True Blood

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 18, 2013 on HBO

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  • Sookie gets bitch slapped. Awesome.

    Warlow bitch slaps Sookie "Who do you think you are?"

    THANK YOU! That was LONG overdue! Seriously, she agrees to "mate" with him or whatever and when she pulls her usual crap "You know I'm a southern girl and a southern girl keeps her promises but ummm, I changed my mind. Can we just date? That way I can always slip back to Eric or Bill if the wind blows that direction" SLAP! I wanna put that on a 2 hour loop...


    Anyway after that scene we know Warlow is gonna die by the end of the episode, but the way they did it was LAME. There's been plenty of fan written alternate death scenes posted I don't think I need to go into this.


    Then there's the fact they just kinda hit the reset button on bill. BAM the last 2 seasons never happened. They can't have anyone character too overpowered so they always either die or for some reason become weenies (Russell, Warlow, Eric, now Remember the beginning of the season/end of last season? Bill had just become a super Vampire at the end of the last, and then first thing that happens this season is they mellow him out to be less of a threat. *Cough* Cop out *Cough*

    But I'm OK with the way his powers were written out, they did that well... Better that then killing him off.... I GUESS... (Warlow would have made a decent replacement if he weren't so powerful.. but with the show coming to an end soon I guess they should finish with the cast the started with) But then the first thing he wants to do is chase Sookie again. UGH...

    There was a lot of other stuff to be enjoyed when tho.

    I still consider this show to be the pinnacle of cheesy drama supernatural TV, following in the footsteps of Charmed, Buffy etc it takes pages from those shows and improves upon them, adding it's own flavor (though it's mostly boring soft core porn) to the genre.
  • Indeed a radioactive (disaster) which pretty much ruined a very good season

    Good Lord! What a horrible way to end a very good season!

    And I am NOT talking about the cheap cliffhanger with Eric, I know (and you do too) that you don't kill a protagonist (who happens to be the most popular character of the show) within 20secs out of nowhere. They just delivered us an intense yet cheap, irritating and cliche cliffhanger. And I don't know if that was what Eric would do after what he experienced and done. I wasn't surprised that the director of the show had to spoil this cliffhanger after 2 days, revealing that Eric is alive and probably it will be Pam who will save him, because Trubies were to riot the HBO HQ. Eric is by far my favorite character too and I know he is the most popular but forcing the director to spoil the major cliffhanger, I don't know... Didn't like it.

    Oh well, what it did disappoint me about the finale:

    1) Warlow's death:

    Maybe Niall took Warlow's hands to the other dimension (what a convenient timing which proved a poorly written episode) but was that enough to immobilize him? I think not. So, either Warlow didn't have vamp strength (only vamp speed, healing and fangs) or the writers screw it. Now we will never know. I would prefer Niall to open the portal and blast Warlow with that supernova energy ball. That would make a realistic death.

    2) Bill's mental restoration:

    The moment Bill lost all his powers and the potential glory as the incarnated original vampire (so many better ways they could play this card, not this vamp god nonsense!) he immediately started caring about the "abomination" (Sookie). That makes him so weak and delusional I almost felt sorry for him... He is trying to resume his life like nothing ever happened! Pathetic!

    3) Taking Sookie out of the Fae dimension:

    Not only it was super easy and Warlow was just watching them when they were taking Sookie but Jason freed her with a bullet on her restrains that Warlow had sealed with his light. I mean, really? The light seal keeps Warlow but not a bullet?!

    4) Government/Army/Police reaction:

    There are zombievamps roaming and hunting in packs and the authorities sit and watch, feeling sorry for what Truman Burrell did?!!!! Where is the S5 General's threat that the Pentagon is thinking to eradicate vamp kind from the face of the planet (or at least from the face of the US)?

