True Blood

Season 2 Episode 6

Hard-Hearted Hannah

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2009 on HBO

Episode Recap

Eric feeds on a girl in the lobby. Lorena shows up. Eric tells her he didn't think she would come. She says he's a terrible liar.

Sookie and Bill wake up to a knock on the door. It's Isabel and her human companion, Hugo. Isabel says she knows that Bill is worried about Sookie infiltrating the Fellowship of the Sun and she thinks Hugo can help. Bill wants to know why she would want to help and Isabel replies that since Godric is her sheriff, it would be criminal of her not to offer. Why does Hugo want to help? Because he'd do anything for Isabel and according to Sookie he loves her. Isabel explains that at least with Hugo there Sookie is less likely to attract suspicion if she is with a man. Sookie agrees.

Lorena wants to know why she's here. Bill has something Eric wants- Sookie. The human. But according to Eric she's something more than human. Why would Lorena want Bill back? She hasn't seen Bill in 70 years what makes Eric think she still has pull over Bill. Eric explains that he hasn't seen his maker for much longer than that but he is still fiercely loyal.

Bill and Lorena are in Chicago in 1926, posing as Frenchmen, at a party being thrown by a young couple. Bill is playing the piano and singing. Lorena talks to the couple mainly about their dislike of prohibition. Lorena offers to have her and Bill stay after the party is over, which the couple agrees.

Sam and Daphne are in bed together. Sam asks Daphne how she got the scratches on her back. She says she's not really sure what happened. She was just running one night and she was attacked. She was sick for weeks afterward and the doctors couldn't figure it out they just said she was lucky to be alive. Sam says she's the most amazing person he's ever met, and she replies that that's only because she's the first honest sex he's had. She tells him he shouldn't be ashamed. He says he's not, he just doesn't advertise it because it's dangerous. Daphne says he needs to let people know the real him.

Tara is looking for a pump for the water heater. Eggs is trying to fix it but without much luck. Maryann is complaining about the lack of hot water. The part they need is in a shop over two hours away. Tara wants Eggs to come, Maryann wants Eggs to stay and fix it. Tara convinces her that if she goes by herself she'll crash the car because she has to look at a map and drive at the same time. Maryann agrees.

The Newlins want Jason and Luke to build a platform. Jason worries that because they're not training that they're being punished. Steve reveals that the platform is for a ceremony called "Meet the Sun", where a vampire gets chained to a cross and when the sun rises the vampire is killed.

Sookie and Hugo discuss how best to act when the go to the fellowship of the sun. Hugo tells her it's best to let him do the talking, Sookie agrees saying it'll be easier to listen in if she doesn't have to talk. Hugo worries that she's not going to be able to say the hateful things about vampires that are necessary. Sookie reassures him by saying that she doesn't only hear what people say, she hears what people think. She says he's the only other person she's met who's dated a vampire and asks if the ever fight. He says they fight all the time, and implies that it means that they truly care about each other. Sookie thinks that's messed up, but agrees. Hugo asks if her and Bill ever fight about Bill turning Sookie. He worries that as he ages Isabel won't love him anymore. Sookie says that thought never occurred to her.

Eggs and Tara are driving and making fun of Maryann's behavior. Eggs suddenly gets a feeling of a diner that is around the corner even though he's never been on that stretch of road. When he turns out to be right they are both freaked out. Eggs tells her to pull in. He starts to walk off in the woods, Tara follows.

Arlene asks Terry to go out after work. Andy confronts Lafayette about being gone for 3 weeks and having lost his "pizazz". Lafayette says he was on a gay cruise but Andy doesn't believe him. He threatens to lock Lafayette up, and Lafayette has a vision of Eric saying these things to him. Lafayette is terrified and ends up huddled on the floor by a refrigerator. Terry, who sees the exchange, gets Andy to stop by saying that when they used to play cops and robbers he made his arrests with dignity and that he isn't even a cop anymore. Terry then calms Lafayette down using meditation.

Hoyt confronts his mom about canceling his phone plan, he's worried that Jessica will think he's "one of those guys". She says that girls who call all hours of the night only want one thing, money. Hoyt says that they don't have money and tells her to reactivate his phone. He then tells her that the reason Jessica calls at night is because she's a vampire.

Sam is distracted by memories of the night before. he wants him and Daphne to go outside, shift, and play in the sun. Daphne teases that if she does her boss will kill her. Sam replies that if she doesn't she'll be fired. They agree to meet out back in one minute.

Jason and Luke are building the platform. Jason has distractions of his own, causing him to hurt himself. He and Luke discuss which sins are worse than others. The conclusion is that sex outside of marriage isn't so bad, but sex with a "vampire dude" is "unrepentable". Jason asks Luke about repentance and seems to be comforted by the response that he can repent for his sins. He also seems to consider celibacy.

Sookie and Hugo arrive at the fellowship of the sun. despite the agreement to let Hugo do the talking, Sookie gets nervous and talks up a storm. Sookie and Hugo talk to the Newlins, and Sookie catches Steve thinking about the platform and the ceremony that is connected to it.

In a flashback Bill and Lorena terrorize the young couple, Bill feeding on the woman, and Lorena killing the man. Bill gives Lorena the necklace that the girl is wearing.

Eggs and Tara walk deeper into the woods and stumble on to a site where there are blood covered rocks and bloody clothes. Eggs knows he's been here before but doesn't remember. Tara tries to comfort him and they start walking back.

the Newlins show Sookie and Hugo into the main church which is bathed in sunlight. Sookie reads the Newlins thoughts, and they're on to her

Andy sees a pig and a dog crossing the road. Thinking he recognizes the pig he takes off after it, but doesn't get far. Daphne and Sam shift back. Sam wonders why Daphne shifted into a pig, and why Andy seemed to recognize her. Daphne tries to distract Sam from his questions.

Pam sneaks up on Lafayette. He tells her he's not talking about what happened. She says she knows that and that she's here to deliver a request from Eric. they want him to start selling V again. Lafayette doesn't understand. They tortured him for selling V and now they want him to do it again. She leaves him a vile with no explanation.

Steve Newlin wants to show Sookie and Hugo his father's tomb which is in the basement. They both try to get out of it, but are captured by Steve and his body guard Gabe. Bill senses that Sookie is in trouble, but is prevented from going to her by Lorena. Sarah stares in disbelief as Sookie and Hugo are dragged into the basement.

Eggs and Tara arrive home to find the house and yard a mess. They follow a trail of clothes into the woods to find some sort of outdoor orgy going on and Maryann displaying some sort of power.

Jessica wakes to find there are no messages from Hoyt. Just then Hoyt appears at her hotel room door with flowers. He's sorry he didn't call or anything but his mom canceled his phone. Jessica says it's okay and they kiss.

Jason walks into the church looking for Steve or Sarah. He finds Sarah up in the choir loft crying. Jason tells her that the platform is done, and asks why she's crying. She says that Steve isn't the man she thought he was. He isn't training Jason, Luke, and the others to defend the church, he wants to start a war. Sarah says that Steve is vicious, cruel, and lies to her. Sarah tries to kiss Jason, but he refuses. She says she knows her purpose is to be a great woman behind a great man, Jason. He says that they can't be together because she's married. She says she's not married in her heart anymore, and that it's what God is commanding her to do. Jason accepts her response and they start making love.

Sam and Daphne are still out walking in the woods. They hear drum music. Sam doesn't want to walk towards it but just then two people jump out from the trees grab him and drag him. Daphne walks over to stand with Maryann, who begins incanting some sort of spell while a dagger is held out to her.
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