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4.01 "She's Not There," Official Discussion, *spoilers*

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    Such an amazing season premiere!

    The Proud Potato: The Return of True Blood

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    okay, i've got to say that i loved the episode. LOVED IT!!! I didnt realize how much i missed Lala!!! Jesus better do him right. I was grinning to death through the whole thing. It was a great touch this time to start us off a year ahead, and the way we were introduced to the characters new lives was fun. Jessica is beyond hot and Deb is a wonderful actress, i might actually follow the Jess/Hoyt storyline now lol. Alot of folks on many sites were P.O.'d at the fae aspect of the show and the new "world" okay this is a supernatural show...if your gonna b**ch about TOO MUCH supernatural stuff then turn the channel. I myself was jumping up and down bc it was just that awsome The new witchy villian seems kinda cool actually which suprised me due to the age and look of her. Necromancy! oh yeah im so ready for this season!!! Arlene and Terry are absolutly adorable and i cant wait to see where her lil devil goes Although i was happy to see Jason I knew we would have to endure that stupid b**ch crystal and her clan...the books are not as good as the show but eh. Anyway, looks like i'm still gonna hate on Billford this season SOME ONE KILL HIM!!! Come on hes king now, lmfao, gross and wrong it is Why is Ball killing off all my red-heads!! Eric, my poor viking baby! This storyline should be fun if they've played cut/n/paste with the books. I loved Pam and want more of her, seriously she's wonderfully funny. My man Andy was great, really happy to see him again, even if hes all hopped up on V. Oh and how hot was his sister!!! Great change from the page Last but not in anyway the least, my fav babe Tara is back and better than eva! So happy they brought back the tough chicka that i fell in love with. Plus i thank Ball for giving me a certain scene For a premier i give it a 10/10
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    When Sookie came home and Jason told her the date without the year, she thought that she had been gone for two weeks only for Jason to say that she had been gone for 12 1/2 months.

    Mathematically adding two weeks to 12 months does not make it to 12 1/2 months.

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