True Blood

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 18, 2013 on HBO

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  • Indeed a radioactive (disaster) which pretty much ruined a very good season

    Good Lord! What a horrible way to end a very good season!

    And I am NOT talking about the cheap cliffhanger with Eric, I know (and you do too) that you don't kill a protagonist (who happens to be the most popular character of the show) within 20secs out of nowhere. They just delivered us an intense yet cheap, irritating and cliche cliffhanger. And I don't know if that was what Eric would do after what he experienced and done. I wasn't surprised that the director of the show had to spoil this cliffhanger after 2 days, revealing that Eric is alive and probably it will be Pam who will save him, because Trubies were to riot the HBO HQ. Eric is by far my favorite character too and I know he is the most popular but forcing the director to spoil the major cliffhanger, I don't know... Didn't like it.

    Oh well, what it did disappoint me about the finale:

    1) Warlow's death:

    Maybe Niall took Warlow's hands to the other dimension (what a convenient timing which proved a poorly written episode) but was that enough to immobilize him? I think not. So, either Warlow didn't have vamp strength (only vamp speed, healing and fangs) or the writers screw it. Now we will never know. I would prefer Niall to open the portal and blast Warlow with that supernova energy ball. That would make a realistic death.

    2) Bill's mental restoration:

    The moment Bill lost all his powers and the potential glory as the incarnated original vampire (so many better ways they could play this card, not this vamp god nonsense!) he immediately started caring about the "abomination" (Sookie). That makes him so weak and delusional I almost felt sorry for him... He is trying to resume his life like nothing ever happened! Pathetic!

    3) Taking Sookie out of the Fae dimension:

    Not only it was super easy and Warlow was just watching them when they were taking Sookie but Jason freed her with a bullet on her restrains that Warlow had sealed with his light. I mean, really? The light seal keeps Warlow but not a bullet?!

    4) Government/Army/Police reaction:

    There are zombievamps roaming and hunting in packs and the authorities sit and watch, feeling sorry for what Truman Burrell did?!!!! Where is the S5 General's threat that the Pentagon is thinking to eradicate vamp kind from the face of the planet (or at least from the face of the US)?

    5) Sam:

    Sam forgot Emma and her mother so easily despite he was determined to raise the child. How could he literally replace her with Nicole in just one week?! Also, as a mayor he has a terrible plan. Matching humans and vamps? If babyvamp Jessica, Tara and Willa can actually protect a human from those weak zombievamps, what humans need is a good gun, not a vamp protector.

    6) HepV and Zombievamps:

    Truman Burrell and Sarah Newlin created and unleashed a virus without testing it confirmed it). The main characteristic of a virus is self-mutation. They never thought that the virus could mutate and kill humans as well? If they were testing the virus they would know that soon this virus will not kill vamps but it would make them literally mindless predators (zombievamps as I call them). And maybe Truman and Sarah were stupid, but Overlark didn't seem stupid. He should see this coming. As for the zombievamps, there is nothing that I hate more than zombies and love more than vampires. I hope they get rid of them by the end of the next season.

    7) Relationships:

    Seeing Sookie realizing that she was betrayed 3rd time by a vamp and deciding to stay away from them was predictable yet logical and I was relieved. I got worried when she was watching Bill with that expression. I don't like Alcide but at least Sookie is happy. Seeing her not giving a cr#p where Eric is after 6 months made me wonder about what she said. She said that she love him and staked Bill to protect him, etc. Now, if they plan to rematch her with a vamp, I prefer Eric, he has good chemistry and potential with Sookie. But if she plans to stick with her plan "No more vamps" I would like to see Eric matching with Willa. She was so innocent-looking when he turned her and she fell in love with him despite he kidnapped her. Pam is good too. I would like to see her more than his progeny.

    Now, what it was good with this episode is that it was secretive and needed some thinking. I am talking about Warlow's blood. It seems that what makes the vampires able to walk in the sun is the light that fairies have in their blood. However, as explained by Takahashi, fae blood becomes human blood outside of their hosts / bearers of light. That explains why the daywalking ability is temporary after consuming fae blood. Now, Warlow's blood was able to remain fae blood outside him 4ever because the vampire blood in him maintained it. But, when Warlow died, his light died along with him and his blood, wherever it was, turned to ordinary vampire blood (although this explanation would leave a plot hole on S4, since Eric was able to daywalk after killing Claudine). That's why Eric, Bill, etc lost their daywalking ability.

    Having said that I had to downgrade the general rating for the series after this terrible finale episode for the 7 reasons described above (which it was something I never thought I would do), the series remains my favorite but it really needs a better storytelling and coherent writing. It needs to find good writers ASAP for the next season, which it will be its last (something that disappointed me since I was expecting 8 seasons with those good ratings that it still hits, but I prefer the show to leave with a bang. However, I believe they won't be able to end the show with a satisfying way within 10 episodes. And even if they do, it will be rushed. The final season should be 12-15 episodes at least).