True Blood

Season 4 Episode 6

I Wish I Was the Moon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on HBO
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Under a full moon, Sookie heads out to look for Jason. Arlene and Terry have to deal with a suspicious out-of-control fire. Marnie establishes a rapport with past spirits. Alcide considers Debbie's urging to join a new werewolf community. Sam and Tommy trade places. Lafayette is making headway in Mexico. Eric gives in to his King's wishes.moreless

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  • If you go into the woods today, you're in for a sexy surprise...

    There's a lot of time spent in the woods during this episode. Sookie is traipsing about the place being eaten alive by mosquitoes, searching for her brother Jason, who believes he's about to turn into a were-panther. Debbie and Alcide are conveniently walking in the same direction as Sookie and drop off a bit of handy exposition on their way to a pack meeting (how long was Sookie walking for? Did she make it to shreveport and back?). And Jessica and Jason have a cute discussion lying on the grass about what it's like to be a supernatural being. Oh, and Sookie and Eric cap everything off with a romp in the woods, making forest sex look way more comfortable than it ever should be.

    There are moments I enjoyed here, but for the most part, ''I Wish I was the Moon'' is a bit of damp squid. The hour begins with a feisty verbal showdown between Sookie and Bill, cementing that both characters are infinitely more tolerable when they use their mouths for more than just snogging. And Bill, actually, gets a particularly catty line for once: ''Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.'' Go on with your bad self, Bill! You tell Sookie off!

    In fact, the hour benefits greatly from quite a few cracking one-liners. Some of the plot elements may not work too well, but I definitely got a chuckle or two from each of 'em.

    Tommy's situation is intriguing for once, and Sam Trammell gives a terrific performance as Tommy-as-Sam. He nails every single mannerism and completely discards all of Sam Merlotte's traits that make him a likeable, compassionate character, even right down to the way he walks. Tommy may have had no control over his transformation (it was a full moon, and Sam did mention in season one that he cannot control his shifts on a full moon); however, it was entirely Tommy's decision to fire Sookie, and then sleep with Luna and swiftly throw her out soon afterwards.

    Elsewhere, Arlene and Terry are still being haunted by a very unfriendly ghost, and their son, Mikey, can see a female apparition. So I guess we can safely rule out Renee as the culprit behind this tedious storyline. Lafayette and Jesus, however, fair slightly better this week, as it's revealed that our Lala has a gift. This plot came dangerously close to rivalling the baby boom story to be the first one to send me to sleep, but then Jesus' Grandpa turned into a demon and force-fed his Grandson to a rattlesnake. Classic Grandpa maneuver.

    There's quite a bit of posturing/stalling that comes with Bill imposing the true death upon Eric. It's played out entirely straight, when we all know too well that Bill would never kill Eric. Decapitating one of the show's main characters, arguably the biggest crowd-pleaser of them all, just wouldn't be good business. And so it felt entirely pointless of Bill to indict that Eric was a hazard to vampires everywhere, partly as a King, but mostly out of jealousy. The conclusion, that Bill decided to release Eric moments before his death because* of Eric's love for Sookie, came across as corny and lame.

    I have no interest in any of this vampire luvvy duvvy crap anymore. Another not-so-great episode of season 4.moreless
  • 406

    A crazy episode of True Blood tonight. I liked it for the most part, but I think the show has jumped the shark and Jason explained why when he said that everyone is now half human half something else in this town. It is getting a little bit ridiculous. While I don't quite need a notepad to keep track of where everything stands these days, it might not be too long before that is the case.

    While I liked the episode for the most part, I did not like the lack of explanation as to why Bill just let Eric live. They should have given a reason for why that happened, but I guess they just wanted to have that Sookie and Eric moment so bad they didn't care how they got there.

    Oh well, halfway through the season and I can say that it was enjoyable.moreless
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream...

    Jason's first full moon brings the entire Bon Temp to the forest, for King Bill demanded the fairy's viking boy she refused (because he was the maker of one of her non-worshipers). The King seeks to punish her disobedience, only to realize her disobedience has actually punished him, as he wonders alone under the full moon, the viking boy's wereabouts remain a mystery.

