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  • extremely disappointing

    The book is good, alan ball is talentuous (six feet under is The masterpiece!!) but the first episode of True Blood is very disappointing. The heroin appears as a real tart, naive, not as the Sookie i read about, who is quite a funny girl and has ideas to stand for. The additionals bits and caracters added for the show, well, i didn't get what's the point of that; it is not even funny, just embarrassing.

    Don't misunderstandng me, i like sexy things and i like vampires... but this scene about sex in the kitchen, well... Didn't get it.

    Come on someone, do something, it could have been such a good thing to watch!! I read the book when I heard of the new serie coming up; Being a real fan of Six feet under, I had no doubts it would be fab, but .. Well i think i am going to cry.
  • The potential of this show and the acting of its cast were thrown under the bus by the inclusion of near pornographic scenes- instead of a fresh take on Vampires, this show groups itself with other tired, over sensualized, cliched Vampire mythos.

    The True Blood website was great, the ads leading up to the show were great, but the opening scene of the series should have alerted me to what became a trend in the show- cheap attempts to gain viewership by putting (over) sexual situations on the screen. I didn't read any Sookie Stackhouse novels, nor will I. What could have been a sharply written and sometimes humorous take on Vampires coming out in the open has instead become fodder for adolescent goth larping vampire wannabe's wet dreams.

    Save your time, and find old episodes of Moonlight to watch. While not stellar, even it was a better show than True Blood.

    Better yet, get a white plastic fork, break off two prongs, and insert them into your upper lip like two fangs. Now go look at yourself in the mirror. Congratulations, you have approximated the special effects seen in the first 10 minutes of the series.
  • Instead of getting better, I find it more and more disgusting.

    Believe me, that's not what I wanted. I wanted and still do want to like this show. Instead I find less and less I like about it. I don't find the Bill/Sookie relationship erotic or romantic. Really, in the last episode, was Sookie making love to Bill's arm like a teenager practicing kissing erotic or Bill licking blood off her forehead? - eewwww! I am put off more and more by the beginning images - What is the purpose of all the dead animals?

    Most of it would be fine if they would tone down all the gratuitous sex. Do I really need to see Sookie masturbating while thinking about Bill - not once but twice!? Is there any other sex than rough, bondage kinky sex? You wouldn't know it by watching True Blood. I'm not opposed to sex/lovemaking but I really do like for it to have some bearing on moving the plot forward. The sex here is nothing more that poor filler. How any woman would want to mess around with Jason is in itself amazing. He's neither charming or likable and less so with each episode.

    I have to wonder about Bill's character given the friends he associates with. These are the typical, old-fashioned horror vampires and I was never attracted to that anyway. Personally, I find Bill more creepy than romantic. Am I looking forward to the next episode? No
    Will I probably watch it on HBO? No, don't get it. I'll watch it online somewhere.
    Will I watch it? Yes, I'll give it a couple more episodes anyway but its going to have to get a lot better than this.!
  • Abysmal!

    I saw the first episode and made me sick ... if I were one of the directors of this film production (Scott Winant / Alan Ball), I do not know if I was ever able to appear in public places, I'd be too ashamed. If you want to watch this show, please do not! It is a waste of time. My opinion is that this show was done with a very low budget and casting crew without responsibility, fresh and original ideas
  • Seriously, ther's an 8th episode out and I don't get at all what this series is about.

    True Blood is just another "life-of-the-small-town" series. You have several main characters, a couple freaks and a vampire. They're havin sex, fighting, eating, sleeping and do a bunch of talking. Nothing special. Any other latest vampire-related series like Moonlight or New Amsterdam is way better. The vampire line is sooooo weak. You have a mediocre guy with non-attractive face which just hangs around and bangs an X-Men girl who can read thoughts. Almost nothing happens in the city and even when some granny died writers had to make it a half-episode drama.

    For now True Blood is VERY boring. I'll probably quit watching it.
  • Bad Bad worst vampire show on the air waves.

