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Eric missing from the sneak peek

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    I didnt see this post anywhere so forgive me if it is a repeat. I am very alarmed that Eric was no where to be seen in the sneak peek, all other main characters are accounted for as far as I can recall with the obvious exception of Eric Northman...did I miss something? Is he not taking part in the final season? As much as I love True Blood, I have to admit that I watch mainly to get a weekly dose of Eric, without him I dont now how compelled I would be to watch the final season religiously. Anyone know whats going on with his absence?

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    Eric is not just absent from the sneak peek, his name is also absent from the opening credits this season. I have seen episodes of TB where you will see someone's name at the opening credits without having that person in the episode. I am afraid Eric is now a guest star and not a leading character. You should expect he won't appear Ep1 since he is the major cliffhanger of the previous season.

    I also don't see why he is a Morocco hermit. Won't buy that this is from Nora's death. He loved Godric much more and he got over it in a week. As long as I loved his separate storyline back at S6 this illogical writing ruins whatever lies with him this season.

    Also at the weeks ahead trailer, Sookie is crying and tells "Eric is gone". There is another scene where Pam cries and tells that she can't live without him... I am leaving the assumptions to you...
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