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  • I love it!!

    I do! I do love this show! It's so breathtaking!! I only wish it would follow the books a little more, it would have been so much better, but so much different. Truly, I like both and the keep me waiting all week for another episode (and this week is pretty much killing me because no episode aired, so I have to wait for next week -_-,so sad) As far as it's started, season 3 is probably my favvourite seaon so far even if it's all mixed up and it's not following the books, there's a lor of action, twisted romance and new amazing character!! (and many that aren't new ^_^ )

    So if you haven't started it yet, you absolutly should!!
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • First impression of True Blood season 1

    I only just started watching True Blood and am upto episode 3, so far I think it's amazing and starting to get hooked already. The actors are fantastic & love the theme, suspense & absolutely Love the Sex Scenes! Must show to watch of the decade, can't wait for more so addictive!
  • This show is good but not as good as TVD.


    I have to admit i watched this series to see Anna Paquin naked but i enjoyed the first season and it only got better each season and the supernatural aspect of it is great as well. the only thing i hate about it is how Bill calls Sookie and how Sookie calls bill its so annoying in many levels. I have no doubt that season 5 will be great the only downside of it is that we have to wait for summer until a new episode becomesavailable.

  • Best Show Ever!


    Love this show...Season One Was Great, Season Two Was Just Awesome, Three Kept Me At The Edge Of My Seat, And Season Four Has Been Good So Far. I Will Admit That Eric Being All Nice And Polite Under This Witches Spell Isn't All That Great, But It's Cool! :)

  • True Blood, the story of everyone in Bon Temps.


    I started to watch True Blood after I read the southern vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I loved the books and was reallyexitedto see the show. So I watched it and I thought it was amazing how they portrayed Bon Temps and all of its residents.

    The cast is filled with very talented actors, they did a great job casting them. But I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed with Anna Paquin. I find her a bit stiff and also not pretty, blonde and southern enough to play Sookie. The rest of them is great, Alexander Skarsgård is Eric Northman and he is one of the main reasons that I watch the show. Other favourites are Lafayette played by Nelsan Ellis, Pam played by Kristin Bauer and Jason played by Ryan Kwanten.

    I'm hooked on True Blood and I think its mostly for the reasons above, the cast and the amazing set. I also think that the make up and special effects are amazing. But I'm at the same time really annoyed with many things about the show.

    1. I'm gonna sound like some kind of a prude now, I'm not, I enjoy some nasty porn every once in a while. So here goes: I don't need to see them all naked and having sex. Boobs and asses everywhere. And who thought of making dead vamps turn into some bloody mess for everyone to roll around in? HBO always does this to their shows, using violence and sex for the chock value. So tired of it.

    2. The multiple story thing. I don't want to see what everyone in Bon Temps is doing, I want to see the supporting cast supporting the main characters. One episode is about 50+ minutes long and I always find myself a little disappointed in the end, half of the episode was spent on boring subplots that never seem to have any meaning in the end. I also wish that the show could have a wider timeline (is that how you say it??), every seasons is only a couple of days or so and they are really intense, why not make it a couple of weeks.

    I give this show 8/10 and I'm not really sure why because I find it very uneven. But I have to give it 8, because the good parts in the show are so awesome and somehow I can't stop watching it, can't wait to see another episode and I sort of miss it in the winter.

  • What I really love about this show is the dramatic story behind each character. Every actor is developing an amazing performance


    TrueBloodis revolutionizing theworld of vampiresand theirhidden society,presents a new versionof a lifewithvampiresinhuman lifeand the rulesof both.

    Themain characters of TrueBlood livearomancein the differentseasonsof the series,a romance thatwill have to overcomeobstacles,lies, andeven becomesa uniquelove triangle

    I believe that True Blood it is not regular vampire story like the ones that we are already used to watch…with the impossible love and the human girl that falls for the vampire and has to go through a lot of obstacles to be together…. This is much more than that!!! It is an exciting vampire story with strong personality, which makes you believe in the real existence of these evil creatures. It is a refreshing new view of the vampires show.

