True Blood

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 15, 2012 on HBO

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  • Hopeless

    A little bit of a shocking ending in this one, although I am kind of glad they had "The Guardian" meet his demise, as I just did not think Christopher Meloni worked with this show.

    Too many dumb storylines going on right now.
  • Great episode

    For a very long time (I think since season 3) finally this was a really great episode. The return of Russell was enormous and thrilling. It can be also easily noticed that the value of the episode can be measured by the writer who wrote it - Alan Ball hasn't been active in this season but when he did, he did it with style. More "True Blood" like this, less like whatever since season 3.
  • Hopeless

    Hopeless was a superbly entertaining episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching as there was various character and plot developments, action, drama, and intrigue! It was fun watching the Authority swoop into action in the beginning and then celebrate Bill and Eric's success. Sookie reminding Alcide was cool and I liked how he stood up for what is right for his pack. Sookie and Jason learn the truth about their parents when they visit Hadley in the Fairy Club. Tara and Pam had a great moment together! I loved how Ruby Jean told Lafayette that Jesus needed help and he loved him. Terry barely escapes and comes to a decision affecting those he loves. Sam and Luna recover and have some interesting scenes. I liked seeing Martha again. I loved how every thing played out, the ending was perfect, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Disastrous Authority development but Peter Mensah dominates, Alcide + Sookie = LOL and blossoming secondary arcs

    Where's the fun ? Where's the horror ? I really hope True Blood will get back right on track or else I'll just give up on it. It's so disappointing that all its great characters and performers aren't supported by a better story. Is the novel this season is adapted from that bad ? The ending was atrocious and not surprising at all considering we all knew Salome was up to something. It's so obvious I don't even need to watch the next episode to be sure of it. I also can't believe how easily Roman got killed when he's leader of the Authority and supposed to be an experienced vampire. The worst part is that nobody in the room moved to help him when most of them are surely against Russell Edgington. Eric looked at Bill. "Sharon Osbourne" opened her mouth. As for the so-called super villain he's just an old vampire played by Denis O'Hare who wouldn't even scare Larry Harvey, his character in American Horror Story.

    The only thing I enjoyed about the Authority's arc was Kibwe Akinjide. Peter Mensah, the charismatic and complex Doctore in Spartacus : Blood and Sand, makes one hell of a dark vampire and his scene in the bus with all the silly humans was well staged and insanely gory ! What happened on Alcide and Sookie's (Alcookie, Sookide ?!) side was also quite entertaining. The athletic and tanned Joe Manganiello waking up in her pinky bedroom ? Hilarious ! The contrast between the glamored and angry wolf was in the same vein and proved the excellent chemistry between both performers. His decision to become the new pack master really excited me and it seems he'll have plenty of hot brunettes around him to forget our favorite blonde. It leads us to Sam because I have no doubt that at some point he'll team up again with Alcide. I really enjoyed how he convinced Andy to let him investigate the shooting, by enumerating all his shapeshifter surreal abilities. Still let's hope they won't have the insane idea of crossing the show with Fringe even if it could lead to some very funny stories. Last but not least I have finally understood what's going on with Lafayette and Terry. They're both haunted by demons so their arcs are surely connected and will inevitably collide. And if you think about it even Hoyt has to fight a demon, himself !

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • How to kill a mockingbird...

    In the aftermath of ratial injustice, werewolves grandmother and granddaughter visit the resident skinwalker at the Hospital. Sam avenges shapeshifters Suzanne & Emory as Hoyt is about to enter a Van filled with racists.

    The Authority enjoy their last moment in celebration at the sight Russell's capture, Bill & Eric the conquering heroes Molly and Kibwe couldn't be more proud of. Salome and Roman holding each other, Rosyln and Braun sharing a toast ...until Russell Edgington free himself and stakes Roman for good meassure. The horror has just began.
  • Hopeless

