True Blood

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2008 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Vampire mythology:
      - Hepatitis D is a Hepatitis mutation relatively harmless to humans, and is the only blood-born pathogen vampires are susceptible to. It makes vampires weak for around a month. The real danger is being captured and staked during this time.
      - Vampires' bodies have no electrical impulses. No brain waves, no heart beat, no need to breathe. They are dead.
      - When vampires live in nests, the vampires become more cruel and more vicious.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: What animates you no longer animates me.
      Sookie: What does animate you, then? Blood? How do you digest it if nothing works?
      Bill: Magic.
      Sookie: Oh, come on, Bill. I may look naive, but I'm not. And you, you need to remember that.
      Bill: You think that it's not magic that keeps you alive? Just 'cause you understand the mechanics of how something works doesn't make it any less of a miracle. Which is just another word for magic. We're all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic's just a little different from yours, that's all.

    • Sookie: Bill, night before last I had to bury my bloody clothes because I didn't want my grandmother to know I was almost killed and tonight I was almost killed again! Why on earth would I continue seeing you?
      Bill: Because you will never find a human man you can be yourself with.

    • Sookie: And... you and Diane dated?
      Bill: We had sex once, just after she was made a vampire in the late 1930's.
      Sookie: What? Gross. Bill, she so... they're all so...
      Bill: Evil. Yes, they are. They share a nest and when vampires share a nest, they become more cruel, more vicious. They become laws unto themselves. Whereas vampires such as I, who live alone are much more likely to hang on to some semblance of our former humanity.

    • Bill: Hepatitis D is the only blood born pathogen to which we are susceptible. Malcolm must be furious.
      Sookie: Hepatitis?
      Bill: A mutation. Relatively harmless to human, oddly enough.
      Sookie: I've never even heard of it.
      Bill: That's because we've kept it out of the media.
      Sookie: And it makes you sick for a year?
      Bill: No. It just makes us weak for about a month or so. The biggest danger to us from Hep-D is being captured and staked during that time.

    • Sookie: Are you trying to glamor me?
      Malcolm: (Malcolm is shocked that she notices) Yes.
      Sookie: That doesn't work on me.

  • Notes

    • Adina Porter (Lettie Mae Thornton) was added to the main credits in this episode.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Je moje (Is Mine)

    • Although credited, Chris Bauer (Detective Andy Bellefleur), Jim Parrack (Hoyt Fortenberry), Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Michael Raymond-James (Rene Lenier) & William Sanderson (Sheriff Bud Dearborne) do not appear in this episode.

    • International airdates:
      -Latin America: February 1, 2009 on HBO Latinoamerica.
      -Czech Republic: February 17, 2009 on HBO.
      -Australia: February 24, 2009 on Showcase.
      -Italy: May 11, 2009 on Fox.
      -Germany: May 18, 2009 on 13th Street.
      -Russia: June 19, 2009 on Fox Life.
      -United Kingdom: July 31, 2009 on FX.

    • Featured Music:

      -Snake in the Grass by Vallejo
      -Free Fall by Pitch Black
      -Downtown by Alex Chilton
      -Far Far Away by Wilco
      -From a Whisper to a Scream by Allen Toussaint
      -Mine by Bing Crosby and Judy Garland
      -Red Eyes and Tears by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      -Belly Disco by Karminsky Experiment
      -Soccer Practice by Jonny McGovern
      -Good Times by Charlie Robison

  • Allusions

    • Sam: You know what I really wish would come to Marthaville? Huh? Buffy. Or Blade.

      Blade is a vampire hunter created by Marvel Comics. It produced three movies starring Wes Snipes starting in 1998. Buffy Summers is a vampire slayer created by Joss Whedon. It produced a movie starring Kristy Swanson in 1992 and a television series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar called Buffy the Vampire Slayer that ran from 1997-2003.