True Blood

Season 6 Episode 7

In the Evening

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on HBO

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  • Say a little prayer

    The finality of Terry's death hits harder on his wife, crying in the cementary, incapable to tell her kids. It takes the father that lost his children to help Alrene tell hers that they have just lost their father. Thus Andy passes along to Coby, Lisa and Mickey what Terry did for his 3 dead daughters.

    Away from the compound, Eric is free to cry out like Arlene; to beg, to pray, to call for his father as the child every adult really is whenever those who depend on him aren't watching. His babies don't need Nora the way Arlene's babies needed Terry. There is no one to understand his grief or step out to help him, his sister is dying and there's nothing Bill can do about it.

    But there is something Bill can do for his kin, to pay his respects and assure Andy that his daughter is safe, as safe as his progeny should be, for they are parents and their children, much like Eric's or Arlene's, are all there is left to protect.