True Blood

Season 3 Episode 11

Fresh Blood

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2010 on HBO
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Bill wants to earn back Sookie's trust but once again brings her close to danger. Eric tempts Russell with the "ultimate vampire dream". Jason tries to comprehend what he's learned about Crystal. Sam alienates everyone but Tara. Jessica and Hoyt take their romance up a notch. Lafayette struggles with new demons.moreless

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  • Sam, I can relate!

    Sam's had one of those days this whole season and he's earned the right to go postal and wallow in self pity, but I'm not certain Tara will be the light that turns things around for him. She's a downer this season, eh wot?!

    Eric continues to out-scheme just about everyone and still look out for his girls...whether they want to be looked after or not. And Bill goes from week to week being on the top of my list one time to being a weenie the next. This week, he's a weenie!

    Momma Fortenberry doesn't stand a chance against Jessica and it would seem Hoyt has also grown a pair, which apparently he's about to put to good use...

    Jason and Crystal...I'm thinking; "who cares" though I have enjoyed Jason's spurt of bravado and character over the past two episodes; dismissing Bill from his home, blasting Franklin, etc. This outing was a bit wimpy but I guess you can't be the focus every week.

    Russell...well he just gets less and less likely to out-do Eric with each passing week. I have no doubt this brief foray into the light will not be his true death, nor Eric's, but his time is a-comin'. May he go out like Franklin when the time comes!

    And again, I haven't read the books but is Arlene's litter critter next year's terror. Poor Terry. Is he about to experience shell-shock on a whole new level?

    I'm liking this season. Deeper, darker, parasitic critters of some kind under every rock. And speaking of the Reverend, when is he going to get his due?

    ...there just might be a huge cast purge at the end of this season...moreless
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Bill wants to earn back Sookie's trust but once again brings her close to danger. Eric tempts Russell with the "ultimate vampire dream". Jason tries to comprehend what he's learned about Crystal. Sam alienates everyone but Tara. Jessica and Hoyt take their romance up a notch. Lafayette struggles with new demons. I love the start where Bill comes into Fangtasia, and the fight scene with him and Pam. I love the scene with Sookie and that dancer, the way they both 'hate' Eric, and the fact that they save Bill, and get Pam.. Crazy stuff. I love the way the dancer has Pam. Lafayette and Jesus, are getting on my nerves with their storyline! I mean I love Lafayette on his own, I just hate Jesus. I hate Crystal! I love the scenes with Hoyt and Jessica, they're amazing together, especailly the whole blood drinking and all that. I love the scene with Russell and Eric, the one where Russell asks Eric why he killed Talbot. I love the little offer they have going on, I thought it was so funny when Eric's phone went off. I love the scene with Bill and Sookie in the car. Wow, I love the way Sam is drunk. I love the scene between Terry and Sam, so mean. Wow, the way Sam talks to everyone, Awesome acting. I love the scene with Hoyt's mom and Hoyt's ex. I love the scene between Andy and Tara, amazing. I love the way Bill and Sookie are talking about the 'other' life, but I also love the way Eric and Russell get Bill and Sookie, amazing. I love the scene with Arlene and Holly. I love the scenes with Jason and that kid. I love the way Eric asks Bill to hit him, so they can talk on their own. I love the scenes with Tara and Sam, amazing. I love the scene with Arlene and Terry, so sad, but then I love the way the baby is still there. I love the scene in Fangtasia with Russell, Eric, Sookie, Pam and Bill, amazing. I love the way Russell is about Sookie being a fairy. I love the way Eric is the way he has got a plan and he has made Bill look like a bad guy. I love the way Sookie is the whole time. I love the way Eric and Pam are together, Eric is the best no doubt about that. I love the scene when both Eric and Russell are drinking from Sookie ad then Eric goes out in the Sun, but then he starts burning. What the hell!? They can't end it like that, I want more. I really really really really really can NOT wait until the next episode. Oh Eric what have you done!? Amazing though.moreless
  • Building to an excellent finale!

