True Blood

Season 3 Episode 3

It Hurts Me Too

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 27, 2010 on HBO
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In search of Bill, Sookie heads to Jackson, Mississippi in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard assigned by Eric to protect her. Jason is distracted from his police exams. Bud reaches the end of his rope and Arlene copes with unexpected news. Franklin charms Tara and gets Jessica out of a jam while Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance.moreless

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  • Ever wondered what proper vampire sex is like? Well, now you know!

    That cliff-hanger will surely ~turn a few head~. I certainly didn't see that ~twist~ coming. The final few minutes of this instalment sped on by at a ~breakneck~ pace.

    Oh, True Blood, just when I think you've lost all of your smutty HBO mojo (from last season's orgy upon orgy upon orgy), you offer up, quite possibly, the most deranged sex scene ever committed to the small screen.

    I kinda love you for that.

    The web has been set ablaze with disgust (even from the most loyal of fans) over Bill's demonic sexcapades with his former lover and maker, Lorena (Marina Kleveno), at the end of this episode. I sorta get where they're coming from. I mean, to be perfectly honest, it did shock me. (It also tickled me a bit -- Bill managed to save a few cents on a brown paper bag.)

    Actually, scrap that. I don't know where they're coming from. This is a show about vampires. It's on HBO. Do the math. Shock-factor aside, these are vampires we're dealing with. This is not Buffy. This certainly isn't Twilight. Vampires are blood-thirsty, sex-driven, animalistic, soulless beings. They're supposed to be utterly terrifying, and, oh yeah, DEAD.

    If you're going to highlight an ick-factor, let's start with the fact we're watching two corpses go at it like bunnies! They may be eye-pleasing dead folk, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that Lorena and Bill were six feet under, once upon a time; they're corpses that feed on blood to survive. It's only (super)natural that they're able to do certain things we humans may find appalling. So for all of you viewers out there that are up in arms about that sex scene: get over it.

    It'll be interesting to see what Sookie makes of this development. Head-twist-y sex aside, Bill is a gentleman -- he'll eventually tell Sookie that he has been unfaithful to her. I just hope, for his sake, he leaves out the Linda Blair part and explains that (in, admittedly, a very warped way) that he was protecting her. Right? We know that if Lorena wanted, she could have Bill at any moment (we saw that last season when she effortlessly held him against his will). It was Bill's conscious decision to super speed on over to that bed and f**k the living daylights out of her. He had to ensure that Lorena believed he had defected from his Queen, to prevent Lorena, or anyone else, from laying a fang on Sookie.

    Of course, Sookie has an unlikely ally in the form of Eric to protect her, as well her new guard dog, Alcide (Joe Mananiello), who comes off strikingly bland, in an episode with shifters, severed heads, vamp sex, and flashy new cars. I'm not sure what to make of him yet; his low-key entrance may be the writers' attempt to throw us off the scent of what's to come (fingers crossed!). I hope more is made of his relationship with Eric, and that rumblings of a wedding mean stronger wolf stories in future episodes, 'cos I'm still finding it hard to muster up any positive feelings about the addition of werewolves in the True Blood verse – so far they've been nothing but a quick snack for Bill and Eric.

    Speaking of the towering Blonde, Eric gets some great comedic moments in this episode. He may not be in it for long, but the writers do well to give him a lighter side than we're used to (he's really putting on the charm now that Bill is away). I loved when he suggested to Sookie to, er, suck the silver out of him again, or his ''subtle'' remark about getting her rug all wet (like I said, such a charmer). Pam, too, has one really funny scene. Firstly, I'm thrilled to finally see her enjoy the company of a plaything of her own -- Eric seems to always beat her to the punch. Secondly, I love that she's now undertaking the role of Jessica's surrogat mother/mentor/maker. It's so wonderfully bizarre.

    Elsewhere, Tara has become, yet again, a victim of mind-control. And yet again, it results in fantastic sex. It's a pity that her character seems to be stuck on a constant downer, though. Hookay, so her cardboard cut-out died. It's sad, I get it. And it really has only been a day or two since Eggs passed. But it has been four episodes for us viewer folk (I'm including the finale here) since he bit the bullet, and now that he's dead AND buried, can we move on, please? Can I have angry, likeable Tara back now?