    5) Sam:

    Sam forgot Emma and her mother so easily despite he was determined to raise the child. How could he literally replace her with Nicole in just one week?! Also, as a mayor he has a terrible plan. Matching humans and vamps? If babyvamp Jessica, Tara and Willa can actually protect a human from those weak zombievamps, what humans need is a good gun, not a vamp protector.

    6) HepV and Zombievamps:

    Truman Burrell and Sarah Newlin created and unleashed a virus without testing it confirmed it). The main characteristic of a virus is self-mutation. They never thought that the virus could mutate and kill humans as well? If they were testing the virus they would know that soon this virus will not kill vamps but it would make them literally mindless predators (zombievamps as I call them). And maybe Truman and Sarah were stupid, but Overlark didn't seem stupid. He should see this coming. As for the zombievamps, there is nothing that I hate more than zombies and love more than vampires. I hope they get rid of them by the end of the next season.

    7) Relationships:

    Seeing Sookie realizing that she was betrayed 3rd time by a vamp and deciding to stay away from them was predictable yet logical and I was relieved. I got worried when she was watching Bill with that expression. I don't like Alcide but at least Sookie is happy. Seeing her not giving a cr#p where Eric is after 6 months made me wonder about what she said. She said that she love him and staked Bill to protect him, etc. Now, if they plan to rematch her with a vamp, I prefer Eric, he has good chemistry and potential with Sookie. But if she plans to stick with her plan "No more vamps" I would like to see Eric matching with Willa. She was so innocent-looking when he turned her and she fell in love with him despite he kidnapped her. Pam is good too. I would like to see her more than his progeny.

    Now, what it was good with this episode is that it was secretive and needed some thinking. I am talking about Warlow's blood. It seems that what makes the vampires able to walk in the sun is the light that fairies have in their blood. However, as explained by Takahashi, fae blood becomes human blood outside of their hosts / bearers of light. That explains why the daywalking ability is temporary after consuming fae blood. Now, Warlow's blood was able to remain fae blood outside him 4ever because the vampire blood in him maintained it. But, when Warlow died, his light died along with him and his blood, wherever it was, turned to ordinary vampire blood (although this explanation would leave a plot hole on S4, since Eric was able to daywalk after killing Claudine). That's why Eric, Bill, etc lost their daywalking ability.

    Having said that I had to downgrade the general rating for the series after this terrible finale episode for the 7 reasons described above (which it was something I never thought I would do), the series remains my favorite but it really needs a better storytelling and coherent writing. It needs to find good writers ASAP for the next season, which it will be its last (something that disappointed me since I was expecting 8 seasons with those good ratings that it still hits, but I prefer the show to leave with a bang. However, I believe they won't be able to end the show with a satisfying way within 10 episodes. And even if they do, it will be rushed. The final season should be 12-15 episodes at least).
  • Radioactive

    They set the stage for Alcide and Bill competing over Sookie in the final season, and there were some enjoyable moments, but the problem was that they wrapped everything up last week so there was little excitement this week.

    Interesting, but unbelievably uneventful for a season finale.
  • Season Finale???

    Why is this season, at least, 2 episodes shy? This show already has short seasons now we have to wait even longer for the next season. The makers and actors are getting lazy and starting to think they are more than what they are. This season has really sucked by killing off Terry. Terry and Eric are the best ones on the show and they made it look like Eric died. Eric can not go out like that. Also, to jump forward 6 months like that and then try to sloppily wrap things up like they did. Very disappointing season.
  • Not Eric!

    Seriously, like Sheriff Northman would even met the sun when he has two progenies and one grandchild back home. Whatever he is, he is a maker first. He owes his family to survive if not for him, then not to look bad when compared to Andy. See, that's a man who would stand by his 6 months and 2 weeks old daughter as fiercely as he stands by this town.

