True Blood

Season 4 Episode 6

I Wish I Was the Moon

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 31, 2011 on HBO

Episode Recap

Eric and Sookie are making out all over Gran's living room. "You are the most beautiful thing on Earth," coos Eric. "That's only because you can't remember anything," quips Sook. Clothes are starting to pop off, and just when it looks like Eric is going to get seriously lucky, Bill busts in. Shocked to see his former amour in the arms of another vampire, especially his arch-rival, Bill immediately draws fangs. Eric reacts and the two begin to fight until Sookie demands they stop. Eric wants to know who this intruding vampire is, and Sookie has to tell him that Bill is his king, which prompts Eric's immediate respect.

At Bill's manse, Eric is donning a pair of silver handcuffs and Sookie is demanding his release. After Bill sends Eric to the jail cells downstairs, he and Sookie argue. Bill tells Sook that Eric is dangerous because he is operating as a vampire under the influence of necromancy. Sookie accuses Bill of acting out of jealousy. When Bill insists it's strictly biz, Sookie declares she won't leave without Bill. Bill then kicks Sookie out and tells his guards to never let her set foot on his property again.

Down in the cell, Eric meets up with Pam, whose face is falling off piece by piece. She tries to get Eric to snap out of his spell-induced stupor and return to the murderous Viking he once was. To Pam's chagrin, he claims he doesn't want to return to the way he was before.

Meanwhile, Bill is updating the head of the AVL via video. He speculates the witch will use Eric as a weapon against them all and puts in a request to have Eric put to the True Death. TK is unfazed by Bill's obvious conflict of interest and says she'll get back to him on that point.

Over at Terry and Arlene's place, the devil is still wreaking havoc. The bedroom is going up in flames and the family has to evacuate, but Arlene can't baby Mikey. Terry forces her out of the house and says he'll go back in for him after she gets out. When they get outside they find Mikey with their other children, who explain they saw him out there with the creepy old doll when they ran out of the burning house. Arlene picks up her toddler, who sees a ghost in the guise of a pretty antebellum black woman. She disappears in a waft of white smoke before Arlene turns around.

The next day, in the fire's aftermath, Arlene tries to explain to Sam, their landlord, what happened. Sheriff Andy is there, hopped up on V, and getting in Sam's face. Sam threatens that if Andy doesn't get off his back, he'll shift into a Doberman and go after him. After that minor fracas, Andy helps TK remove her furniture from the lawn. His chivalry pays off and he scores a date with her. Sam calls his brother to ask him to open Merlotte's for him since he'll be busy dealing with the fire all day. Tommy says no problem. He then looks at himself in the mirror and preps for a shape shift. But instead of shifting into his usual pit bull or barn owl, he shifts into Sam himself. Holy moly, the kid could destroy his older brother's life with this new found talent.

In a dark Mexican kitchen, over food, Jesus has Lafayette meet with his grandfather to ask him for protection. Gramps demands a sacrifice for his efforts. Tara lies low at Lafayettes in Bon Temps with a pistol in hand. Her girlfriend shows up at the door looking for "Tara Thornton." Tara lets her in saying, "You found her. Long story." She then tells her GF the whole sordid story. She isn't so accepting of Tara's troubles and throws Tara to the floor. Looks like Tara is hurtling head first into another abusive relationship, because the two begin making out.

Tommy's first order of business as Sam Merlotte is to fire Sookie. She wants the day off to deal with her life-or-death crisis, and Tommy sends the shocked blonde packing.