    This is a vampire's show that is almost real, because takes element from drama, actions, love and sex, to bring this fantasy world close to you.

    I can't remember a show that interests me this much. It has it all…sex, passion vampires, intrigue, action, and drama. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. It is a very human show for a vampires series. Once you get sucked into the drama you just want more and more. The show has grown since the beginning; it has evolved in such an amazing show, it is is great and I must say that this is probably one of the best HBO series in the season.

  • My late night addiction. That sets a new standard for the vampire genre.

    This show is, to put it in one word, Incredible. True Blood starts out slow. But as you become familiar with the characters and get sucked into the drama, you just want more and more.

    The thing that separates this show from others is the way vampires are portrayed you don't see the 'teddy bear' vampire that sparkle in the sunlight (Twilight). You see a scary and frankly more realistic view of these 'evil' creatures. Alan Ball does this through violence and sex, because of this I think it has become a 'love it or hate it' show.

    I love it and I don't know how anybody could possibly dislike this original show.
  • I think people are way too critical of this show.

    I really don't know what people expect from a show now a days! This show has drama, suspense, romance, action and everything you could expect. I don't know what more you could expect from a TV show, but yet I see people criticizing it. Honestly this is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. There isn't another show out there that has kept me so interested and intrigued! It is an awesome show! I would definitely recommend it. Although I will warn you, it is not a family show. There is sex and drug scenes.
  • HBO got theirselves another success Supernatural series, since Tales from the Crypt.

    Wow! True Blood now has full meaning titled. It's not just True Blood anymore about Vampires. It's True Blood: Supernatural Diaries. Baseing around Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fairies, Ghosts, Shapeshifters and Panthers. Oh, Man! True Blood is the program has the whole package of Halloween based characters involved. What's next? Show up on True Blood... Zombies!

    Well, i like this True Blood alot. It has alot of great entertainment of supernatural and stuff.
  • the show is just like the vampire diaries but better and darker.


    if u watch the vampire diaries then this show should give u kind of an example of what the show is about.

    the difference is that the vampire diaries is like a pg13 show for teenagers and true blood is a rated r show for adults.

    the writing is always fresh,they have twists and turns,i love the horror,action and sometimes the comedic moments.and the show is very character driven just like buffy the vampire slayer.

    the show has vampires,witches,ghosts and my favorite of all a guy werewolves are bad a**....they bring in lots of supernatural beings to help the plot of the show move along faster and better.

    the show has this dark,and horror action tone that i love.

    i love the fact the show is very adult b/c it dont have this lovey dovey type stuff going on and when they do have it its more adult instead of teenage type stuff,i love the writing and how they make the show have this dark tone,i love the horror and the action,the comedy ok sometimes,i love all the supernatural stuff and all the characters and supernatural beings the writers being in.

    this show rocks but sometimes it does have it flaws but there not noticeable.

    i say watch this show only if ur old enough b/c this isnt a child show:)

  • Eric is my favorite character in this show, I love him ..


    Eric is my favorite character in this show, I love him and his bad boy attitude, his silly humor and hiden soft side(and the great body). I was so happy when him and Sookie fall in love and she saw him for what he really was underneath. Can't wait to see more ..

  • if you like twilight vampire diaries well then you'll love this

    i had great expectations for this show because of the great cast and the concept and it fulfilled all of them :) the chemistry between the characters, the opening song that gives me the shivers, the secrets, the tension, the whole louisiana hot atmosphere Here in belgium we're waiting and waiting for season three I'm totally in love with it so much that every time i watch an episode i keep rewinding things to see them again and again I can't get enough off it now i just have to find the books on wich this serie is based upon and continue my obsession
  • Prob the best sci fi/fantasy tv shows out there, with perfect story lines, twists turns and best of all the comedy side of it


    Watched it from the start was ok to get into and building up and getting better with time just like most tv shows, but over time most tv shows reach their height and slowly run out of the good stuff,

    this show by far seems to just carry on forever with great story lines, twists, comedy and most of all more n more great things going on season 4 i just couldnt stop laughing at the black comedy side of it and how great the actors play their roles, with great non cheesyspecial efects

    this show could last 10 seasons and still be funny as F*** with new crazy s*** goin on and fun to watch,

    keep up the good work and never let this show die, its a 10/10 easy

  • True Blood the series that exploded in viewers for no reason!

