True Blood

Season 7 Episode 9

Love Is to Die

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2014 on HBO
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Hoyt's reminded of the past; Bill pushes Sookie away; Eric faces a dilemma.

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  • Love Is To Die

    Again, not a terrible episode, but given there is one hour left, the show needs to start delivering unbelievable scenes. I liked Eric and Sookie near the end, but not much else.
  • Love is to Die (Spoilers Ahead)

    True Blood looks like it's going to be going out with a whimper rather than a sizzle like I thought it would. The molasses pace that we have seen trudge along these past couple of episodes truly show that the writers only had so much story to get off their chests in this instance and decided to split it up in a slog rather than trying to come up with more satisfying character beats.

    Bill's shocking decision to not drink the blood of Sarah Newlin was even corroborated as insane by the other characters and Bill's lack of being able to articulate exactly why he wasn't shows how sloppy and tacked on that bit of writing was as it was clearly meant as an episodic cliffhanger than an actual legitimate step of his character journey. This lead to the inevitable scene wherein Bill is forced to release Jessica because she can't stand being around when he could take advantage of the cure if he truly wanted to. I've always liked Bill so it was especially frustrating to me to see him go through this contrived development than the average viewer, even Sookie is rightfully mad at him. The only directly decent thing that came out of it was Eric and Bill's scene together in his estate. Bill and Eric have always been a strong duo, despite their obvious age difference, and their mutual respect has made for a captivating relationship to see unfold (particularly in Seasons 5 and 6 which was considered weaker than others) and Eric is able to convince Sookie to allow Bill to "call on her" to explain himself and that he will only bring death to her. This is a veiled attempt of "mansplaining" to her (for those unfamiliar mansplaining is men discounting people, particularly women's, experiences and doing the ultimate sacrifice based on his own choice where if he and Sookie were true equals in their relationship they would come to the decision to together no doubt and then it would be less infuriatingly sexist).

    Gus Jr. discovers that Sookie is more than just an "over-attached fangbanger" and when Eric returns to Fangtasia Pam is tied to a three-pronged staking table that will kill her if Eric doesn't disclose whether Sookie knows about Sarah and where Sookie is. In typical Eric fashion he chooses Pam over his love interest and at the final moment before the final stake is about go into Pam he tells Gus's Yakuza enforcers to stop. He wasn't even gone that long, do they really need a machine that elaborate and did they build it or just have it lying around in case Eric betrayed them? That's a machine the Authority or the Magister would've maybe had, but not Gus since he's not an old world vampire and the Yakuza probably wouldn't go to that level of craftmanship to get their point across to Eric.

    Of course we got the inevitable Hoyt and Jessica reconnecting while he dumps Bridgette. I don't even understand why Bridgette was necessary to put into Season 7. Just have Hoyt come back, because other than serving as dramatic fodder she is just tragically "in the way" of the romance we all know is going to be rekindled. I only wonder if Hoyt will remember all of what happened since Jessica, since Hoyt doesn't remember, only reflects on the "good times" and glosses over the terrible turbulence their relationship went through in Season 4 that resulted in her cheating on him with Jason in the first place. The only unexpected part of this development is that Jason didn't end up sleeping with Bridgette and they ended up just laying side by side talking about the nature of love intercut with a romantic Jessica/Hoyt sex scene. Beyond that Sam left and we see his goodbye while he packs up and leaves with Nicole at the beginning of the episode, so I guess that means we'll never see him again.

    Aside from that the episode was just a waste of time stalling for the series finale. The Yakuza will show up at Sookie's house and Bill will have to dispatch them all by his lonesome (or with Jessica or whatever helping Sookie and he). That will be thrilling and the typical True Blood big-bad fashion they will be dispatched in fifteen minutes leaving us with forty minutes or more of solid brooding and romantic musings courtesy of the writers. I'm excited for the series finale, both to have True Blood be put out of its misery and to see some blood get spilled because when the show only goes the romance thing it gets tedious really quick.


    -Why did Bill go through the underground tunnel in the first place if he knew he wasn't going to want to drink from Sarah?

    -The Yakuza literally have no hearing whatsoever. Wouldn't they want to someone downstairs guarding the MOST IMPORTANT PART of their new product at all times?

    -I did love the Ginger/Eric sex scene and how brief it was. Eric's being the romantic go-between Cyrano style and his being off-put by it was a great exercise in how fun his character is to watch.

    -Blah Blah other characters tying up their meandering stories blah blah.

    -Sarah has survived for an entire ten episodes. Gotta say I didn't see her lasting that long at all. She'll surely be dispatched next episode but I can hope it's with a good blowout, maybe taking Gus Jr. and some Yakuza with her or something.

    -Only one episode left ever people. Gotta say it's sweet, not bitter, seeing the wheel spinning the writers have to use now to keep the show afloat for even ten episodes of a closing season. Remember the fifth season of the Wire? That didn't waste a minute of screen-time or character moments, it just was great through and through. Unfair comparison given the caliber and genre discrepancy, but still it shouldn't be this meandering the penultimate episode of a show, especially when the penultimate episode of the Sopranos, "The Blue Comet" is one of the show's best.moreless
  • To die for

    I really liked this eps. Ginger was a great comic relief (lol) As always any scene with Eric & Pam are Bill & Sookie are boring !!!
  • Terrible episode of a terrible season.

    This is the worst final season in a history of TV. There is no drama, no suspens, no action.... I actually hope that yakuza will kill everyone.
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