True Blood

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on HBO
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    True Blood: Remember to Forget

    Except for a shocking conclusion, "Hopeless" felt very much like a typical True Blood midseason stalling tactic. At least it was well-written!

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    The aftermath at the asylum has Sookie filled with dread. The Authority retrieve Bill and Eric. Pam gets involved when Tara's actions lead to a fight. After receiving an alarming message from Jesus, Ruby Jean gets a visit from Lafayette. Terry thinks a curse is to blame for his predicament. Sam lends Andy a hand with an investigation. Alcide faces up to J.D. Roman reveals his plans for Russell.


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    • Hopeless

      A little bit of a shocking ending in this one, although I am kind of glad they had "The Guardian" meet his demise, as I just did not think Christopher Meloni worked with this show.

      Too many dumb storylines going on right now.
    • Great episode

      For a very long time (I think since season 3) finally this was a really great episode. The return of Russell was enormous and thrilling. It can be also easily noticed that the value of the episode can be measured by the writer who wrote it - Alan Ball hasn't been active in this season but when he did, he did it with style. More "True Blood" like this, less like whatever since season 3.moreless
    • Hopeless

      Hopeless was a superbly entertaining episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching as there was various character and plot developments, action, drama, and intrigue! It was fun watching the Authority swoop into action in the beginning and then celebrate Bill and Eric's success. Sookie reminding Alcide was cool and I liked how he stood up for what is right for his pack. Sookie and Jason learn the truth about their parents when they visit Hadley in the Fairy Club. Tara and Pam had a great moment together! I loved how Ruby Jean told Lafayette that Jesus needed help and he loved him. Terry barely escapes and comes to a decision affecting those he loves. Sam and Luna recover and have some interesting scenes. I liked seeing Martha again. I loved how every thing played out, the ending was perfect, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Disastrous Authority development but Peter Mensah dominates, Alcide + Sookie = LOL and blossoming secondary arcs

      Where's the fun ? Where's the horror ? I really hope True Blood will get back right on track or else I'll just give up on it. It's so disappointing that all its great characters and performers aren't supported by a better story. Is the novel this season is adapted from that bad ? The ending was atrocious and not surprising at all considering we all knew Salome was up to something. It's so obvious I don't even need to watch the next episode to be sure of it. I also can't believe how easily Roman got killed when he's leader of the Authority and supposed to be an experienced vampire. The worst part is that nobody in the room moved to help him when most of them are surely against Russell Edgington. Eric looked at Bill. "Sharon Osbourne" opened her mouth. As for the so-called super villain he's just an old vampire played by Denis O'Hare who wouldn't even scare Larry Harvey, his character in American Horror Story.

      The only thing I enjoyed about the Authority's arc was Kibwe Akinjide. Peter Mensah, the charismatic and complex Doctore in Spartacus : Blood and Sand, makes one hell of a dark vampire and his scene in the bus with all the silly humans was well staged and insanely gory ! What happened on Alcide and Sookie's (Alcookie, Sookide ?!) side was also quite entertaining. The athletic and tanned Joe Manganiello waking up in her pinky bedroom ? Hilarious ! The contrast between the glamored and angry wolf was in the same vein and proved the excellent chemistry between both performers. His decision to become the new pack master really excited me and it seems he'll have plenty of hot brunettes around him to forget our favorite blonde. It leads us to Sam because I have no doubt that at some point he'll team up again with Alcide. I really enjoyed how he convinced Andy to let him investigate the shooting, by enumerating all his shapeshifter surreal abilities. Still let's hope they won't have the insane idea of crossing the show with Fringe even if it could lead to some very funny stories. Last but not least I have finally understood what's going on with Lafayette and Terry. They're both haunted by demons so their arcs are surely connected and will inevitably collide. And if you think about it even Hoyt has to fight a demon, himself !

      Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.moreless
    • How to kill a mockingbird...

      In the aftermath of ratial injustice, werewolves grandmother and granddaughter visit the resident skinwalker at the Hospital. Sam avenges shapeshifters Suzanne & Emory as Hoyt is about to enter a Van filled with racists.

      The Authority enjoy their last moment in celebration at the sight Russell's capture, Bill & Eric the conquering heroes Molly and Kibwe couldn't be more proud of. Salome and Roman holding each other, Rosyln and Braun sharing a toast ...until Russell Edgington free himself and stakes Roman for good meassure. The horror has just began.moreless
    Christopher Heyerdahl

    Christopher Heyerdahl

    Dieter Braun

    Guest Star

    Stephen Taylor

    Stephen Taylor

    Prisoner Jimmy

    Guest Star

    Jayden Lund

    Jayden Lund


    Guest Star

    Alfre Woodard

    Alfre Woodard

    Ruby Jean Reynolds

    Recurring Role

    Lindsey Haun

    Lindsey Haun

    Hadley Hale

    Recurring Role

    Carolyn Hennesy

    Carolyn Hennesy

    Rosalyn Harris

    Recurring Role

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      • Special billing was given to Alfre Woodard (Special Guest Star) for this episode.

      • Original International Air Dates:
        United Kingdom - October 22, 2012 on FX/FX HD
        Czech Republic - November 6, 2012 on HBO

      • Featured Music:
        "Broken Bodies" by Acumen Nation (after the girl fight at Fangtasia)
        "Partner's In Crime" by Doozy (Terry freaks out over the ifret and runs off, Patrick chases after him)
        "Say Goodnight" by Five2 (Arlene, Holly and Sookie talk about men at Merlotte's)
        "Slow Movin' Man" by The Chillun (at Merlotte's Jason tells Sookie that vampires killed their parents)
        "Gaz Hilarant" by Brian Jonestown Massacre (Alcide shows up at the Wolves barn to confront JD and they fight to see who'll be packmaster)
        "Reaching for Salvation" by Sugaray (at Merlotte's Terry tells Arlene he's cursed and what happened in Iraq)
        "Aberdeen" by Orb Mellon (Terry tells Arlene if he stays she and the kids will be killed)
        "I Got It (What U Need)" by Galactic (Jason brings Sookie to Hot Wings; Hadley greets Sookie who then meets Claude; Claude tells Sookie a secret about her parents death)
        "Atom Smashing" by Acucrack (outside Fangtasia Hoyt is being fed upon when two vampire killers show up, shoot the vamp and rescue Hoyt)
        "Hopeless" by Percy Mayfield (end credits)

      • This episode marks the final appearance of Christopher Meloni (Roman Zimojic) as a series regular.

      • Although credited, Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) does not appear in this episode.

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