    Bad Bad worst vampire show on the air waves. This show has little story line if any, I mean really whats it supposed be a red neck town who are all really stupid or sex crazed oh and the so called vampires are also out of the closed and when the story starts to waver lets throw a sex scene in then a few words and another sex scene a few more words and another sex scene and on it goes. I got to the third episode and could not watch anymore, Moonlight is 100 times better than this vampire show bring back Moonlight it beats this show hands down.
  • The books were great, how could the show be so horrid?

    I've read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books Charlaine Harris has published so far and I LOVED them to bits. So I was really excited, when I heard they were making a TV-show.... but oh, was I disappointed.
    I watched the first few episodes thinking that it'd probably get better and of course waiting for Eric...
    but it is possibly on of the most boring shows ever created. Vampires are hardly important in this drab little redneck town, where nothing seem to happen except.. sex, sex and .. more sex.
    Sometimes I felt like I was watching softporn and not a tv-show. ):
    And they made all those big changes in the storyline, it can really only be called 'based on the books'. Tara working at Merlotte's, the whole demon-mother crap, Jason's weird girlfriend and whatnot.
    So, I really really tried watching this, but it is so awful that my whole view on the series (books, too) has been warped and I don't even want to read the next one. ):
  • I want that 40 mins of my life back please.

    Ive never really understood why people watch vampire shows but I had nothing better to do and it was in HD so what the hell. Where do I begin? Complete rubbish is what I would call it. Some girl who works in a bar and can for some reason hear peoples thoughts encounters a vampire.
    Lets hold on a second. If you can read peoples thoughts then why are you working in a bar?
    why dont you go and make a million dollars at poker and then lie in bed all day?
    Apart from this nonsense, the other characters in the show dont really have any need to be there. Their scenes dont really amount to anything and all they appear to do is have sex a lot and thats about it. All I could think of while watching this mess was, how did the maker of something like six feet under decided that he wanted to make a show about vampires having sex?
    Dont waste your time people, even if it is in HD.
  • So bad!

    This show is lame, the script is poor, plot weak and acting feeble. I was hoping for more, check out the far superior "being human", This one should never have made at all.

    The heroine of the story is just plain irritating, and her "best friend" isn't any better.

    The idea of vampires living side by side with humans isn't origional either, it has been done numerous times before.

    The whole idea never gets of the ground. If anything needs to be put out of it's semi-dead misery it's this show. In conclusion I will say that this is possibly the worst thing I have seen all year.
  • Seriously - I don't!

    I've read all the Charlaine Harris books upon which this series is based - and I'm a fan of them. So when I heard the series was being made I was excited about bringing the characters to live. Even when I heard that Anna Pacquin was going to be Sookie I was prepared to give it a shot - I know she's a great actress but I she didn't immediately seem the right choice to me.

    Having seen this now, I'm really disappointed. Unfortunately this series just shows that not all great books translate well onto the screen - silver or small. I'm sticking with the original books and my imagination.
  • the only reason to watch this show is for the nudity

    i watched the complete 1st season & i couldn't believe how terrible it was. who wrote this crap?? ok, i can accept things in a show's mythology within reason there are vampires & artificial blood. vampire blood has drug-like properties like lsd but 1 drop gives you an erection but when a show can't follow it's own rules, i get annoyed. an entire vial of it somehow doesn't make you hallucinate?? you don't overdoes on it? it just gives you a priapism?? that was incredibly stupid. if it's a drug it should act like a drug. what about tara's mom? wow, what a stupid subplot "i got a demon inside me!!" but she doesn't, it was just a scam, sure she could have quit cold turkey through belief but tara's mom would have died from alcohol withdrawal. it was so stupid. oh, my favorite piece of stupidity: "i'm a shapeshifter", not "i'm a werewolf & we hate vampires" like every other vampire mythos. no, i'm a shapeshifter. so suddenly in this world, there are vampires, telepaths & shape shifters. what's next? aliens, zombies? god, i miss blood ties.
  • Not really my kind of show.

