True Blood

Season 1 Episode 9

Plaisir D'Amour

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on HBO

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  • Another Good'un!

    It's another strong offering from True Blood with "Plasir D'amour", an episode packed with lots of juicy character moments, gross-out scenes and some of the hottest sex you're likely to see on TV. While the show is still struggling with gaining its own voice, I'm enjoying the multiple character threads now, whereas before they lacked a sense of direction.

    One thing I have noticed with this show is that it cannot seem to allow each character to have a decent storyline. Every week someone suffers at the fate of bad storytelling, and surprisingly, it's Tara this week. Last week her story was "inerr-resting" since we were just being introduced to her new-found situation, but nothing has moved along at all this hour. She's still whining, still in disbelief over her mother, liking Sam and then hating him; she's a broken record!

    Sam, on the other hand, has moved along quite a bit, especially in the final moments of the episode. That's right, Dean the dog is in fact Sam the weirdo, and ya have to wonder if he was playing the concerned boyfriend with Tara in hope that if his secret turned public she'd somewhat understand. Hmmph. Loved those final few moments with Dean not wanting to look at Sookie undress. Very funny.

    Bill and Sookie are overshadowed this week by a much more interesting couple - Amy and Jason. One grisly death scene aside, I found myself bored by Sookie's problems. Again, she's a character that's stuck on the same page as last week, so nothing feels fresh. I do like the fact that we should be seeing more on the vampire side of things as the episodes continue, but hopefully they'll be far more credible than Eric and his generic fang-gang. Bill will hopefully stay away for a few episodes. Not that I dislike the guy, but I'd like to see what'll happen without someone to protect Sookie.

    The most shocking thing about this episode is how Jason is handled. It's a solid episode for him, as we get to see many a different sides to his character. Again, it's mostly down to Amy, who has just made this show an added joy to watch. Her outlook on life has certainly got Jason buzzing! Although sex like that would have any red-blooded male singing about the trees, they could run for the hottest couple on TV.

    It'll be interesting to see where the show will take Jason and his budding friendship with his prisoner. It looks to be leaning towards his release, but their conversation has me wondering if Jason is considering turning. And while the show often throws out a good cliffhanger, its the first time in ages I'm excited for the next episode!