    Still, her plight paves the way for Franklin (played menacingly by James Frain), a badass vampire who knows how to make an entrance on this show (Alcide, take note!). What he's up to exactly is still on the fuzzy side of things, but the fact that he's making the effort to get to know all about Bill, interacting with the likes of Jessica (funny and gross!), and generally studying up on Bon Temp history, means he aint goin' nowhere. But why is he so interested in Tara? (I loved that line about things going wrong whenever she invites anybody into Sookie's house.) And what did he mean when he said he finds things? Is he some kind of bounty hunter?

    We also have quite a few side-stories simmering away, too: Arlene's visit to the doctor reveals that she's almost 10 weeks pregnant, which means Terry isn't the father (then who is? Is it Rene? I'm not exactly sure of this show's timeline); Sam is visited by his newfound family, but things turn sour fairly quickly; And Jason, still suffering from seeing bullet-holes on everybody's forehead, decides that law enforcement is the way forward for him (I'm getting really sick of this character).

    Much like the last two episodes, this is all mostly setup. On the grand scheme of things, not that much particularly happens this week.

    It's one thing saying 'sure, it's the only the third episode, what's the rush?' in a full 22-episode season. But we've only got 12, and that's 3 episodes now where the character interaction has been entertaining as hell, but there's no driving arc. There's no centre plot. There's just too much going on and the writing staff are spreading themselves a little thin. Former bit-characters are now receiving arcs of their own, which is neat, but when it compromises the flow of the episode, especially cribbing screen time from main plots, you have to wonder if less is more at the end of the day.

    I'm interested to see where it's all heading, so they're obviously doing something right. It's just... well... with every main character enjoying a hefty storyline, there's no ensemble. Intimate moments feel rushed. It feels like I'm watching a 'previously on' segment where I'm missing the quieter moments of the show. I miss the quieter moments on this show.

    Overall, a strong offering, to be sure, 'It Hurts Me Too' may not work for me as a whole, but there are just so many irons in the fire at the moment, that one of the season's biggest downfalls is ultimately one of its strengths – if there's a storyline you're not enjoying, not to worry, as there are about six other stories at play, and at least one of them is bound to tickle your fancy.moreless
  • The show tries for shock value and ends up cheap.

    The way the third season is going it's obvious they're getting back to its roots (Charlaine Harris' novels.) More characters are appearing and old characters are being set up to match with story-lines in the books. This is great, but unfortunately the writers also seem to want to go with shock value rather than entertainment to cling to its previous success.

    That the show is sexy is good. That the show is surprising is good. But there's clever and then there's cheap, and here the episode fails. The final scene--a violent, surreal rape--destroys any enjoyment of this otherwise plot-building episode.moreless
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    In search of Bill, Sookie heads to Jackson, Mississippi in the company of Alcide, a werewolf bodyguard assigned by Eric to protect her. Jason is distracted from his police exams. Bud reaches the end of his rope and Arlene copes with unexpected news. Franklin charms Tara, and gets Jessica out of a jam, Eric bequeaths a gift to Lafayette. Haunted by visions from his past, Bill makes a surprising pledge of allegiance. God, I haven't had chance to watch this for weeks, stupid computer and virus. I love the start, straight into action. Eric is Awesome, I love the way he just kills the werewolf. To be honest, I'm finding Bill Compton's storyline a bit boring, I'm not bored of him I bored of all the other characters. But, I bet it will all come together in the end. To be honest, I did like the scene where Bill and that other guy are talking about Sookie. I love all the scenes with Eric and Sookie, they're pretty Awesome together, plus they should so get it on right now. God, the scene with Tara and the other vampire was just too freaky. I do the way Tara is with the vampire, pretty cool. Sams real family are really weird. I love the phone call with Jessica and Pam. I love the scene with Sookie and Sam, I love their friendship. I love the scenes with Jason and Hoyt. They both make me laugh. I love the way Sookie and Tara are okay again, pretty cool scene, with Eggs and that. I love the flashbacks of Bill and his wife, and the way he cries - and his wife notices the blood, and freaks out and then Lorena comes. Lorena is horrible, but I do like what she brings to the storyline. I love Jasons storyline. I love the scenes with Sookie and Alcide, he is hot. I can't wait to see more of him. I love the way Sams family come to Merlottes and then Sam isn't happy with the two males of the family. I love the way Bud quits. Awesome scene. I love the scene with Jason and Tara. I love the scene with Layfette and Eric, Eric is too Awesome. I love the scene with Terry and Arlene, Terry is Awesome. I love the scene with Franklin and Jessica, amazingly little storyline coming along there. I love the scene with Sookie and Alcide in the werewolf bar, pretty cool. I love the whole storyline with Franklin. I love the scene with Bill and Lorena, it was Awesome. Ew, at the ending.moreless
  • ok enough is enough already.

