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5.10, "Gone, Gone, Gone," Official Discussion, *spoilers*

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    Welcome to an all new episode of True Blood! CoolThis episode airs Sunday, August 12, at 9 pm Eastern / 8 pm Central on HBO.

    "With vampire attacks on the rise, Bill starts a public relations campaign to gain public favor. Nora, on the other hand, is having a hard time selling Lilith's gospel to Eric. Jason's discovery of a mysterious scroll could reveal details about his family history. The new sheriff of Area 5 presses Pam and Tara to obey a new directive. Sam and Luna search for Emma. Russell seeks out his destiny."

    This episode was written by Alexander Woo and directed by Scott Winant.

    Please only discuss this episode in this thread, and NO BOOK SPOILERS!!!!

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    What was that "contract" all about? Was Sookie sold as property?
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    Basically it was to give away the first born girl in the stakehouse family, yet it wasn't that clear. They should have added more, because it's confusing. There has to be another first born after the 1700's, it can't just be sookie.

    I doubt she's going to be sold a property.

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    The contract specified "my first fey-bearing female heir" and Claude confirmed that since 1702 there hadn't yet been a fey powered female born until Sookie. So Warlow hunting her down seems to be him collecting on a 300 year old contract.

    In other news, hey they killed Mike Spencer! =( Okay not a major loss, haha, but he has been around since Season 1. Sort of an unceremonious and pointless way to kill him off. And they killed Molly =( I quite liked her, if only because Tina Majorino is awesome.

    I was interested to see that Maurella is now pregnant too. I was wondering if her fling with Andy at the end of last season would ever add up to anything, was starting to think they had abandoned that plotline.

    I really enjoyed all the scenes with Hoyt in this episode, his request to be glamoured was heartbreaking and a really touching scene. I'm left wondering if he's gone for good. I haven't heard anything about him leaving the show, but I think it's for the best. His character has been going around in circles for awhile and I'm not sure where they could take him next. That combined with a bit of character overload at the moment, I'm hoping he moves on for good. It was a pretty graceful exit.

    EDIT: Oh also not sure if Lillith riping Godric's throat open should be taken figuratively or not? I assume, being both "spirits" in some form or another, he couldn'

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    Loved: Tara/Pam, Sookie killing Mike, the gorgeous Maurella

    Hated: The love triangle resolution (Hoyt so didn't need glamouring, he should have learnt to deal with it and move on with his life without such hocus pocus, and it just seemed like a terrible way to undo all of his stories with Jess), Eric being converted (I didn't get how that brainwashed him, and how come random visions of naked god lady brainwash him and Bill but not Russell?)

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    My question is if Hoyt had his relationship with Jess glamoured out of him does he go back to thinking he's a virgin again?
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    How much longer until the Authority story line is finished? I'm so over the Lilith storyline already. Eric good, Bill nuts...things need to change.

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