    I will not say that this show is awful, but I will say it really isn't my kind of show. I've seen enough vampire movies and television shows in my life that the theme of this one makes it seem old. That said, there is some decent acting in this series and the storylines are somewhat okay. From the very few parts of the show I have seen, I must admit that it really isn't as boring as one would think at first glance. Overall, this is just an average show in my opinion, and I must say it doesn't interest me. Thank you.
  • Bring on the homosexuality please. Where's the man on man action?

    I'm pissed, pissed, pissed that not one man on man scene was in this series at ALL.

    I'm sure Alan Ball, thinks he's being so bold with his little series, but he could get a lot of bolder, if you ask me.

    Two seasons, not ONE. HOMOSEXUAL. SCENE. what the hell!?!?!?!?!!? I'm just like the Queen herself, I LOVE seeing two men together. If I've got to look at a bunch of ugly straight ppl having sex, naked body parts everywhere, then I should be able to see some naked parts I actually WANT to see in just as many sex scenes. Eric is BISEXUAL, he LIKES men just as much as women. I hope they aren't turning his character strictly straight. That would just be disappointing. They need to stop throwing the homosexual words around in the show and actually start showing some freaking homosexuality!!! If OZ can do it, and Blood and Sand can do it and Queer as Folk can do it True Blood should be able to do it too. Other than that, the Bullhead demon arc was unecessary and took up entirely too much of the series time. Vampires ppl, if done right are much more entertaining than a lot of other supernatural creatures out there. At least, to me they are.
  • this show is another one of my favorites i just love me some vampire action. i love the plot i like vampire love stories and i love how its that and its action i love everything about this show. this show gets a perfect score from me

    this show is another one of my favorites i just love me some vampire action. i love the plot i like vampire love stories and i love how its that and its action i love everything about this show. this show gets a perfect score from me because to me it deserves 10 as the rating. To people that do not like this show keep your options to your selfs. Do not ruin it for the rest of us fans. Anyways like i was saying i love this show and it needs to keep going keep it up your doing good Please dont cancel this it would be a shame to see it go i will get mad if it does.
  • Vampires in Louisiana bayous... A very imaginative series.

    I was not sure that this series would be good, because I feared that Anna Paquin might not be right the actress for the part of Sookie Stackhouse, but then I saw her performance, and I guess that she's the one! I mean, her accent for the character is just perfect. The rest of the cast is very good, and they are somehow like I had imagined them... well, except for Tara, but the character is funny in its own way. The way mythology and urban myths and legends get mixed with reality is just amazing. So far, the series is just what the doctor and the dentist ordered to everyone who loves vampires and vampire stories. It might not be Supernatural, but it's one of those series which make you beg for more, even after watching the ending credits... That's why I say that you'll beg for another bite in the neck. Totally Addictive!!!
  • Season 1 was a teaching experience, Season 2 was a dose of awesome, and Season 3 is starting to be a new beginning. All in all, near perfection.

    I'll admit the show started out painfully simple, the lines were somewhat cheesy, Bill's version of saying "Suckie" was driving me crazy, and Eric was no where to be seen for a few episodes. But it built up until we were all hooked. Season 1 ended with a punch, cut to Season 2. We see more Sookie and Eric verbal sparring, the introduction of Jessica, and more characters. Yes the whole Mary Ann part was annoying to watch, and watching people have weird black-eyed sex was extremely awkward, but it ended with Sookie helping vampires from Texas and saving the town from a maynad. And Season 3. Well we've only seen 3 episodes so far, but I can say it will be a great ending. Bill and Sookie's relationship is going down the drain quick, Alcide is a total fox (no pun intended), and Eric is slowly charming the pants off Sookie. We'll be watching Eric and Sookie soon enough! A great beginning to a great book series. And the characters are a perfect fit.
  • Give it a go!

    Great to have a good vampire show back on the air. And not a PG version like Buffy. This is stylish and sexy, and very funny, with lots of interesting characters to develop. And with the news that the shows been picked up for a new season, the writers and director can actually take time to fully develop the characters without the worry that it will be axed after only one season. This show will definitely not be for everyone, but for anyone with even a mild interest in vampires, this show will not disappoint. Hope its gets a few more seasons.
  • No Homerun for HBO with this series.