    And so are Jason's, until he stumbles upon the only vampire who can feel his pain. As Jessica comforts him, Alcide comfort the audience once he assures that a werepanter Jason most definitely ain't. If only it were that easy for baby Mikey's family (but at least they escape from the fire in a way Antonia couln't escape).

    And so Jason's first full mon brings the entire Bon Temps out, not the least of them his own sister, wondering throughout the forest, Sookie finds the Viking boy the King could not bring himself to kill. For the full moon casted a spell, so powerful on them, that the fae falls for the viking without memories to amend. And if these visions have offended you, think its nothing but a dream.moreless
  • I Wish I Was the Moon

    I Wish I Was the Moon was a superb and entertaining episode of True Blood. I really enjoyed watching this episode because most of the characters have to deal with their emotions or feelings in some way and others have to deal with circumstances beyond their control. I thought it was great how Bill dealt with Eric and it was nice to see he still cares for Sookie. I like where all the characters story lines are going. This season is starting to get dark. Alcide and Debbie encounter a Louisiana Pack Master who wants them to join the pack. Lafayette and Jesus have a creepy encounter with Jesus's grandfather who deals with dark magic. Marnie learns more about her spirit protector. Eric and Sookie finally feel free in the woods under the full moon. I can't wait to watch the next episode of True Blood!!!!!!!moreless
  • Scary good!

    Wow! This episode was pretty scary. And just when I thought TB couldn't get any better, it actually did!

    I loved this episode because it had a nice story, some sentimental dialogues, believable characters etc.

    True Blood is the only show that makes me think about LOST.

    Like LOST, TB never lets me down. I'm in love with the characters.

    It's like an addiction, really. I love TB to death. I wish it never ends. :)moreless
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Peter MacDissi


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Pam: We'll get your life back. I swear.
      Eric: I don't want it! The things I've done, I... I don't want to remember.
      Pam: You don't know what you're saying.
      Eric: I'm not the vampire you think I am. Not anymore.

    • (Sookie walks in on Jason handcuffed to his bed)
      Sookie: I should've known. This is a sex thing, isn't it?
      Jason: No! Don't come any closer!
      (Sookie continues to walk toward Jason)
      Sookie: You on V again?
      Jason: No, dammit, listen to me! Get out of here. Now! It ain't safe Sook, I mean it. I'm dangerous.
      Sookie: Okay look, I've had a hell of a mornin', and my patience is running pretty thin. So you're going to tell me what's going on here, or I will fish it out of your head myself. Your choice.
      Jason: I think...I'm turning into a were-panther.
      Sookie: A were-what?
      Jason: Panther. (Sookie laughs) It's like a were-wolf, except a big ass cat. I got bit, and stuff by my psycho ex-girlfriend and her were-panther tribe, and they said I would turn into one of them on the full moon.
      Sookie: So you handcuffed yourself to the bed?
      Jason: Yeah.
      Sookie: But if you turn into a panther, won't the handcuffs just fall off?
      Jason: Shit, I never thought of that. Sookie, listen to me, you gotta get out of here now because I ain't never forgive myself if I bite your head off.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic - November 8, 2011 on HBO
      United Kingdom - March 11, 2012 on FX/FX HD

    • Featured Music:
      "Las Olas Del Mar" by El Son Que Faltaba (Don Bartolo, Jesus' grandfather, tells Jesus and Lafayette to bring him a sacrifice)
      "What'd I Do" by Lance Miller (Tommy shifted as Sam fires Sookie)
      "Brand New Moon" by Brooks & Dunn (Tommy shifted as Sam talks to Maxine about Tommy)
      "Hide Me" Hayes Carll (Alcide and Debbie argue about joining Marcus' pack)
      "Soul of a Man Never Dies" by John Hatton (Tara and Naomi go to Merlotte's for dinner; Jessica senses Jason is in trouble)
      "Mexico" by The Spares (Pam attacks Tara and Naomi in Merlotte's parking lot)
      "I Wish I Was the Moon" by Neko Case (Sookie and Eric in the woods and end credits)

    • Special billing was given to Brit Morgan (Special Guest Star) for this episode.

    • Although credited Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) does not appear in this episode.