True Blood

Season 5 Episode 10

Gone, Gone, Gone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 12, 2012 on HBO

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  • Gone Gone Gone

    Glad Hoyt is gone from the show, as he was pointless while with Jessica, and completely unnecessary after the break-up. They tried too hard to make his exit a big deal though, and it led to a pretty dismal and average True Blood episode.
  • Forget About It

    Eric's failed attempt at escaping last week has fallout that results in techie Rebecca getting I-Staked by her own design and to his own imprisonment. Bill is fully convinced of the true power of Lilith at this point and tries to sway Eric to his side but Eric welcomes the true death much like Bill defiantly did back in Season 3 when he was at the mercy of Lorena, willing to die rather than admit his own wrongdoing. Nora stands up for Eric and gives him more of Lilith's blood and she does it with him. Together they witness Godric who says that Nora betrayed him and Lilith kills Godric, of course being what we presume to be the original vampire, and Eric consigns himself to the Authority's agenda and Lilith. Russell and Steve enjoy their new pet in Emma who is still in wolf form. Russell turns against Lilith's agenda because he still wishes to attain the power of daywalking. When Salome threatens that she can put Russell back he understandably throws her into a pillar saying that he is 3000 years old and can take on every last one of the Chancellors and win and he slips into a cool Eastern European accent and says that "I will have the sun" arguing that if the Japanese can synthesize vampire blood then they should be able to do it with fairy blood in much the same way. Russell flexing his muscles and dancing in the blood of co-eds with Steve make me love his character all the more and Denis O'Hare is infinitely watchable with his scenery chewing antics. Hoyt, having escaped the Obamas and the Dragon says he's taking a job in Alaska and asks Jessica to glamor him into forgetting he ever knew her as well as Jason so that he can start over. The Eternal Sunshine bit is terribly sad especially for Jessica who in some way will always care about Hoyt but she does as he asks and it delivers a truly heartbreaking scene that gave the episode a poignancy in hopefully getting rid of Hoyt and also giving a seemingly unnecessary secondary character a fitting goodbye. That and Jason pulling him over and saying goodbye without Jason knowing who he is a good character angle for Jason and Hoyt to end on good terms in a way. Anyway no Alcide this episode which made me sad as he is one of the remaining interesting aspects of the show. We watched a lot of vamps go pop more notably the new Area 5 sheriff Elijah. When told that pro-creation of vamps will have to up by 30 in the area in the next six months Pam says that she'll deal with the consequences and if necessary go on the run like she and Eric used to. With all 5 of the Tru Blood factories now done away with public fear is at a peak which makes Fangtasia less popular and Steve Newlin have to make ever more press appearances. Luna and Sam infiltrate the Authority compound as flies on the wall having found that Steve Newlin was making an appearance on a news program so they attempt to escape the compound with Emma in tow. Tara decides to stand and fight and when she pretends to kill Ginger because she couldn't stop from feeding she cuts off his head and Ginger stakes him cuz she was actually just holding her breath and Pam and Tara now stand in deep trouble if his death becomes discovered. Jessica is summoned to the Authority compound by Bill who commands her as her maker to go with the soldiers he sent. All of the Kingsguard that Jessica had from Bill's stint as King weren't getting paid and also split. Wen she arrives at the compound Bill tells her how he has embraced Lilith and he wants her to see the dawn of the age of the vampire overtaking of the human race. Jessica, no stranger to extremism (which is a theme this season no doubt) doesn't wholly buy into Bill's story. As Rebecca brought up and I agree as a person that the book of Lilith is 2000 years old and even if it's true the world changes over time so relying on ancient writings is asinine. Sookie looks into Gran telling her the key to learning who Warlow is is hidden under the bed. In a secret compartment she finds a page with glyphs on it and when she and Jason take it to get analyzed by a professor he says it's not human since none of the glyphs repeat which is a foundation for any written human language. So they take it to Claude and the other fairies and an Elder manages to translate the contract into readable text since it's a much older language than the Fae use even now. It says that Sookie's ancestor John Stackhouse promised his first fairy born female heir to a man named Warlow, now how this ties into the murder of her parents and why Warlow killed them without just taking Sookie is a mystery to me but hopefully this will be given more attention next week. With the Authority storyline providing ample allegory and entertainment it really uplifts the rest of the season this year above that of the last two since we have more of a definite arc and maybe a great payoff since True Blood isn't the best at delivering those. But as Alan Ball's last season and Vamp extremists all over the world turning against humans I hope we're in for quite a ride with only two episodes left.
  • I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' vampire babies ...

