True Blood

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2008 on HBO

Episode Recap

Sookie is confronted on Bill's porch by a trio of vampires: Diane, Malcolm and Liam (who is the vampire from the video with Maudette). She is clearly nervous and trying not to show it. Malcolm invites Sookie inside and she asks him if he is trying to glamor her. He admits that he is and she tells them that glamoring doesn't work on her. The trio are surprised to realize that Sookie is unaffected by their attempts. Bill calls Diane's name from the house and tells her to let Sookie in. Sookie walks past them to find Bill in the living room. There are two humans in the room with him, a male and female.

They tease Bill about his statements of "living" purely on Tru Blood, mistakenly assuming Sookie is providing him with blood. Diane teases Sookie telling the others she believes Sookie is a virgin. Sookie says, "that's none of your business you nosy bitch". They grab at Sookie so they can share in Bill's "food". Diane tells her that virgin blood is the best tasting blood there is. She pauses and corrects herself saying it is the second best. Liam says that babies' blood is the best. Bill intervenes and bluntly states that Sookie is his and he will not share. Malcolm offers his human pet, Jerry, to Bill as food and Bill bends to taste Jerry. Sookie hears Jerry's thoughts and warns Bill that he is infected with Hepatitis D. Jerry tries to attack Sookie but Bill breaks his wrist and drops him, unconscious, to the floor.

The trio leave with their "pets" to go to their nest in Monroe although Diane is curious about how Sookie knew Jerry was infected. Bill ushers them out the door without explanation.

Now that the vamp trio have left Sookie gives Bill the information she gathered so he can hire people to help remodel his home. He had been having trouble getting hold of contractors since he slept during the day and Sookie found workers for him. She heads toward the door and Bill follows. He explains to her how he knew the trio and admits that he has had sex once with Diane right after she became a vampire. He tells her that when vamps live together it is called a "nest" but it makes them more prone to violent activities. She asks him what Hep D is and he reveals it is the only blood born pathogen that is dangerous to vampires. It leaves them weakened for about a month. Bills asks if he might kiss her and she tells him she couldn't stand it after them (the vamp trio).

Tara and Sam are closing up Merlotte's and Tara asks Sam for a drink. She isn't in any hurry to go home yet. She chides Sam for not going after Sookie. He asks her if he has to remind her that he is her boss. She ignores that and keeps after him. He tells her that not everyone likes laying their guts out on the table. He tells her that he kind of did tell Sookie how he felt about her right before Bill walked in the door. He tells Tara that Sookie can't hear Bill's thoughts and that he told Sookie he didn't mind if she listened to his thoughts. Tara interupts him by telling him that Sookie doesn't want to hear people's thoughts. She tells him that he doesn't stand a chance.

Dawn comes home from work pleased with herself for leaving Jason tied to her bed all day. She is grabbed from behind and thrown onto her bed (which is empty and absent of Jason's presence). The masked intruder informs Dawn that he needs to taste her again, implying he is the vampire she had previously slept with. She becomes frightened and fights back. The intruder informs her that he has already drained the gift she had tied to her bed and she freaks out thinking that Jason has been killed. Right before she becomes completely hysterical the intruder pulls off his mask. It is Jason.

Sookie heads to her home and is intercepted by Bill. She begins to realize that she might be over her head with everything that has been happening in the prior few days and pulls away from Bill. She tells him they shouldn't see each other anymore. She tells him she had to bury her bloody clothes so her grandmother wouldn't find them when the Rattray's almost killed her. She goes on to remind him of the danger she was in earlier that night from the vamp trio. She wants to know why then would she continue to see him. Bill bluntly tells her that she will never be comfortable being herself with a human whose thoughts she can read.

Tara is still reluctant to go home and sits with Sam outside his home. Their talk turns to sex and how long it has been for each of them. Tara suggests a "friends with benefits" arrangement to Sam and after an initial refusal Sam gives in.

Jason is in the middle of sex with Dawn when he overthinks the vampire in the video with Maudette and looks down at Dawn seeing Liam instead. His body responds to his hallucination and he is incapable of functioning anymore. Dawn informs him that because he can't get it up he isn't worth her time and she orders him out of her home. They argue loudly and she shoots a gun toward Jason to encourage his departure. He yells at her from the porch which wakes a neighbor. When he arrives home is further frustrated by vampires when everything he channel surfs through on television seems to be vamp related programming.

Bill goes to the nest of Diane, Liam and Malcolm to make sure they understand that Sookie is his and they are to steer clear. He notices the female pet that was at his home is now dead and draining for the trio's food. He threatens them with a "higher power" of vamps, hinting that they answer to someone else.

Tara wakes up next to Sam and sees him curled up, barking in his sleep. She leaves Sam's to finally go home. Her mother is in the living room drunk and she attacks Tara. Lettie Mae falls to the floor after the attack and tells Tara to help her up. Tara refuses and goes to Lafayette's for refuge. When she tells Lafayette that she slept with Sam and he barks in his sleep he tells her that white people are f-ed up.

Jason is concerned over his flacid status and goes to Lafayette to see if he has anything that can help Jason rise to the occassion. Lafayette tells him that Viagra is legal but Jason wants something quick. Lafayette offers him vampire blood, calling it "V juice" for $600. Jason tries to get if for free but Lafayette doesn't fall for Jason's charms. Jason pays for it by dancing on video for Lafayette so Lafayette can post the video online for money. He strips down to his underwear to dance but becomes self-conscious about whether people he knows will see the video. Lafayette throws him a mask to wear. Tara appears and catches sight of what Lafayette and Jason are doing. She stands (unknown to the pair) and watches Jason dance. Lafayette warns Jason to only take a couple of drops at a time of the juice.

Sam calls Sookie, asking her to go wake up Dawn. Dawn is late for her shift and it is Sookie's day off. They believe Dawn has overslept. Sookie goes to Dawn's house, enters the unlocked door and finds Dawn dead on her bed. There are two fang marks on her neck. Sookie screams.