene at the top of next week. Why have cliffhangers that never go anywhere you ask, well I have the same question and it can be one of the most frustrating bits about this show. Anyway, with a Seventh Season just announced I'm curious as to what Bill's plan is to prevent the vision he had from coming to pass in the weeks to come since we've now reached the halfway mark and all those in his vision are now interned in the camp.
  • Blood is thicker than water.

    In the aftermath of the roundup, Tara runs to her grandmaker and the Northmans deliver themselves to find Pam. What they find is a facility where 1 out of 4 survive for the right of imprisonment, Godric's bloodline proves stronger, tighter and thicker than ever, Willa instinctively calling for Tara before they get separated and all there's left is Jessica for support.

    Bill's visions manifest themselves as clear as his flahbacks; Lilith relies on her progeny as Sookie relies on Lafayette to summon her father for answers. For blood is ticker than water, the Governor pits Eric and Pam against each other, each of them standing still as Sookie is drowned by her father.
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