    I can describe this show in a thousand words and some of them are: pointless, crap, waste of time, and plain old stupid. This show has no meaning, from the first time I watched this show I got so bored I didn't even want to complete the episode. Then my friend convinced me and tolled me "Just keep watching it, trust me you will like it.", so I took his advice and continued to watch this crappy show and I watched the first 4 episodes, they were all stupider than the other. Each show is 54 mins or something like that which means 54 mins of a stupid show. The actors cant act, the plot is even worse, the storyline sucks, and the setting is horrible. I can't believe this show is one of the top rated, it can't be it's just dumb! My friend then tolled me "It's just the first season, trust me and watch the next one and you will like it", so then I finished season 1 and watched season 2 and some of season 3. IT SUCKS! I can't explain more, this show is pure horrific and badly written.
  • What is the big deal with this show? There are definitely much more worthwhile shows out there. Ok, it's somewhat entertaining, in a "I just want to be stupid for 40 minutes" kind of way. There are moments of absolutely terrible scripting a

    I don't get why so many people absolutely adore this show. It's not the worst show in the world, don't get me wrong, but it is far from the best. Sex, violence, and drugs in abundance are probably the only saving grace for this show. Everybody enjoys watching that kind of stuff, but if that is all a show offers then it is a huge waste of time. Some parts of the show are just so ridiculous that you feel embarrassed for the actors and writers. I remember Anna Paquin was quite good in Almost Famous, but in this show she is just plain annoying and cheesy. I have watched every single episode thus far (not of my own will) and I'm still wondering what the hell the big deal is.
  • Can't remember I time when a show has hooked my interest this much. Sorry Haters!

    This show is amazing. I was hooked the moment I starting watching the first episode of season one, which I totally turned to by accident. I am really intrigued with it's quirky, witty, and dark characters. The situations they get themselves in are great to watch as well. People complain about the sex in the show, but in a day and age where more violence is seen as acceptable than sexuality, this is refreshing to see. Sexuality is normal, violence sadly is too, but sexuality is something that happens all the time, while violence shouldn't. So those who view it as vampire porn need to rethink your values and such. Yes, the show is violent as well, but I like that they don't shy from the sex, like so many other shows do. If you're gonna have violence you might as well have sexuality as well. Those how don't like the show are usually the ones who either watch crappy comedy shows or snooze-fests like Mad Men. True Blood is a well-written, well-acted television show that deserves all the attention it is getting and more. While other shows are just viewed as "amazing" just because of the elegance, and politics of the show (Mad Men). And I'm not bashing Mad Men here, it's an okay show and I'm just saying it is thoroughly overrated. I love that True Blood doesn't shy away from hurting it's characters in order for them to learn from their mistakes. Many other shows don't do so. I never really cared for vampires, but I really have gotten into them now. Most of the characters in this show, I can relate to in someway or another. It's a very human show for a supernatural television drama.
  • Why you do (not) want to watch this show.

    If you are interested in complex plots, smart conversations, character development and consequent story-telling you will hate this show so don't even bother watching the first episode.
    If you love seeing fantasy creatures spilling each others blood and guts, having sex, and are in for a fun ride with a whole bunch of different characters (believe me, you will find someone you like even though most of them are superficial idiots), and just love the "fiction" part in science-fiction then this is the show for you.
    55-minutes per episode where you can turn off your brain, lean back and enjoy the misery of the people living in the True Blood universe (no sarcasm here - I really mean that).