    really true blood? third episode and jssica is still desposing of the body? so far this season has been incredibly slow. im not saying that whats its given so far is boring, its just not that great. its wierd that HBO had been advertising that werewolves are coming trying to make it seem like they were gonna be a force to be wrecken with, and they have done nothing so far. I even know a few people who are fans of true blood and they even say the same thing, its way too slow and not as interesting as they think it is. the bill storyline so far is being dragged out too long, along with jessica's storyline of course. viewers thought that the suspenseful although rushed ending of episode two was gonna give us an excellent third episode, but we were wrong. all this episode gave us is more tara being a fowl mouthed, un attractive lead character, she doesnt have what it takes to be a main character, boot her down to secondary please. tara also gave us the worst climax face in the history of television, i started laughing when i saw her face, wow. sam's family are not fun to watch at all, and they need to add something interesting into it soon. sookie going undercover at a werewolve bar, resulting in one of the lamest fights ever on true blood. Eric killing the werewolve was grotesque, and ended that scene way to stupidly. also the sherriff quits suddenly, i guess he just had it with his job, but saadly hes a disposable character so nobody cares. and lastly, the most screwed up ending on true blood ever. bill making love to lorena with her neck turned around, but not dieing. really hoping this show hasnt hit its peak already having it be only their third season, but lets wait to see.moreless
  • And here I was afraid I'd be missing something while on vacation...

    ...but instead True Blood is shaping up to be similar to daytime soaps in how it unfolds...or doesn't unfold, as the case may be.

    What's not working for me this season:

    1) Sam's family. The parents are predictably useless and the brotherly showdown is predictably pitting the shape shifting powers against one another in a fight for Sam's hard earned dollars. I don't care about the family characters and Sam is too good for this story line.

    2) Lorena. Didn't like her last season. Don't like her now. I do get that Bill's story line needs an antagonist to rough up the edges between Bill and his attempts to keep Sookie safe, and Bill's new, if doubtful 'master'...but I'd have voted for the werewolves to fill that role, and for Lorena to burn in Mississippi as she so beautifully started to do last episode. And we've all seen some anger sex on screen before and I guess this too is to be expected amongst vamps, but please TB, one dose between these two made the point and is quite enough.

    3) Tara. I used to think she had spunk, but how many times can one person go down the same road because of those around her? She has become the resident victim and I'm thoroughly unsympathetic to her character because of it. Break out of it girl, and use some of that first season spunk to retract your questionable guest invitations into your (or Sookie's) home!

    4) Sookie. I can't even put my finger on this one, but as a former supporter of the character, I find myself having to struggle to even like her this season. I guess some things just are.

    What is working for me this season:

    1) Pam. I am so glad to see her role beefed up and in some delightful ways. As the upstart spawn of Eric she is a perfect foil for him. As a devout hater of children, except perhaps, taken with a bit of salt and pepper, she is a delightfully reluctant 'parent' to Jessica in Bill's absence. As a vampire consumer of vampire proclivities, she is a refreshing change from the 'norm' in this or any other vamp series. Nice to see the implied go to the actual, and kudos to the show for that one. More Pam please!

    2) Eric. Not just because he's so good to look at, even with a snootful of werewolf blood and tissue, but because he is so unapologetically vampire. He's a mover and shaker and a better schemer than any of his competitors. That's why he's on the top of the food chain; practically if not officially. He will save himself, his ventures, and those close to him because he is a survivor at any cost, and as a quick change artist to suit his needs, he is the best. By far, Eric is the best written character on the series.

    What I am reserving judgement on this season:

    Just about everything and everyone else. Jason...meh, so far. Jessica's character development seems to have come to a screeching halt and that too bad. Arlene seems to be a stand-alone character this year, with a story line that seems to be hanging out in the periphery. Alcide is the most promising role I think.