    I'm not sure this series will last long. The first episode didn't really explain too much, you pretty much had to figure out what was going on, and how they came to this situation where vampires walk around with humans. I think they have a good plot, but it needs some tuning and more history on why the vampire situation has come to be. The second episode has allot of explaining to do to keep my interest in wanting to tune in for more. The characters and acting was pretty good. I will tune in for the second episode to see where this is going.
  • Not bad, not bad at all.

    I never thought I would like anything to do with Vampires especially since it is the new craze with girls these days. The show has a good plot to it, and the the episodes will have you coming back for more. I really liked the first season, but the second one is definitely has been my favorite this far, the third one has been good so far but hasn't caught my interest as much as the second season had, but i still can't wait to see what happens this season and any other seasons this show is going to have.
  • The way that vampires should be

    After many mind numbingly horrific parodies of vampires (Twilight anyone?) it gives me great pleasure to see a series based on a book series as good as Dexter is. It's a pleasure to see the creatures of the night that're aloof done well and does vamps justice. The story which follows Sookie, a waitress who's telepathic ability that she can't turn off changes when she meets Bill Compton, a vamp since 1865 who struts back into town. The premiere is how they "hit it off," included are Tara, Sookie's strong willed friend Tara, Sookie's nymphomaniac brother Jason who makes George Bush look like genius, Lafayette a gay chef at Merlotte's where Sookie works, as well as Sam Merlotte the proprietor, and Sookie's wise as nature grandmother or Gran. The show struggles to find its footing a little but I am willing to give a try just for pure content of vampires, the flaws are somewhat easily ignored for those genre fans like myself, but for those looking for juicy realistic Soprano like drama from the get go go elsewhere. The series does pick up in the next few episodes but if you give up, just know that this series is for the vamp fans out there.
  • swaying away from what it represents.

    ok. at first this show was pretty decent, Vampires are known to the world. Sookie was interesting because of her ability. And Bill was actually cool. But it just lost its suave to me. When Im watching it now, my hand just reaches for the remote control and I change the channel. It just lost its mystery. and showing Tara doing lovey dovey with her man, just isnt working. She looks like a She-Man. Why couldn't they hire someone with atleast have a hot bod. I feel like this show will be going down the drain soon. and now, they're adding more monsters other than the vampires. Why are they always showing the news about Vampire Rights and etc if that's not even the main concern about the story. Like I said, True Blood is swaying further and further from where it should be.
  • Really recommend for every Vampire fan out there in da Planet Earth :)

    True Blood indeed has a different style and it really keeps u in the grasp all da way to the end and i've seen upto 11th Episode of 2nd season and all can say is wouh..stunned :P Eric's background story was very thrilling and got me going back in time.. =) True Blood has goodie humour and intro with goodie song and amazing video clips just gives a nice start for da episodes :D For a while in 1st season there was little action,but it didn't matter and doesn't cau'se True Blood always manages to keep u tightly in da chair/sofa.. :P

    Soon will buy the season 1 with da goodie quality :)
  • True diamond.

    Simply fantastic... Great characters, excellent directing, screenwriters are witty, and really know how to write... This show represents something new and fresh in this fall guide, and to be honest we, the viewers need that... The topic is new and the idea to place the story in New Orleans area is fantastic.
    But the thing that really caught my intention is the characters that are so alive, and well made.
    There is not one actor that is not giving 110% of himself in this show.
    To be honest at beginning i though that this will be just another bleak vampire show, but as the first episode progressed i got caught in the story and now i can't get out. :)
    The best thing of all is that the show is growing, and that the story can be developed in so many more levels, if only the writers know what to do (and i think they do).
    One of few shows this fall that i can not wait for the next episode to air.
  • True Blood, the best of the genre.

