True Blood

Season 5 Episode 5

Let's Boot and Rally

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2012 on HBO

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  • A Deadly Deadline

    Poor Alcide, getting thrown up on in the moment by Sookie, then getting thrown into Eric and Bill's hunt for Russell was totally unkarmatically deserved. Tara starts tending bar and has a rather connecting moment with Jessica about the perils of being a baby vamp and how hard it is to deal with the perils of the impulse control but Pam's surrogate mother role to Tara and Tara's seeming lack of gratitude is a good dynamic to see her character in given her own relationship with her maker now. Bill and Eric's hunt leads to the glamored construction worker who found Russell unearthed and Sookie tickles his mind into remembering and sees who appears to see Salome freeing him from his chains and the trail leads them all to an asylum where they explore it in a haunted house like suspense thriller way. They find Russell who is still recovering and Eric promises to kill him now that they've found him. Russell coolly tells him to give it his best shot and Alcide is made to transform into wolf form we assume. Lafayette calls for help from beyond and Jesus to help him contain the Bruho spirit that is running rampant in him. Terry and his buddy Ron turn the tables on their captor but Terry remembers what happened that night in Iraq when they were cursed by a woman who's entire family they killed and the fire demon was said to be about to devour them all in flames just like the rest of their old unit. But Ron doesn't believe it and wants to take the crazy one to the police or a hospital but Terry now knows that what he saw was real so it creates a weird twist to their relationship and Ron's disbelief. Jason and has a disturbing dream involving his parents in response to the revelation of vampires allegedly killing the Stackhouses. He awakes naked, so does Andy in their homes after being booted from Club Fairy. Andy and Jason investigate the case of Sam and Luna's shifter friends being murdered and put together that it was multiple shooters and Jason gives a good monologue on how all the supernatural crime is only now coming to light thanks to the revelation of vampires. Sam helps the investigation of his friends' murder and goes to tell Luna about it but when they get into a fight and he is about to storm off of the property he is shot and so is Luna because they are supernatural. Sam yells for Emily to run and she escapes in wolf form into the forest. I hope Luna makes it out ok, it would be a hell of a shame to have Sam go through all this stuff with Tommy dying and he can't even keep the woman he's been fighting for the past season. The shooter angle is the most interesting thing outside of the hunt for russell that happened and it's taking elements from the fifth book and twisting them appropriately to show the hatred and prejudice prevalent in show's allegory for marginalized groups like vamps. Not bad and hopefully next episode delivers on Russell's now onscreen presence.
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