    We'll have to wait and see, but net out, so far...there has been a downward shift in how badly I need to be around on Sunday night to watch. Bring on the summer vacation!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: In the scene where Jason sees Tara at the bar, she's pouring him a beer from a tap labeled as Abita Turbodog. The beer that comes out is a light-colored beer whereas Abita Turbodog is a dark ale,  almost black in color. Also, between shots, the mug goes from half to full several times.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Terry: Spit it out, baby. You're breaking up with me.
      Arlene: No, no. It's not. It's not.
      Terry: "It's not you. It's me." If I had a nickel for every time ... I'd have 15 cents.

    • Eric: Relax. You'll ruin your new ride.
      Lafayette: Huh?
      Eric: Pam's been a little harsh lately. She's been under a lot of pressure. I thought it'd be a good time for a small gift to my top salesman.
      Lafayette: What's the catch?
      Eric: Well you'll have to pay the insurance, of course. I'm not an idiot. And I'm gonna have to sell you the car for one dollar to avoid that pesky gift tax. (Eric hands Lafayette the keys)

    • Jason: (to Tara) You know, I lost a lot of people I loved too. Loved a lot. And if you ever want to talk or whatever. Because you and Sookie are like sisters, and Sookie is my sister, so we're like family.

    • Cooter: Johnson's my best goddamn man.
      Talbot: They're all dumber than a box of rocks.
      Cooter: Sir, that's unfair.
      Talbot: To boxes, maybe. Or rocks.

    • Jason: I know between good and evil. I'm like a ninja-level marksman. I've got all the training I need.
      Hoyt: Hey, do you want to know what that blood-alcohol limit is?
      Jason: I don't need to know it. 'Cause if it's on the sample test, it's not on the real thing. Everybody knows that.

    • Jason: Man, there are two kinds of people in this world. People who got no dreams, people who got dreams and don't do nothing about it, and people who go out and fulfill their dreams. I don't know about you, but I'm the third kind.

    • (Hoyt is reading questions off the Renard Parish Sheriff's Exam)
      Hoyt: What is the rank between a sergeant and a captain in the Louisiana State Police?
      Jason: Skip.
      Hoyt: The legal blood-alcohol limit in the State of Louisiana is?
      Jason: Oh. When you're drunk?
      Hoyt: Uh, no.
      Jason: Next one.
      Hoyt: Jessica says it's too late for us to be together. What do you think she means by that?
      Jason: Wait, that's on the test?
      Hoyt: No, I'm asking you.
      Jason: Huh? Come on, man. Not now. You're quizzing me. I'm in the zone.
      Hoyt: Yeah, you're 0 for 22. At least this you could help me with.

    • (Joe Lee takes a swig from his beer bottle.)
      Melinda: Joe Lee, down the sink.
      Joe Lee: Dadgum, I just cracked it open.
      Melinda: Down the sink. Jesus H. You ain't seen your son in over 30 years, and you can't cork it for one night? (turns to Sam) We ain't alcoholics.
      Joe Lee: Don't ever get married, Sam. The second they do, that's when they start to woman ya.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      "Classically Inclined" by Eduardo Ponsdomenech (Edgington mansion background music)
      "Same Old" by The Roadhawgs (Jason tells Hoyt about wanting to be a cop)
      "Coming Down" by Acumen Nation (music at Fangtasia)
      "One of Them Days" by Jesse Dayton (Sookie tells Sam she's going to Jackson)
      "Dry Your Tears" by James Clarke (Tara gets a call about Eggs's funeral) "Howlin' For My Baby" by M. Ward (Sam's birth family pays a visit to Merlotte's)
      "Awakening" by Production Music, Courtesy of Selectracks (Bill pledges loyalty to the King)
      "Wild One" by Wild One (Jason talking to Tara at Merlotte's)
      "Two Many Days" by Judy Field's (Arlene tells Terry she's pregnant)
      "Spoonful" by Howlin' Wolf (Alcide and Sookie go to Lou Pine's)
      "Ain't No Invisible Man" by Jakob Dylan (end of the fight at Lou Pine's)
      "It Hurts Me Too" by Gaye Adegbalola (end credits)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Germany - November 11, 2010 on Syfy
      Czech Republic - December 7, 2010 on HBO
      United Kingdom - January 28, 2011 on FX/FX HD

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Mě to taky bolí (It Hurts Me Too)