    Though I mostly enjoy watching it, I do not understand why people hype this show so much. It's not that good. Not at all. Sure it's entertaining, but hell there are many far better shows out there that don't get nearly as much (media) attention.
    Anyway, it gets a solid 6.5 rating. For all the blood, ya know ;)
  • An awesome show, pity we have to wait so long for the next season the wait will be excruciating! Keep up the amazing work guys!!

    This is one show that gets more addictive the more you watch it!!! The actors portray their characters well and I love the mix of drama, comedy and action all rolled into one action- packed show! This is one of the few shows that I get extremely excited about every week and can't believe we now have to wait so long for the next season!!! The only two criticisms I have is that there aren't enough episodes in a season and the next season is way too far away!!! Keep up the amazing work everyone and can't wait for season after season of this magnificent show!!!
  • A show that started out with a promising concept and interesting characters, but ultimately couldn't hold up in the long run.

    I started watching this show at the beginning of summer due to the fact that there really isn't anything on between June and September. The first 2 seasons were entertaining at best - I actually think I may have enjoyed them more than I should have because there was nothing else to watch. The show was campy in a good way and occasionally rather fun to watch. That being said, the third season was an extreme letdown, even for an already average show. I quit watching after episode 9 of this season because I really couldn't put up with it anymore. I read recaps of the episodes that I missed before watching the finale earlier this evening. I know I am going to get a ton of hate for this review, but I felt I needed to get this out. Individual Season ratings are as listed below:

    Season 1 - A decent start to a campy and interesting series. Packed with interesting characters and never takes itself too seriously. Rating: 7/10

    Season 2 - An interesting story arc and plenty of humour make this a welcome improvement on season 1. Rating: 8/10

    Season 3 - A disappointment through and through. The concept was there but boring subplots and a weak story arc (If you can even call it an arc) make for a rather lacklustre season. Rating: 5/10
  • It is a great show and it is a great finale.

    I disagree with those, who say that finale is somewhat half season finale. I think it is just the way it should be. Sam revealed to us his past, got back to basics. Tara started a new life having said goodbye to her mother and her past. Jason, at last, is not involved in any low class (again)relationship. Hoyt and Jessica managed to get together. Each and every relationship got to its logical point. I do believe Bill is not an evil, I do believe he truely loves Sookie. They just had to break up so that she could find what she really was. Because before she was so deeply involved in vampires' showdown, she simply had no time to take care of her own self. Even if I am wrong and Bill is not what I think of him, for me personally Sookie-Bill relationship is the only worthy reason to be wanting for the show to go on.
  • Have heard about it and my friends have been over this show for quite sometime and have forced me into watching this show. Below is my review describing how i felt about the show and weather it lived up to the hype that was created up by my friends.

    So my friends were all over this show and bragging about how great it is and how exciting and thrilling the show is. They made me sit down and forced me into watching couple of its episode from season 1. My impression of this show before watching was that it would be the same old drama about the vampires and werewolves and how they dont get along. Surprisingly the show was interesting and is kinda thrilling for what its worth, but im not a vampire and werewolves fan so id say that this show is not for me and i would not watch it.

    Im sure may of you will disagree on me, but for me this shows doesnt work.
  • Aww, Sookie! **SPOILERS WITHIN**