    After Eric's double cross of last week Sookie seems to be seriously considering a life without vampires despite her feelings for Bill (and Eric). This might turn out to be the healthiest decison on her part since her fae blood makes her even more of a target to vampires. Jason seems to be taking Cyrstal's revelations in stride showing, dare I say it, a maturity that has been sadly lacking in the character. Of course his going back to HotShot with Crystal in order to warn the residents about the impending raid is bound to end badly for him but it wouldn't be True Blood if it didn't. There were so many small storylines going on that it got a bit overwhelming but the scenes were so well acted that these small blips were easily overlooked.moreless
  • Sunlight Buddies

    This week's penultimate episode the third season of True Blood saw Eric confront Russell in a museum to tell him the reason for killing Talbot and promises him daywalking with Sookie's blood. Bill and Sookie promise each other to start a new but are intercepted by Russell and Eric. Sam has a little too much to drink and lets loose undeservingly to all of his friends, and deservedly to Tommy who is quite expendable character wise. Hoyt learns Jessica's secrets and offers her his blood and Jason learns a secret about his enemy on the football team and he and Crystal promise to stop the raid on her house otherwise kids will die or something and the like. Liked it, hopefully will pay off more than last year's ending and will lead to more impossibly entertaining sex, blood, and drugs all of which True Blood pulls together well.moreless
  • Fresh Blood

    We will not get the season finale next week due to the show being in repeats for Labor Day weekend, but HBO is going to make us spend the next 14 days in anticipation as they led us to believe that a man of 1000 years could be dying in one of the better cliffhangers this show has produced in recent memory.

    True Blood is not going to be my favorite show, I will never be a Trubie, but it would be hard to say that this was not a quality hour of drama. A lot of storylines going on here, my only worry is whether or not the finale will answer all of our questions.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Eric's ringtone is "Ain't We Got Fun?", a popular foxtrot published in 1921. Richard A. Whiting wrote the music with Raymond B. Egan and Gus Kahn provided the lyrics. The song reflected the mood that dominated much of the decade called the Roaring Twenties.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sookie: Who would we be if we were normal? It's hard to even picture it. Would we live in Gran's house or your house?
      Bill: Both. We'd be married, happily married.
      Sookie: And I'm not a waitress anymore. I'm...I'm going to college. No, I'm a real estate agent and I'm really rich.
      Bill: I teach third grade and I love my job.
      Sookie: We'll have a big flower garden.
      Bill: We grow vegetables.
      Sookie: Tara comes over for dinner and sometimes we double date with Arlene and Terry.
      Bill: And I go fishing with Jason.
      Sookie: We don't even know Eric Northman.
      Bill: Everything is peaceful.

    • Bill: When this is over, let's begin again. We'll be new.
      Sookie: Will we? I don't know. I don't know if people change, even when they try.
      Bill: We can if we want to. Do you want to?
      Sookie: You know I do.

    • Summer: I even offered him my virginity and he turned me down flat.
      Maxine: (handing Summer a handkerchief) Summer, I appreciate that, even if you broke God's law.
      Summer: It's my fault. I'm not tall like her. Can't even reach stuff on my own closet shelf without a grabber. And I'm not pretty like her.
      Maxine: (shaking her head) Oh, don't say such a thing! She's not even alive! And you are cute as pigs.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany - December 9, 2010 on Syfy
      Czech Republic - February 1, 2011 on HBO
      United Kingdom - March 25, 2011 on FX/FX HD

    • Featured Music:
      "Blessa" by Toro Y Moi (Layfayette and Jesus discuss their V trip)
      "You Are My Sunshine" by Nathan Barr (cell phone interrupts Eric and Russell at the museum)
      "Tears Will Be The Chaser (For Your Wine)" by Wanda Jackson (Tara confronts Andy at Merlotte's about the cover up)
      "The Ghost Who Walks" by Karen Elson (after firing Tommy, Sam kicks everyone out of Merlotte's)
      "Africa La" by Beto Villares (Lafayette wakes up and sees his religious dolls talking to him) "Help The Poor" by BB King and Eric Clapton (Tara and Sam have late night drinks)
      "Fresh Blood" by Eels (ending credits)