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  • Bloody Sexy Fun, Albeit a bit Preachy

    True Blood is awesome. But it can get caught up in allegory (which led to the iffy fifth season).
  • Boring Season

    Season 5 was totally boring do the season it was not so good as i was accept so please find out what you gonna make better at season 6
  • True Blood...

    ok True Blood is absolutely my Favorite Tv Show like Ever!

    and i watch a Lot but nothing can Take True Blood as The No.1 Show From My List

    but The Thing is Season 5 were Kinda a Weak Comparing to Season 3 and 4 besides for those who read the Books isn't Jason was suppose to become a Were-panther ?

    well i am not complaining or anything but i believe they got so much to do in season 6 in order to fix all the drops which happened in Season 5
  • A little different...

    I liked how the first couple of seasons followed the books in a general way... Sorta anyway... But these later seasons have sorta spun off track in a really unexpected way. Not bad, but just surprising.
  • still a great season

    when i watched season 5 i will say i has to go all the way back to season 1 to understand it again.. when i did everything put season 5 into place still love the show can't wait for season 6
  • I love the show!

    I loved this show. But I do admit, this season wasn't one of the best. It was a little boring at times, but when it did get interesting, it kept my on the edge of my seat. I still love the show regardless!
  • Intriguing and not as dissapointing as I thought.

    I really liked this season. At first, during the first 6 episodes, I really didn't know where they were going though in my opinion the plot has been more interesting this year. Religion and racism have been treated in a very fun -yet kinda deep way.

    I'm also a little tired of the Sookie-Bill-Eric trifecta, so that last scene with Billith was the surprise I needed. I really want to see what's next...

    Tara and Pam together is priceless!!

    I confess I enjoyed a lot last season, and I admit it was the worst, but Antonia Gaviln de Logroo and the Inquisition story was great comedy ;)

    This show has its flaws, and it's true the writing has it's WTF moments. But it's soooo much fun!!
  • This show has fallen off terribly, Not sure i will continue

    I'm not sure why there are so many BLIND fans of this show? Yes, the sex and violence has its appeal as the reputation of HBO is known for, but the writing on this show is absolutely dreadful. I liked some of the characters from the previous seasons, so i tried to let the poor writing slide and be entertained, but I found myself rolling my eyes more times that enjoying the show. I have a bunch of friends who admit this season wasn't good, but they will watch regardless. I wish people would be more honest with their reviews because praising this show only means you'll get more of the same garbage from the writers. I was really disappointed with this season, and I'll nly give them two episodes next season before I bail for good.
  • it turns me on!

    this show gets better each season. i love eric and sookie's relationship more
  • Very Nice Turnaround

    Very happy TB has changed it up a little bit, and lets face it last season was a train wreck, in my opinion. But they have turned it around on me, and it has came back on my list. Its back to being extremely unpredictable and the characters have their phenomenal roles back, lets keep it up for at least a couple more seasons please!
  • Comeback

    I am a huge fan on the show and even i have to admit the whole sookie - Bill - Eric love story was getting old and a bit predictable. The new season really needed to change things up. Season 5 has been great so far and I love how sookie and Jason have finally been spending time together and actally seem like brother and sister.
  • Great Show, but.....

    I love the show, and have been addicted since the first time I watched it. But with the new season, they are doing alot... I don't think Bill would be the one to fall for anything like this, he is to set in what he believes. With this said I am very interested to see where this leads....Still love the show!!!!
  • Great show !

    My favorite tv show, ever ! But in the latest season i just think that its Too much going on ! :/ they should tone it down, just a bit ......
  • thecleaner96

    I love this show. Keep them coming, thanks
  • Fun but over the top at times

    I enjoy this show, in saying so I don't fall for other vampire drivel that airs or plays on big screens or in print. In saying so I also know that this was a book first.

    It plays well and is fun to watch and leaves you wondering what will happen. I like many of the characters and hate many as well. That hate is a bonus as it takes much to create a character that you honestly want to slap in frustration..*cough tara cough* It is much easier to be indifferent to two dimensional characters.