    But I sure recognize a good maker when I see one. Pam is starting with the ma'am in the mirror, issuing a clear message: Northmans stick together. Tara follows her example with a clear message of her own as she's beheading the new Sheriff of Area 5: Northmans don't run!

    Stackhouses, on the other hand, may not run but they do know how to make a deal with the devil, once its revealed Warlow came here to collect the half-fae child promised by the first Stackhouse who breed with one. Sookie being nothing but payment promised long before Eric Northman became a maker himself.

    Standing as tall as Godric, Molly makes her final appearance refusing to pray to the Authority's version of God. After her true death, Godric makes a message of his own, as clear as Pam's or Tara's, a message as strong as Molly's, more powerful than Warlow's, Lilith's, or the Authority's combined: Northmans were meant to stand up.

    I can only hope Eric is doing just that.
  • A Real Struggle to get through

    The 5th season is without a doubt the most disappointing and most boring season in its five year stint. I am really struggling to sit through The Authority storyline and concentrate as its just as stale as when they were introduced first time around. I think the character of Bill Compton has ran his course this season also. I wouldn't care if his character was killed off and that worries me as its making me think that the show is struggling to maintain its creative edge.

    The best bits of this week's episode were Hoyt's departure to Alaska and Jessica making him forget. Lovely scene and the writing and acting were exceptional. Pam and Tara continue to make a fantastic duo, which is a good move for the show as Tara as a non vampire was starting to frustrate me as all her character ever did was get kidnapped and started moaning. Plus, I Iove Lafayette as his comedy timing is just genius.

    Apart from that we have nuisance fairies who can't act (they shouldn't have brought them back into the show as they were boring in the third season as well as the authority who keep going on about that crap Lilith woman, who at the start could have been a fantastic bad guy for the season but instead, we get vampire apparitions and The Authority saying the same shit over and over again.

    We get it, you want to serve Lilith and drink the fucker's blood. Move on!

    Overall this season is a major letdown and its sad to see one of my favourite shows dwindle amongst too much uninteresting storylines and boring developments. What a shame. Im just hoping the show returns to form in its sixth season as this year has been a massive letdown.
  • Had some great scenes but overall it was the usual TB

    The Hoyt scene was great and heartbreaking. I was glad to see a character that hasn't had the best of years get a nice send off (hope he doesn't end up dead in a ditch next episode considering all the vamp-on-human action going on). Love the Pam, Tara combination. At last Tara has the kind of role she deserves. Making Tara a vampire was one of the best decisions the writers have made for the character. I love that Lafayette is back to his old self and I'm hoping Tara will forgive him so we can see some great scenes between the two again. These were the good things of the episode, apart from that it was the usual boring and crappy episode.
  • Gone, Gone, Gone... The Best Episode So Far From Season 5

    Gone, Gone, Gone was a perfect episode of True Blood and I loved watching because there was a ton of character development, plot progression, and emotional situations. It was heart wrenching to watch Hoyt ask Jessica to Glamor him to forget her and Jason so he could move on with his life. I admit I shed a tear or two. Pam and Tara are trying to maintain as the world around them continues a downward spiral and it was awesome to see Tara take control of the situation. Bill and Nora help Eric to see the truth, and after Godric appears to Eric and Nora so does Lilith. I loved that whole story line and Eric making nice to Russell was cool. Sookie and Jason make a discovery under the bed which happens to be a dark secret of the past. Glad to see some Fairies in the episode. Russell makes a proposition regarding Fairy blood and Salome doesn't agree leading to an outburst by Russell which was awesome. Bill brings Jessica to the Authority compound and gives her the Vampire Bible to study which was funny to watch as she tried to hide her real reaction. Sam and Luna make their way closer to Emma. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Great!

    What an amazing episode, one of the greatest in the series. Vampires are scary again. All the minor characters also where great, not because they where attacked by ghosts, fairies, demons, where panters, ifrit and tons of other supernatural BS. They where great because they where humans living in a crazy world of True Blood.