True Blood

Season 6 Episode 9

Life Matters

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2013 on HBO

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  • Emancipation

    Now that's a good episode. True Blood finally took a stance and said something after a long time of meandering. Yes, there were parts that were only for thematic purposes and were completely inconsistent. Yes we spent half the episode flashback happy with a secondary character you might have hated and should be dead and gone and forgotten three episodes on. But, it worked me in a way that this show hasn't worked for me in quite some time. The juxtaposition of Vamp Camp being eradicated by the savior Eric and seeing them desecrate their captors while paying homage to the series most innocent and "normal" character. Despite his overdue welcome Terry did display some of the most growth on this show. Bill's solution to saving those in the Sun Room was simplistic but effective especially the image of him being raised up like the messiah figure he has wanted to be all along. How long does Warlow's blood last for anyway? It's been days since he drank it, surely it would wear off after a while right? Also, Warlow has spent way too long in Faerie Land and while Sookie spent the whole episode at a funeral and effectively sidelined the flashbacks, courtesy of new showrunner and author Brian Buckner harkened back to the good ole' days of the show. A little on the nose was Big John's (never seen him before but welcome back Reverend Daniels and Tara's mom who make me realize just how small the Bon Temps community is) hymn while Bill saves the vamps in the run room and Sarah nearly gets killed by Jason (I wish he would've shot but I knew he wouldn't've). Also, goodbye Steve Newlin and Eric throat holding him while he proclaims his love for Jason in his last moments. Eric is right that Steve has always played a hand in the death of those he loves, from Godric nearly dying to Nora being Hep-Vd. Also, James seems a bit too perfect the way he offers himself up to Bill, even though he did save his life, and letting him live. Also, what is Lilith anyway? What is Bill's role in her agenda? This vagueness was ok last season because we thought it would carry over and be clarified this year but it only seems to make Bill unstakable and able to control Sookie's love interest. Also, will she follow through on her whole "should I be Warlow's?" thing? Anyway, this show had a lot to like. But the ambiguity of where Eric's going and leaving Pam behind remains a mystery and there are still a few things to tie up next week now that the Sun Roof has been opened and resolved. Also, if this had been the end of Bill I would've been completely ok with that. But at least they got rid of Steve Newlin, so there's that and hopefully the end of Sarah Newlin in terms of showing up and being a Big Bad from now on. The whole throwing of the Tru Blood against the buildings in the compound was a nice touch and of all places to show that vampires were mobilizing against the Hep-V distribution of the product why Honolulu? Just because it's close to Japan? They surely could've shown anywhere else in the world and wouldn't it be delivered more quickly to somewhere closer to Louisiana than this? And also how did the world vamp network know about it? It's not like we saw one of them pick up a phone or anything. I also would've liked to have seen a little more of those who had drank the infested Tru Blood beyond the one maker in this show stays in good hands for Season 7. Also, Alcide smells like man, who knew?
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