    I look forward to season 6 and hope that the return of that dude... you know, buried in cement because he wants to suck on sookie..suki...whatever. FANG BANGERS.
  • Fantastic

    Great music, great cast.

    This show is definitely worth watching.

    Hope to see great things from Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Great Series

    I like this because its very unique it doesn't copy the teenage fab thats going on with Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I like it because it's different and its mature very adult with adult situations that make a whole lot of sense. I love how they not only just put vampires but they put every creature in the book in here and that's what make it fun to watch. Even making it where humans that drink vampire blood get a high from it which is different. I like thinking out the box shows and I thank the writers and everyone that was apart of this show for making it. I wouldn't know what to watch any other vampire series.
  • TRUE BLOOD is my guilty pleasure.

    I have been addicted to this show since day 1, episode 1,scene 1. !!!!!
  • Love the show

    I loved the show from the very first episode. The books are also very good as well so those of you who like watching the series I would suggest getting the books and reading them too!

    Love Alexander Skarsgard's character Eric much better than Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer. I love the location of the show it was just as I imagined it to be in the books!

    I can't wait for the newest season to come out. I am a truely I fan of this wonderful and exciting series!!
  • my favorite characters on the show is Lafeyette, Eric and Pam LOVE them!!! the show wouldnt be the same without them. Jessica has also grown on me :)

    my favorite characters on the show is Lafeyette, Eric & Pam. Lafeyette adds realism to the show in his actions and things he say. Eric is the coolest bad guy vampire but also keeping the town in check. Pam is loyal, experienced and total bad chick vamp. LOVE them!!! the show wouldnt be the same without them. Jessica has also grown on me in the fact that I have never seen a vampire learning but still embracing her new lifestyle proudly. She isnt ashamed of who she is, she is however learing about herself and what it is to be a vampire. This show is non stop entertainment with really interesting characters. One can never tell whats going to happen next, which keeps me guessing all the way through. I cant wait till next season!!
  • Fell in love from the start....

    I am in love with True blood, I have to admit that I dislike Anna Paquin a great deal and I do think they could have picked someone much better and much more like the character in the book..... but she does well enough that I still watch it. Every character is fantastic. This show never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat.... I was not too thrilled with this last season though, I think they could have done much more with the witches and it was a little dull as far as the rest of the seasons go. I can not wait till the next season comes on though, I will be watching every sunday.... as always it would never be a bad idea to have more Eric in the show... lets face it, his character is awesome and he is pretty easy on the eyes.... what a perfect looking man ;) Keep up the good work, see ya later truebies~
  • I love it!!

    I do! I do love this show! It's so breathtaking!! I only wish it would follow the books a little more, it would have been so much better, but so much different. Truly, I like both and the keep me waiting all week for another episode (and this week is pretty much killing me because no episode aired, so I have to wait for next week -_-,so sad) As far as it's started, season 3 is probably my favvourite seaon so far even if it's all mixed up and it's not following the books, there's a lor of action, twisted romance and new amazing character!! (and many that aren't new ^_^ )

    So if you haven't started it yet, you absolutly should!!
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • First impression of True Blood season 1

    I only just started watching True Blood and am upto episode 3, so far I think it's amazing and starting to get hooked already. The actors are fantastic & love the theme, suspense & absolutely Love the Sex Scenes! Must show to watch of the decade, can't wait for more so addictive!
  • This show is good but not as good as TVD.


    I have to admit i watched this series to see Anna Paquin naked but i enjoyed the first season and it only got better each season and the supernatural aspect of it is great as well. the only thing i hate about it is how Bill calls Sookie and how Sookie calls bill its so annoying in many levels. I have no doubt that season 5 will be great the only downside of it is that we have to wait for summer until a new episode becomesavailable.

  • Best Show Ever!


    Love this show...Season One Was Great, Season Two Was Just Awesome, Three Kept Me At The Edge Of My Seat, And Season Four Has Been Good So Far. I Will Admit That Eric Being All Nice And Polite Under This Witches Spell Isn't All That Great, But It's Cool! :)

  • True Blood, the story of everyone in Bon Temps.


