True Blood

Season 2 Episode 2

Keep This Party Going

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 21, 2009 on HBO



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    • (Door bursts open just as Jessica's about to bite her dad, Bill's standing there)
      Sookie: Bill!
      Bill: Jessica let him go!
      Jessica: But.
      Bill: As your maker I command you!
      Sookie: Thank god you're here.
      Bill: Shut up!

    • (Lafayette lies on Eric's couch bleeding while Pam and Chow wait for Eric)
      Chow: How much blood do you think he's lost?
      Pam: (Pam paces) Oh, I still think he has something to offer.
      Chow: I hate to let it all go to waste like this. Seems a shame we have to wait for Eric.
      Pam: Well, maybe one day you'll be sheriff and you can make the rules.
      Chow: I doubt that.
      Pam: Me too.
      (Eric comes in reading something, Pam stops pacing)
      Eric: Sorry to keep you waiting so long. How's the leg?
      Lafayette: It's shitty, thanks for askin'.
      Eric: After all your proclamations about what a model prisoner you were going to had to try to escape.
      Lafayette: You were gonna kill me anyway right?
      Eric: Well now you'll never know. So what's it gonna be Lafayette? Would you like the leg to kill you or would you prefer us to do it?
      Lafayette: I'm gonna go with Plan C.
      Eric: (slightly curious) There's a Plan C.
      Lafayette: Make me a vampire.
      Eric: (after a beat) I beg your pardon?
      Lafayette: You can put me to work in the bar...I'm a good dancer, you've seen it on my site. (Eric walks around to him) Shit, I'd get up there and I'd move Earth and Heaven go-go
      Eric: (surprised) You are aware there's a gaping hole in your leg? You're damaged goods.
      Lafayette: Not if you turn me. I'd be good as ever. Look I...I'm already a person of poor moral character. So, I hit the ground running and I damn near glamour people already. Gimme what ya'll got...not only will I be a bad-ass vampire, but I'd be your bad-ass vampire.
      Eric: Interesting.
      Lafayette: (like he can't believe it) Yeah?
      Eric: I'll take it under advisement. (looks to his right) Pam? (looks to his left) Chow? Chow time.
      (their fangs drop and they descend on him)

    • (Talking to Jason, upset that he's not the golden boy)
      Luke: Day one mighta went to you...Day two belongs to the Lukinator.

    • Luke: Think you walk on water, don't you?
      Jason: (pauses and snaps off some floss to do his teeth) I'm pretty sure...that was Moses.
      Luke: No, it was Jesus. Moses parted the Red Sea.

    • (Eric tells Bill about Godric being missing, then he gets to the point, so to speak.)
      Eric: And it goes without saying he needs to be found... Which is where Sookie comes in.
      Bill: No.
      Eric: She's yours and I'm asking your permission to take her with me to Dallas.
      Bill: Eric, you can do whatever you want with me but I am not putting her in this position anymore. I cannot and I will not allow you to bring her into these matters.
      Eric: We made a deal, your human and I. That if I didn't kill anyone she would work for me as often as I like. You remember that don't you? You were there.
      Bill: Taking her across state lines is a far cry from taking her to Fangtasia for the evening.
      Eric: I'm only asking your permission out of respect. If I want her I can simply take her. Is no your final answer?
      Bill: It is.
      Eric: Poorly played Bill. (walks out of frame)

    • Andy: (after Sam mentions after looking at some couples dancing that it was one thing he didn't want people to feel pressured to do) This one time... I was in a club in Shreveport...and I actually had a woman tell me I looked like a...epileptic on meth. (Sam gives him a confused and sympathetic look) Never again Sam, never again.

    • Sam: Don't you think you've had enough?
      Andy: (drinking a beer) I know what you're thinkin'.  Nine years sober. Why give it all up? But what I've got to say to that is ... why the hell not?

    • Terry: (recovering from sending out a lot of orders, Arlene's taken over so he can have a break) It's funny most of these orders are for table four. What the hell's going on at table four?

    • Eric: (walks up behind Bill in a blue tracksuit top and jeans, looking modern with his new hair cut short) Good evening old sport.
      Bill: (turns and stares at him confused) Eric?
      Eric: (sounding doubtful) It's the new me. (pauses and raises an eyebrow) You like?
      Bill: (turns to face him fully and sounds sincere) I do. Very much.
      Shop Assistant: (gasps and then looks as if she finally understands Bill rejecting her) Oh, Okay. Whoo. (she leaves and Bill turns back to Eric confused)

    • Sookie: (Watching Jessica cry, she finally gives into taking her to see her parents) Okay.
      Jessica: Really?
      Sookie: Yes, but we're just drivin' by and that's it ... And we should swing by my place first and get you a change of clothes, because I am not taking you out in public dressed like that. (stands up and Jessica follows)
      : Thank you Sookie. Thank you so so much.
      Sookie: Oh, don't mention it. (stops and looks back) To Bill. Ever. (waits until Jessica nods before continuing to walk out the doorway)

    • Luke: (sits down next to Jason and introduces himself) Hey there, Luke McDonald. No relation to the restaurant.
      : (smiles) Okay... any relation to the farm?
      Luke: (looks confused and thinks for a moment) What farm?
      : (considers explaining it and then shrugs) Ah, never mind.

    • Bill: She has no humanity, she's in the grips of overwhelming transformations, there will be times when she cannot control even a single impulse...and believe me she HAS many.
      Sookie: ...How is that any different from being a teenage girl?

    • Sookie: Another first.
      Bill: How do you mean?
      Sookie: We've never had makeup sex before.
      : How does it compare to "you thought I was dead" sex?
      Sookie: That was pretty great too, but I wouldn't want to go through that again. I hated feeling like I'd lost you.
      : And yet you like fighting with me.
      Sookie: I don't like to I just...
      Bill: Let's not get too used to it then... we don't want to be one of those couples.

    • Eric: (throws dismembered arm at Lafayette and dribbles excess blood onto the ground) If you have any silver on you now would be the time to reveal it.
      : Noway, I ain't that stupid.
      : Yes you are. (wipes mouth and looks down at his hand in surprise) Is there blood in my hair?
      : (disbelievingly) What?
      Eric: Is there blood in my hair?
      : I-I don't know I can't see in this light.
      Eric: (flashes over to rest in front of Lafayette) How 'bout now? (bows his head a little so Lafayette can see)
      : Y-y-yeah t-there's a little bit of blood in there, yeah.
      Eric: (whispering to himself) Oh, this is bad. Pam is going to kill me.
      : Who the f**k is Pam?
      : Why? Do you want to meet her?
      Lafayette: No. No, I'm good.
      Eric: We'll you're going to. (unlocks Lafayette's chains and pulls him up, holding him by the neck)
      Lafayette: Where you taking me?
      Eric: To find out what you know. I wouldn't try anything rash if I were you (kicks aside another dismembered arm) I'm still hungry.

    • Sookie: Parts of your former self are still in there, right? I wouldn't be with you if they weren't.
      Bill: When a vampire is as new as Jessica is, she has no humanity.

  • Notes

    • International titles:
      -Czech Republic: "Mejdan Pokračuje" ("Party Keeps Going On").

    • International airdates:
      -Latin America: July 26, 2009 on HBO Latinoamerica Este.
      -Australia: September 22, 2009 on Showcase.
      -Czech Republic: November 24, 2009 on HBO.
      -Germany: February 13, 2010 on 13th Street.
      -United Kingdom: March 5, 2010 on FX.
      -Sweden: March 10, 2010 on SVT1

    • Although credited, Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry) and William Sanderson (Sheriff Dearborne) didn't appear.

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