    First off, when Snoop Dogg writes a song about you, that means you're awesome. That awesome gal is named Sookie Stackhouse, who meets a vampire named Bill and is immediately attracted to him. We find out that Sookie is a telepath with some extra powers that are still not fully divulged. Sookie's best friend, Tara, spends most of the first season infatuated with Sookie's dumb brother, Jason. Jason's level of stupidity is never exhausting, only amusing. We learn that True Blood tastes horrible. So bad, in fact, that the American Vampire League shows their hypocrisy by drinking from humans rather than the crap they peddle for public trade. Then, there's Eric. Every vampire story must have one vampire that wallows in self-hate(Bill)and another that has nothing but love and lust for the kill. Thank the maker(Alan Ball)for Eric who proves that evil can be fun, as long as he's commited to his cause: Survival of the fittest and Eric is VERY fit. Eric's "child", Pam, is also a riot as she does her own share of evil deeds at her maker's behest. She even ruins a pair of designer shoes for the cause. Now, that's commitment. I can't leave out Lafayette, the gay semi-crossdressing cousin of Tara. Lafayette delivers awesome one-liners and beatdowns at the drop of a hat. He is True Blood gold. The gang come together and fall apart. The fire and desire between Eric and Sookie is compelling, but fleeting. We know that she wants Bill, who was forced by the Magister to make his very own little vampire named Jessica. Jessica was a sweet, virtuous, christian girl who's probably better off as a vampire because her parents are a little off. Jessica gets a job as a hostess at Merlottes, which is owned by Sam, the shapeshifter that loves it when you scratch his belly. True Blood doesn't lack for villains either. We get many vampires, werewolves, clergymen,and a maenad by the name of MaryAnn. MaryAnn is pure evil and hellbent on harming one pitiful puppy in particular. Her minions are, mostly, unwilling, but fun-loving party people. More notable villains are Nan Flannagan, spokeswoman of the AVL, the Magister, Sophie Anne, the beautiful,selfish, and indifferent Queen of Loozana. AND Russell. Russell is a freaking hoot going on a bloody rampage to show the world that VAMPIRES RULE and humans are just happy meals on legs. If you haven't already, check this show out. It's definitely worth paying for HBO for the few brief months the seasons last.
  • It's a well-acted soap opera, and I just can't get enough! It has earned its spot among the Vampire Craze that has been happening here lately.

    A couple years ago, I became interested in the Southern Vampire novels, but I never really invested my time into reading them. However, after watching True Blood I am very thankful I didn't! While I still haven't read the books, I can't imagine myself getting nearly as much enjoyment out of purely reading the books. That being said, I absolutely adore True Blood. It has everything I could possibly want out of a vampire drama: Romance, thrills, battle scenes, gore, special effects...And a sexy cast to boot. It is true that the show would most likely not be as appealing as it is if it wasn't so centered around blood and sex, but who cares? It is incredibly entertaining! It has the effect to make the meager hour it shows each week fly by. Anyway, I'm still a die-hard fan of this show, but I would be lying if I said that the show hasn't gone a little downhill. The first season was superb - maybe it was so great because it was fresh? I don't know. The second season was great as well, but the third season fell a little flat. It became a Soap Opera, but it was still good. My only complaint now, with the fourth season, is that it almost has too many story lines happening! I'd much rather it spend more time focusing on Sookie than on Andy, the sheriff. However, the ever-twisting plot keeps you from getting bored. Overall, would I recommend this show? Yes, I would. Almost anyone - of the mature audience variety - can get enjoyment out of it. It is one of the few shows that my boyfriend will sit down and enjoy just as much as I do. The acting, filming, and directing are all done nicely, and the storyline is intriguing. I'd say, give the show a chance ;)
  • Character driven piece for the grown-up "Buffy" generation!

    A supernatural take on racism and bigotry serves as the background for an epic love affair. This, frakly adult, lecture of Buffy, the vampire slayer and Angel the TV show, delves in the complexities of a small community in Bon Temp Louisiana and both the dangers & the allure of the underworld within it.

    As the feudal society of vampires reveal themselves to the public, the ripple effect starts to affect werewolves, faes and witches alike, cristians and wiccans turn against the vampires as several factions of werepeople turn against one another. In he midst of this chaos, Sheriff Northman must balance his career at the service of a corrupt Queen Sophie Ann, his duty to both maker and progeny (Godric and Pam) and the undeniable crush on an hybrid fairy dating Bill Compton, a double agent for the AVL.

    The balance of power eventually places Bill in charge of Lousiana, as well as his ex-girlfriend the fae in charge of the Sheriff, vampires are born at the same time humans lose their inocence and supernatural creatures get killed at the hands of humans as well as their own kind, in a show that continues to take risks and re-invent itself like few of the genre dare to do.
  • I thought that with all the extra time they would've come back with a dynamic season but I was wrong.