    I started to watch True Blood after I read the southern vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I loved the books and was reallyexitedto see the show. So I watched it and I thought it was amazing how they portrayed Bon Temps and all of its residents.

    The cast is filled with very talented actors, they did a great job casting them. But I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with Anna Paquin. I find her a bit stiff and also not pretty, blonde and southern enough to play Sookie. The rest of them is great, Alexander Skarsgård is Eric Northman and he is one of the main reasons that I watch the show. Other favourites are Lafayette played by Nelsan Ellis, Pam played by Kristin Bauer and Jason played by Ryan Kwanten.

    I'm hooked on True Blood and I think its mostly for the reasons above, the cast and the amazing set. I also think that the make up and special effects are amazing. But I'm at the same time really annoyed with many things about the show.

    1. I'm gonna sound like some kind of a prude now, I'm not, I enjoy some nasty porn every once in a while. So here goes: I don't need to see them all naked and having sex. Boobs and asses everywhere. And who thought of making dead vamps turn into some bloody mess for everyone to roll around in? HBO always does this to their shows, using violence and sex for the chock value. So tired of it.

    2. The multiple story thing. I don't want to see what everyone in Bon Temps is doing, I want to see the supporting cast supporting the main characters. One episode is about 50+ minutes long and I always find myself a little disappointed in the end, half of the episode was spent on boring subplots that never seem to have any meaning in the end. I also wish that the show could have a wider timeline (is that how you say it??), every seasons is only a couple of days or so and they are really intense, why not make it a couple of weeks.

    I give this show 8/10 and I'm not really sure why because I find it very uneven. But I have to give it 8, because the good parts in the show are so awesome and somehow I can't stop watching it, can't wait to see another episode and I sort of miss it in the winter.

  • What I really love about this show is the dramatic story behind each character. Every actor is developing an amazing performance


    TrueBloodis revolutionizing theworld of vampiresand theirhidden society,presents a new versionof a lifewithvampiresinhuman lifeand the rulesof both.

    Themain characters of TrueBlood livearomancein the differentseasonsof the series,a romance thatwill have to overcomeobstacles,lies, andeven becomesa uniquelove triangle

    I believe that True Blood it is not regular vampire story like the ones that we are already used to watch…with the impossible love and the human girl that falls for the vampire and has to go through a lot of obstacles to be together…. This is much more than that!!! It is an exciting vampire story with strong personality, which makes you believe in the real existence of these evil creatures. It is a refreshing new view of the vampires show.

    This is a vampire's show that is almost real, because takes element from drama, actions, love and sex, to bring this fantasy world close to you.

    I can't remember a show that interests me this much. It has it all…sex, passion vampires, intrigue, action, and drama. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. It is a very human show for a vampires series. Once you get sucked into the drama you just want more and more. The show has grown since the beginning; it has evolved in such an amazing show, it is is great and I must say that this is probably one of the best HBO series in the season.

  • My late night addiction. That sets a new standard for the vampire genre.

    This show is, to put it in one word, Incredible. True Blood starts out slow. But as you become familiar with the characters and get sucked into the drama, you just want more and more.

    The thing that separates this show from others is the way vampires are portrayed you don't see the 'teddy bear' vampire that sparkle in the sunlight (Twilight). You see a scary and frankly more realistic view of these 'evil' creatures. Alan Ball does this through violence and sex, because of this I think it has become a 'love it or hate it' show.

    I love it and I don't know how anybody could possibly dislike this original show.
  • I think people are way too critical of this show.

    I really don't know what people expect from a show now a days! This show has drama, suspense, romance, action and everything you could expect. I don't know what more you could expect from a TV show, but yet I see people criticizing it. Honestly this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. There isn't another show out there that has kept me so interested and intrigued! It is an awesome show! I would definitely recommend it. Although I will warn you, it is not a family show. There is sex and drug scenes.
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