True Blood

Season 4 Episode 5

Me and the Devil

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2011 on HBO

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  • Bill takes Marnie hostage!


    A more focused and refined episode than previous weeks, ''Me and The Devil'' benefits greatly from establishing a strong link between a lot of the individual stories that were moulding the season thus far. Sure, there are still a few standalone weak links that pale in comparison to the witch/vampire conflict, but even so, it's easy to see the likes of Jessica and Hoyt being pulled into the main ordeal within a few episodes.

    Terry and Arlene are still by and large the least interesting couple of the season. Tasked with looking after a seemingly haunted baby, there's only so much you can do with such a basic storyline. I did find it amusing watching Arlene look on with sincere confusion as her house was being blessed by Lettie-Mae; it's just a shame that after five episodes, there's nothing more to it.

    Meanwhile, Tommy has murdered both of his parents and enlists Sam's help to dispose of the bodies. This, of course, means that Tommy will eventually be able to shift into anyone he chooses, right? That's something I don't think Sam took into consideration as he effortlessly dumped their bodies into the swamp, imparting words of wisdom onto Tommy that gators ''love marshmallows'', as he sprinkled some over his parents' corpses. It's not exactly the soundest advice to give to a person who just murdered his own flesh and blood, eh Sam? Consider your ass bitten.

    Jason has a hilarious sex dream about Jessica that soon becomes a sex dream about Jessica and Hoyt, and eventually ends as a sex dream about Jason and Hoyt. Funny stuff! Jason has a heart to heart with Hoyt about his traumatic experiences at Hotshot. Apparently he was raped over two dozen times. And while the way Jason reacts to such a situation fits his character, I didn't quite like how geared towards laughs his confession was, given the severity of the situation. But I can see the writers attempting to tone this character down. It has only taken four years...

    Elsewhere, the episode more or less fires on all cylinders. It may be taking longer than usual to set up this witchy arc, but the slow moving nature of this year's main storyline means that we've been allowed a lot of time to breathe. There are quite a few tender moments in this episode, and have been during the past. It's only now that I can see this more clearly because everyone seems to be touching base and whether they know it or not, are all connected to the same event.

    I particularly enjoyed Tara's reaction upon finding out that Eric is living with Sookie. Especially considering the huge talk they had about honesty only seconds beforehand. I expected nothing less than for Tara to flip out and matter of factly state just how stupid Sookie is for allowing him to live with her. And I couldn't agree more. It hasn't been a flaw, as such, this year, but I'm having a really hard time buying into the fact that within the space of a week, Sookie has fallen for Eric. Sure, the majority of the tender moments this week do spawn from their new, flirty dynamic, but for Sookie to completely disregard all Eric has done? I guess I enjoy this new Eric because the plot raises a few interesting questions as to whether or not we are defined as people only by our memories.

    Stupid Sookie or not, I positively loved her first scene with Marnie at the MoonGoddess Emporium (which looks an awful lot like the same layout as The Magic Box in Buffy). I've said it before and I'll say it again: my favorite kind of Sookie is a proactive Sookie. The entire sequence where she filtered through Marnie's mind only to receive a message from her grandmother was both superbly realised by Anna Paquin and Fiona Shaw and rather touching, too. Gran warns Sookie not give Eric her heart. It looks as though that ship is just about to sail, Gran!

    And poor Pam. She's in bits during this episode. No, really. In bits. Her ear falls off at one point! The cliff-hanger is staged really well, as Pam finally vents her complete and utter frustration with Marnie, ''the uppity wiccan C***''. And in doing so accidentally spills the beans on where Eric is hiding out. I wonder what Bill will stumble upon? A sneaky porch-lit kiss or a full on romp in the sack?

    I know what you Sookie/Eric shippers are hoping for!

  • The season starts picking up a bit here.

    With all of the kinks worked out of the first quarter of the season, the show seems to be reaching a point where it's hitting its stride. I still don't think the story here in Season 4 is as interesting or fun as the previous seasons, but now that the whole Portia Bellefleur plot and "Jason being raped by everyone" plot is somewhat resolved, we can work on focusing on important things, such as the vampires vs. witches.

    I always thought that the witch vs. vampires plot could be a great direction for the show as long as they could successfully pull it off, and finally, the show seems to be delivering on the promise. Marnie has finally been captured and taken to Bill's prison. The scene where Marnie flashbacks to the 17th Century was revealing, mostly because we're starting to get a glimpse at the relationship between vampires and others before the show started. Things end on a cliffhanger note (finally, a really good one!) where Bill learns via Pam that Eric is staying at Sookie's house. Bill hasn't gotten a lot to do, but for once, we get to see Bill and Sookie getting stories separate from each other. The look on Bill's face when he learns that Sookie lied to him was great.

    Meanwhile, Sookie and Tara seem to be on bad terms also after Tara learns that Eric is hiding at Sookie's house. The writers are doing a good job of shaking things up five episodes in, and the fact that we still have more than half of a season left excites me. Plus, talk about a crazy final scene between Sookie and Eric. They finally kiss! Well, it's not as exciting for me, but the scene was played out beautifully: the music was perfect and it seems as if this scene has been built up since back around Season 2.

    As far as everything else goes, plots that were stagnating are finally getting some life, even if they're less important to the show. For instance, Sam, who was captured by Joe Lee and his mother, surprised me by actually killing them both and turning to Sam for help. Sam helps him out and we get a tense series of scenes where they try to escape police and rid of the bodies. I hope the show will continue to give Sam and Tommy good scenes instead of pointless throwaway ones. As for Jason, now that he's gone, he's being looked after with Hoyt and Jessica. However, after drinking Jessica's blood, he's having dreams about her. It also doesn't help that Jessica is distant with Hoyt. We also get the return of Tara's mom, this time in the form of an exorcist who is ridding demons from Terry and Arlene's house. I always thought the "killer baby" plot was the dumbest of them all, but right now, it's actually proving to be somewhat true. There's definitely somebody screwing with Terry and Arlene so I'm anxious to see what it is.