    Its very rare that I leave a bad review but the last season of True Blood was nothing but a huge let down after a long year of waiting. I thought that with all the extra time they would've come back with a dynamic season but I was wrong. What I want to know is why shows like Burn Notice, CSI, and Law and Order who have nonstop action and amazing plots can come back after a small 2-3 month break with another explosive season but yet True Blood with little to no action and a horrible plot takes an entire year to come back with another disappointing season?
  • True Blood is a show that has so many great elements. It takes place in a world where Vampires are trying to assimilate into the public sphere, and now drink a synthetic blood beverage called "True Blood."

    When I was introduced to True Blood, I knew only two things. It starred Anna Paquin, who won the Globe for it, and it was going to be addictive. True Blood follows the life of Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress with an unusual ability to read minds. Although, we learn easily that supernatural abilties are not all that unsual. Things start somewhat simple in the first season, but are filled with exploration of characters, intriguing storylines, and hilarious dialogue from Tara and Lafayette. True Blood stands out among other Vampire shows on television because it pushes the edge with a lot of graphic sexual nature and foul language, but these only add to the dynamic and make the show more fun to watch. Some of the characters in True Blood are purely amazing, such as Sam Merlotte, Lafeyette, Tara, Jason, and of course Sookie. I think the prime reason why I am so pulled into this show, is the creativity in the writing and the quality of the acting. Anna Paquin puts on such a good performance. As the seasons go on, the show gets more complex, but it's still fun to watch. Great stuff.
  • A fresh air on tv...that smells of blood!

    First of all, I´m not objective about vampires, I love them. I devour everything I found about the subject. I start watching the show as an alternative to Lost wich let me lost after finnishing :)
    And I found a good surprise. Finally someone give back waht vampires are, adults and erotic. Tons of blood, sex and social critic mixed in a bizarre context. Altought they don´t follow exactly the books I didn´t care, it also works for me. I don´t like very very much the many subplots but the books have more (from Sookie POV). I prefer to focus a little bit more in the love triangle, but it´s also ok! I enjoy the show.
    What I like specially is that the characters are not perfect, they are phsycos (Franklin, one of the best), annoying (I like thinking how I´d kill Tara, but I like her), airheads like Jason, sweet as Sam, pathetic as Lorena, discusting as Russel, etc etc...but Eric, he´s perfect hehehehe
    And besides it has also another excellent thing: the soundtrack!
    Congratulations!! go on True Blood!!
  • Bad show. Very, very bad.

    I am usually very generous when i review and rate a show. Even if i disliked it, i always try to see it for the good deeds, after all it's someone's work you're watching, it must worth something. But that was until True Blood... The only reason i didn't rate it zero is because it wouldn't let me rate it less than 1. I don't have one single good thing to say about this show. This is just the kind of cheesy garbage i expect to live up only to it's first season. The acting is lame, the plot is ludicrous, it's not even a plot in the first place, but a horrible sketch that should have been thrown in the trashcan. And what's with those things they called fangs again? Fake plastic toy fangs look more real than that! Seriously, what were they thinking when they made this? True Blood is an embarassment to HBO, the show's crew, and every vampire standing on earth.
  • HHHHMMMMM...Not a great start, but we'll have to see.

    I'm a big fan of vampire shows (Angel,Moonlight) and i can see that this show is NOTHING like what we are used to. Definitely for an adult audience as it is a lot more in your face and grittier than the other shows. It'll have to keep its current late night time slot if they continue to use such graphic sex scenes. Personally i was bitterly disappointed with the characters, I just don't believe Sookie's character and her best friend is down right annoying. I also had a hard time believing that a human woman and human man could overpower a vampire that easily, but I realize that this show is trying to redefine the vampire universe we are used to and give it its own parameters so I'm going to give it another couple of episodes and see how it goes.
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