    The antics of the asylum continue as Alcide is dragged (not tansformed as we were led to believe) by another wolf and then a few others pop out of the corpse holders keeping Bill and Eric occupied while Russell tries to feed on Sookie but is repelled by her beam hands. Eric wants to kill Russell but Bill says that their lives are on the line and he isn't willing to let him make the death sentence on both of them. Then Chancellor Kibwe and a unit of vamp soldiers enter and restrain Russell and take him into custody clearly having been waiting and round up all the human witnesses, and send Russell away to the Authority. Bill then fake glamours Sookie and Eric glamours Alcide into not being attracted to Sookie which is mildly humorous. Good lie saying that they found Alcide and Sook by the side of the road banging. But then Kibwe kills all of the human witnesses that were in the asylum including poor Doug. In Bon Temps Sam helps Andy find the killers of his friends after having been shot and in the hospital. Luna gets a visit from Marcus's mother who says that Emma came to her as a wolf and will take care of her until they are better which isn't such a bad thing at least letting a wolf presence be a part of her life just to show her the ropes. Sam says that he'd find out who did it and their investigation leads them to the gun store seen a few past episodes where it's a kill all supes fair of sorts. Andy asks some routine questions about wooden bullets for sale there normally and then Sam walks in looking at some merchandise. By the guy's reaction he was in on the shootings or knows that Sam is indeed a supe or something along those lines. When he feints to grab some wooden bullets for Andy's viewing pleasure he produces a gun but Sam (having smelled him go into survival mode) fills him with a bolt from a crossbow before he can kill Andy. Speaking of the Bellefleurs Patrick and Terry see their old buddy get toasted by the Ifrit and know that it's coming for them next even though Patrick is still a non-believer. Terry goes to visit Arlene at Merlotte's and says that he can't be with her otherwise they'll all die and surprisingly the scene won me over into liking this side story a little more. Jason and Sook go to the fairy nightclub from a few weeks ago and run into Hadley and the brothers of one of the fairies who tried to have Sook eat magic fruit or something only to learn the truth that a particular vampire was drawn to Sookie's parents on the night of their death by the smell of a bandaid covered in Sookie's blood in the backseat of the car. She tries to blast but is blasted in turn by every fairy in the room. Tara is lectured about violence yet again by Pam and Hoyt tries to sell Jessica on his new-found "couldn't care less about my safety-ness." Later when Hoyt is getting sucked out by a vamp and the guy offers to stop Hoyt tells him to keep going but the vamp is shot by the masked shooters who shot Sam last week. They recognize Hoyt and bring him along into the van they drive saying they saved his life. Lafayette visits his mother in the hospital to ask about her seizure from the night before and she says that Jesus told her that all the bad stuff happened when Jesus's grandfather made him drink goat's blood or something, it didn't really make much sense. Roman toasts the victory of having Russell in custody and wishes to execute him the same night. Eric asks permission to see Nora and admits that she is his sister which is surprising. Though Roman, when asking of Eric's beliefs he says that Eric is too afraid to admit he doesn't believe in anything other than himself. Salome says that Russell has been silvered and Roman commands her to put an I-Stake on him for good measure. While visiting Nora in her cell Eric isn't paid any mind while Russell is being dragged by guards past him until Nora says something about Lilith's plan coming to life. Roman and Russell have a standoff and Russell reveals that he Roman is pompous and that they knew each other in the Renaissance but when Roman pushes the killswitch it doesn't work and Russell, clearly not having been silvered says that "Peace is for Pussies" and stakes Roman in front of everyone although he doesn't pop like other vamps do he just kind of melts. I will miss Roman I did like his presence and Chris Meloni did do an excellent job bringing the aspects of his political agenda to being creed for him. It's all the other does Lilith exist? Or is Lilith going to show up? stuff that makes almost no sense as True Blood is raising many more questions than it's answering at the moment. But seeing Russell back and killing more ancient vampires with style is something I've come to miss and now the Chancellors who were indeed divided before will now face the choice of Sanguinista or Co=existence. It certainly is the most interesting part of the season, followed by the human killing all supes stuff but it's really starting to pick up in ways that few other season have managed to pick up halfway through. Maybe it's just that Alan Ball wrote this episode but this episode spiked my overall interest in Season 5 for sure. Hope it doesn't fizzle out like so many seasons have before, but I've wrong almost every other time in the case of this show. And Nora what's up with the psycho babel, is it for real worship of Lilith or are you just spinning your wheels to get attention? And is it so hard to believe in curses when you live in a world where you've already seen werewolves, vampires, fairies, werepanthers, shifters, and all other sorts of supes Arlene? Come on.
  • What's next

    Firstly, I'd just like to point out that I am extremely disappointed that the writers found a way to bring Tera back. Really? As if she wasn't extremely annoying as a human, being a whiny vamp makes her that much more lovable (NOT).

    I like the fact that Eric glamored Alcide to be repelled by Sookie, although in my opinion not much repelling is needed. She just killed the love of his life and he's all over her!

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think it was weird that as the Guardian was being attacked by Russell, the rest of the Authority stood by and watched? I realize that Russell is strong but a 6 to 1 fight would probably have worked in their favor. Does this mean that the entire Authority except for Guardian were actually in on the whole thing? I think Guardian's girlfriend for sure is (she must be the one that freed Russell).

    I like where the show is going so far. More excitement with many of the characters so the one hour passes by quickly.
  • Another dud

    Just awful yet again, not even the great cliffhanger manager to save this episode. It almost feels like they're not even trying with the show and are just throwing random crap together. Remember that South Park episode, were they revealed that Family Guy was written by manatees? Well its pretty much safe to say that True Blood is being run and written by manatees as well.