True Blood

Season 6 Episode 7

In the Evening

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on HBO

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  • In the Evening

    True Blood sowed down considerably this week after last week smash-bang pace which was expected as Eric/Nora made their escape within the first few minutes while Willa slipped back into Gen Pop to warn Tara, Jessica, and Pam not to drink the Hep V infested Tru Blood. The great part of the episode was that Eric had to swallow his pride to go ask Bill for help who gives Nora his blood but it is ineffectual as expected. He goes off to get Sookie to give him Warlow, who had just gotten back from faerie land sex to comfort Arlene and waste an episode going through Terry's safety deposit box, which she says that doesn't really want to and Bill pressures her with the vision he had and the "blood on our hands" argument. I'm glad Warlow wasn't really a part of it and made Sookie out to be complicit simply because they had sex he wanted to spend eternity with him. Bill isn't fast enough to save Nora although the flashback (while effective) as we saw how Eric and Nora met in the first place would've been much more welcome earlier in the series perhaps back in Season 5 when she was ya know introduced. That would've punctuated her death by virus again that much more poetic although I do give the writers credit for still killing her as it's always nice to see the softer side of Eric every once in a while. Alcide's story isn't done unfortunately although he is back to seeming like a sane good guy again and Ricky seems to be the one who is the baddie who captured Nicole and her mom and he told the Pack (after not heeding his father's warning that Pack life isn't for them) that Sam and Nicole were dead. So he's going to face the fallout but he'll live but at least Alcide is back to being likable again and doesn't seem like he's on roid rage like he was for the first part of the season or in "Packmaster Mode" as I like to call it. It felt fully clumsy to simply drop the ball on the whole rescue Jessica plotline for Jason within a week or two and have her instantly want to hook up with the ever-noble James who by refusing to sleep with her she then wants to sleep with. So now Jason's friend-zoned faster than a vampire and betrayed by Sarah and thrown bleeding into female Gen Pop where he is claimed by the tough Alpha-Female of the place. In the wake of Burell's death Sarah accepts the Crown as the Big Bad which I'm fine with and she gets a Senator to back her in the ruse that Burell must be thought of as "still Good for Terry though for staying dead and getting a 2 million dollar insurance policy, even if it is probably potential fraud because I don't know if the policy covers sniper shots from old Army buddies. But seeing Arlene being helped by Sookie did ground her more in the community of Bon Temps than we've seen in some time which was nice and Lafayette doing more than just babysit. Also, Courtney Ford is back? Didn't they write her out of the series after Bill slept with her back in Season 4? Then he shows up, shouldn't they talk or something to clear the air? Oh wait no he glamored her into forgetting, if I remember correctly. Seeing Terry's death affect Sam to want to go back was nice although he will ultimately have to tangle with the pack by teaming up with Alcide again which I'm bored just thinking about. Bill's condolences to Andy for the "no retaliation thing" was all right, but I enjoyed seeing the "oh crap he can daywalk" reactions on drunk Arlene. Did Bill and Terry ever even meet in the show? I haven't the faintest idea. Also Pam sleeps her way into Gen Pop after being informed by Willa about the Hep V thing. I think Jessica warning James is a bad thing because the secret will surely be out now. But overall now Bill and Eric want to beat up Warlow which is nice because he needs to die before season's end in my opinion. But the vision will surely come true but maybe the vision is alterable seeing as Eric managed to escape so it may not be as set in stone as Bill believes he is. Humorously when Sarah wanted a "Fixer" to come in and clean up Burell and the guards' bodies I though Ray Donovan or Jonathan Banks would show up that would've been an awesome cameo or even Stephen King in his one episode stint on Sons of Anarchy. And anyway, how incredible was the makeup/special effects for Nora's death that deserves an Emmy for next year for how well constructed it was. This show always knows how to make people pop like blood bags just waiting to burst. But I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and hope it isn't as deliberately paced as this one was.