    I've been pretty harsh on this season, not necessarily because I don't like it but because it's been disappointing in comparison to the other seasons. But the show is starting to hit its stride, so I'm excited to see how the second half goes.
  • Bout Freakin' Time!

    May I just say, finally! After all the wallowing in his own self pity for the whole episode Eric and Sookie kissed. Anyway Tommy retaliates against Joe Lee and his mother and kills them both and enlists Sam to help get rid of them with a close call from Sheriff Andy. Jason is returned home by Jessica and Hoyt but she still can't touch Hoyt for some reason and the rift between them grows and to make matters worse Jason has a dream about having sex with Jessica and Hoyt sitting next to him telling him how he's betraying him by doing it. But it is funny to see him give into Jessica after asking if it's a dream and his impression of God now wanting him to have sex as a sort of rationalization getting raped by so many women in Hotshot. But the full moon is tomorrow and Jason will certainly be going through some changes then. Bill proved himself as the true king and a self sacrificial person by glamoring Portia into not wanting to be with him anymore so I guess that's the last of Courtney Ford, and he also gets Marnie captured after she reads Sookie's future by talking to Gran and to not trust Eric and that Marnie is dangerous. Marnie admits even under glamoring that she doesn't know how to reverse the spells she's cast much to Pam's dismay and Bill enlists the Sheriffs of Louisiana to begin a search for him but Pam gives away his position. Lafayette and Jesus head to Mexico to find Jesus's grandfather who is a witch of sorts to empower them against the vampires. We also get a history lesson on vampires through Bill and Marnie's visions of Catholic vamps. Alcide is rudely interrupted by the Packmaster of Shreveport insisting that he must enlist with their Pack to which he says no. Eric and Sookie grow closer and when learning what he's done when revealing himself to Tara decides to leave and not to attempt losing control and killing the light inside of her. Great episode and now that we've got the romance out of the way we can see how much danger the witches really are with Marnie pushed to the sidelines so it would seem.
  • I Hate You, I Love You

    I Hate You, I Love You was a superb episode of True Blood and I really enjoyed watching this episode because most all of the main characters had some major developments. It was particularly interesting to see flashbacks from Jesus and Marnie. I loved when Sookie visited Marnie and heard her Gran. There were a lot of answers and lot of new questions raised. This episode had all the classic elements for each of the characters adding to their depth. I look forward to seeing what happens next and I can't wait to watch the next episode of True Blood!!!!!!!
  • 405

    Another solid episode of True Blood here tonight.

    Usually I hate the Tommy and Sam scenes, I find Tommy to be an annoyance, but I didn't mind their stuff today. A nice tease with Andy nearly discovering what was actually in the back of the van. Good suspense there.

    The Jessica and Jason "dream" served as a handsel of what we can expect from those two down the drain. Not sure if a love triangle, or should I say another love triangle, is what the show needs right now, but I'll give it a chance.

    And of course they end with another excellent cliffhanger, something True Blood does as well as any other show.
  • Great episode, but it felt more like a bridge to the AMAZING episode which will come next ;)


    While most of the True Blood episodes seem to be filled with loads of stories and no development, I felt like we finally got somewhere with this episode! Yes, I am referring to Sookie and Eric's kiss. I've been dying (along with practically the entire fan base) for those two to finally hook up. However, the episode was filled with an adequate amount of cute-time. First with the return of 'evil' Godric haunting Eric's subconsciousness, then with the intense cuddling session, EricXSookie fans were sure to be pleased with this one - I know I was! I've been dying for a confrontation between Bill and Sookie and Eric since the first episode, so I'm very satisfied that the next episode will fulfill this need.

    Now that I got gushing over my favorite story-line out of my system, I can go on about the other characters. I thoroughly enjoyed Pam's breakdown. She always maintains a calm, cool composure, so seeing her freak out about her rotting face was quite interesting (and gross).
    Tommy and Sam are annoying, but I have to admit that killing the parents was entertaining. (I thought alligator-version-Tommy was going to eat them.
    Tara and Sookie yelling at each other was a nice rality-check.

    And on to my favorite sideline, Arlene and her devil-baby. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tara's mom as her role as the preacher's wife exorcising the house - hahah! It was a great laugh to draw back from all the drama.

    It was a good episode!
  • The Viking and the Fairy...

    Once upon a time there was a viking trapped inside a Castle, it was actually a really old house and the viking had long since became a vampire. Although he was trapped within his nightmares, he had never lose hope that the fairy he was in love with would one day come to his rescue.

    Not far from the Castle there was a also village, it was actually a very small town about as old as the house. Inside this willage, the very townfolk the viking had harmed since he became a vampire. That very night, the bartender's brother was killing his parents (before those parents would kill him), a ghost from the past was forced out of the house where his baby was sleeping and three witches were plotting against the viking who have done so much harm to so many of them.

    It was a scary village, but then so it was a scary viking, even if all he could remember were the nightmares only a fairy could drove away, even if his only comfort was the thought the same fairy would love him one day, the viking awaited ...and despaired. And so it went once upon a time, the night the viking found out just how vicious he was, the same night of the murder, the ghost and the witches, the same night his progeny rats him out to the King, for the same night he might die was the night the fairy, finally, kissed him.