    Aside some shocking numbers like Alcide finally getting into a relationship with Sookie, Jessica's boyfriend being a very decent singer & volleyball player, Violet a pretty decent sister-in-law and the people of Bon Temp genuinely decent regardless race, belief system or supernatural status, this season finale succeeds to move the story forward and set a whole new game with a level of danger we haven't seen perhaps since The Great Revelation.
  • Mayor Silver Fox

    just watched this again to see if my initial "meh" reaction was really deserved... my "meh" has gone to wtf?? Still freaks me out that they time warped forward 6 months in such a lazy way just to wrap up a few loose ends and add this rather silly state of affairs. Still hoping to see more of Eric - recovered from roasting and equally unclothed, lol. Still yelling at Tara for indulging her mother's obvious, self serving sermon... and still laughing my ass off about Mr Silver Fox being the town mayor - bwahahahahah!

    here's hoping next year is better :)
  • Radioactive

    I've gotta say, this was a pretty good Season finale of a show that has often gone off the rails in the past few years. While aimlessly delving into camp all too often, the only great thing of the 3-5 years was the series' favorite of mine Russell Edgington. But what might've proved a plodding, unnecessary stakes free (pun intended) finale heated up when Warlow decides that he doesn't want Sookie's "let's date" proposition, which is totally reasonable but I guess 5500 years, as he puts it, makes someone not trust in patience that much. I liked the vamps in the sun thing, even though many may not have and we did finally get the question answered of when Warlow's blood wears off which is when he dies. But many characters seem to be on their way back to interesting, Jason and Violet's romance and Sam being Mayor, Bill writing a book in the flashforward of six months that the show desperately needed. But the Warlow teamup ended satisfyingly as Grandpa Rutger reached out of the dimension to save his grandkids and Jason staked him. This was bad news for Eric, who was reading in the buff in the snowy mountains of Sweden and seems to have met his end. But Pam went after him so will she save him? Such a cliffhanger will make certain I stay tuned for Season 7 indeed since Eric has always been a favorite and I'm glad we didn't need to see that much of him. But I do finally understand what Brian Buckner said at Comic-Con about "the show going back to its roots" and that in the time jump we see the Bon Temps community come together after the Hep-V outbreak which is supposedly infecting 1/8th of the world vamp population and that humans should have a consensual feeding relationship with a vampire. But this makes me wonder fort he blood testing, what about back in Season 1 where the feeding boy had Hep D or something and that was something that made vamps sick, wouldn't that come into play also and be publicly known for testing or just Hep-V, and what does this mean about the Hawaii Tru Blood delivery stolen last week. I thought that meant that some vamps had been mobilized against its spreading I guess? Either way it was good to get a time jump and get some character consistency, with Jessica apologizing for eating all the faerie daughters of Andy (this story actually turned out to be pertinent to the story of this season so bravo writers for elevating it beyond gag territory), Tara getting to feed on her mother who apologizes for being a crappy parent, to Bill offering his protection to Sookie since she is in danger. Also, him calling Alcide (new beau of Sookie) "bright eyes" was amusing and I love it when the supes clash into name calling. But the whole "zompire thing" comes into play heavily. The timejump was something that as heavily serialized as True Blood is it needed to give us the Buckner era beginning (he only took over near the end of the season) as Arlene now owns Merlotte's, Sam is now happily with a pregnant Nicole, and Lafayette is at church (did we ever establish that he went to church at all? is he accepted there?) And didn't Eric glamour Alcide into being disgusted by Sookie back in Season 4? So is he falling back in with her a sign that Eric is dead or that love conquers all? Seems like something they will surely retcon. But we did get a sense of going back to the focus on the community next season, and while I would give them mad props for killing Eric it seems like something that Willa would feel and I didn't see any hint of that in her conversation with Tara or at least it would've been a talking point since Makers and progenies are so linked and he hasn't released her Willa theoretically would be able to feel Eric's death if it occurred. But it was good that the show didn't completely stop the Hep-V storyline and instead used it to evolve the show's relationship between humans and vampires. I also like Bill going back to Season 1 softie and pining for Sookie, did anyone else notice he was wearing the thermal from the first episode again? But it looks like the series is headed into a good territory again and as the "zompires" will surely lay waste to a good bit of Bon Temps next season we have a whole community to focus on and what can hopefully be a return to simplicity in what has become a "giant world ending consequences brought to you from a bunker deep underground" of the past two seasons. Also, the Imagine Dragons song fits well into the looming attack surely to open next season's premiere. Does True Blood still have too many characters? Sure. But the streamlining of Season 6's plot didn't meander as much as previous years and from what we've seen the show may be able to capture what it once had in focusing on the "down south" appeal it had for the first two years sprinkled with a lot of supernatural here and there and not focusing too much on soapy dialogue/writing and gags. Also, do baby faeries stop growing after two weeks? Adeline looks exactly the same six months on so I guess she stays in that phase for a long time, or it might be the blood loss from Jessica's attack weakened her aging? Who knows, just question I wanna bring up. Regardless this makes me more excited to stay invested in a show I very nearly gave up on after last season.
  • WTF?!

