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6.02, "The Sun," Official Discussion, *spoilers*

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    Welcome to an all new episode of True Blood!! Cool

    "A long-lost relative meets up with Sookie and Jason. Tara becomes the victim of a new government weapon forcing Eric to come up with a plan to deal with Governor Burrell's anti-vampire initiatives. Sookie finds herself attracted to a stranger who shares her faerie powers. A supernatural rights fanatic frightens Sam while Alcide and Martha confront him about Emma's future. Bill scrutinizes the scope of his new finely tuned powers."

    This episode was written by Angela Robinson and directed by Daniel Attias.

    Please only discuss this episode in this thread and NO BOOK SPOILERS!!!

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    I think this ep is clear example of where whole human-vampire relations are off. On one hand we get vampire draged behind the car and this is basically the foulest thing in the history of ever. On the other hand Bill kills the hooker (or whatever she is), we hear about vampires turning small children who then kill their parents and this is shown as nothing out of the ordinary. Human on vampire crimes should be punished to the full extent of the law while vampire on human crime is no crime at all and as such not punishable. And that was jsut this ep, considering all the people vampires killed in past seasons. But hey, it's vampire nature, deal with it, keep quiet or you'll die as well, you dirty bigot.

    I don't know if show tries to compare vampires with LGBT or other minorities but if they do they are failing badly. It just continues with idiotic portrait seen in last few seasons. Vampires are cool, they are superior. Humans should just accept them and if vampires kill humans from time to time that's just life. And anybody who disagrees with this is bigot by default. see Fellowship of the Sun, the necromancer.... Now we have the government being the resident baddie and of course the governor is a hypocrite. We can't have somebody say "I don't like vampires because they killed my parents and turned my sister into one." No, instead vampire haters are bigots, hypocrites or just plain evil. Of course one can expect the government will fail and in the end vampires will get their rights restored and will go back to draining humans. I mean, come on, you capture a vapire and what do you do? You just tell him where to go, no silver chain, no UV lightning and then act all surprised when he escapes.

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