    - What the hell? Look, I know that TB is a campy soap opera with a lot of WTFness but I still don't know what to make of the episode. I mean, what a strange episode and finale. The sad thing is that it happened when everything was going so well. I can't help but feel frustrated and underwhelmed especially considering what was an overall great season. One of my biggest issues with the finales was the fact that it felt so abrupt and rushed. Everything came out of nowhere and didn't make much sense.

    - Why did they have to go with the predictable choice with Warlow? I don't know but his sudden shift into bad just felt underdeveloped and too sudden. I realize he was always bad but it didn't make much sense. Why would they develop him into such a nice character, someone actually decent and that I actually liked. It just felt cheap to be honest. If he's actually evil then lay some groundwork. It felt he turned evil for the sake of the finale, it didn't feel true to the character. Besides, why go with the obvious choice? Wouldn't it have been him being good? Instead we got the usual "let's save Sookie" nonsense, which is getting old and repetitive. I didn't like the way the tied up his storyline, as it felt too convenient. I mean, of course Niall is suddenly going to come out of nowhere to save the day! How did he manage to suddenly escape? Didn't they say that Warlow was so powerful and that only Sookie's electric ball could kill him? It was just so easy. I have to say that the whole Warlow storyline was rather anticlimactic and rather laughable. If they had made Warlow be an actual nice guy, and have him be with Sookie, dating and being happy, and letting all those possibilities with the vampires walking on sun, I would be very pleased. But they went the easy route: make him evil, kill him, and have Sookie be with the guy that acted as a douche all season, but she thinks its the good guy. So boring!

    - Then there was the time jump, which brought many changes, some good, some not so good. I did like the fact everyone seems to be back together, focused on one storyline, which the show sorely needs. Jessica finally got something meaningful to do in her scene with Andy and Adilyn. Tara and her mother reconnected, which will hopefully bring Tara back into the fold in Bon Temps a bit more next season - particularly with Lafayette, Sam and Sookie. The Hep V vamps could be an interesting threat to deal with next season, although I'm not sure how long they can stretch it out.

    - Jason and Violet - I hope this isn't the new Jason and werepanthers storyline, but I'll reserve judgement for now as Violet seems kinda interesting in a crazy way.

    - The person who though out the "after 6 months" scene can please be fired? Kind of right now? It felt like that fast forward that series that have been canceled last minute use to tie the loose ends, and never makes sense.

    - How come Sam's accent got 10x thicker when he got elected mayor?

    - Anyone else think Tara's Mother was infected and she was just feeding her daughter to kill her?

    - Sookie and I just hope we don't get another love triangle.

    - If Eric is truly dead that was horrible exit for a great character.

  • if northman is blood

    i like where they are going with humans and others are coming together and now there's gonna be some real fucked up vampires that just go town to town killing viciously starting a new war. northman has been popping up more and more it seems like on the big screen so wonder if they are gonna write him out for a bastard better come back tho or true blood fail