    I knew about the novels, so I was really excited when I heard that this series was going to air.
    In my opinion, True Blood is a very interesting show that can bring us innovation, when compared to other TV Shows of the same style. It combines comedy, mystery, gore, overall being a very entertaining series, that does stand out from the rest of the shows of the same genre (the "vampire fever"). The actors are perfectly cast (Anna Paquin does a tremendous performance as Sookie Stackhouse), and so far the episodes have been way awesome (Season 2 was absolutly fantastic). I'm glad that True Blood has been confirmed a fourth season, and hopefully there'll be more to come.
  • Derivative, unoriginal premise, one dimensional characters and i don't know whether to adore or kill Anna Pacquin. Still there is something about this show that makes me want to give it a chance. It's different and it's quirky. But will it work?

    A reasonable if derivative premise meets a fantastic Louisiana backdrop. Characters need a lot of work and the basic concept lacks....pizazz and newness for want of a better term. On the plus side... Best. Opening. Credits. Ever. Who came up with those? Sets the mood, and the feel of the show perfectly. But its all been done before. Vampires Vampires Vampires - The new reality show of the 21st century. Definitely a case of pick the rip off (sorry.. influence) as you work your way through this one. Loved Six Feet Under so I'll give it a few more episodes to grab my interest, but at the moment I cant see it lasting too long. meh.
  • After following Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight, True Blood gives me a refreshingly new view of the genre of vampire shows. Unlike the other two, True Blood is filled with horror, blood, sex, seduction, what vampire stories should be all about!

    Just watching the opening theme of True Blood gives you the chills and intrigues you to find out more. It's horrendous yet alluring, just like vampires. The southern dialects threw me off at first, and I had trouble liking Sookie, but there are many other interesting characters in the plot and I find the general presentation of the vampire universe in True Blood interesting. I like that vampires participate in debates on TV, I like that they run businesses like Fangtasia, I like that there are vampire junkies among humans who worship them and want to be vampire bars, I like that humans can also be villains in a vampire story, and I like that there's no big debate about whether vampires have a soul or not, as if good or bad depends on that. What I especially like is that True Blood is much more explicit in its presentation of everything. The sex scenes, the nudity, the murders, the bloody messes, it's like a mature version of Buffy and Twilight. No more fake sex scenes between Buffy and Spike, no more perfectly beautiful vampires who can walk around in daylight, even the destruction of a vampire is horribly bloody in True Blood. While previous shows are for teenage girls, True Blood is not for the rookies.

    So far, my favorite vampire is Spike from Buffy, but Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgard is coming up close quite fast. Not only is he tall, strong, and gorgeous, he's also darkly broody and playfully evil, an extremely attractive vampire! Unfortunately, the main story arc in season 2 steers us away from vampires who are much more interesting to know more about, and much prettier to look at. There are endless topics within the vampire world to be presented, I hope season 3 will guide us deeper into that fascinating world.
  • Easily one of the best dramas on television knows exactly how to captivate the audience and not let go until the credits roll. Authentic, beautifully captured and shocking every week, TRUE BLOOD keeps you masterfully addicted until you beg for more.

    It starts with the opening credits, it shows off the raw and controversial look that the show entails using footage of a decaying fox, a kid in the KKK and women in erotic positions. True, in Holland this wouldn't shock anybody, but I'm surprised nonetheless that it is shown on American television. The show itself is a wee bit less provoking, but still knows how to break the boundaries of modern television. For example; the star of the show is Sookie, a well raised blonde country girl that knows how to take care of herself just as much as she knows how to get herself into trouble. In the pilot she falls for vampire Bill, who stirs up the town with his presence. Two seasons in the two are a popular couple that, despite all the things that happened between and around them, still go strong, if not for the show's second season cliffhanger. But the two stars are hardly everything that Bon Temps has to offer. Almost nowhere on television is there such a wide range of loveable characters, all with appropriate depth and screen time. It marks how eager the show is to please the fans and how well it knows exactly what (not) to show them. There's Sam, the owner of the bar that employs half the cast, who, just like Sookie, has a secret power. Sam can change into any animal any time, while Sookie can hear what everybody thinks, everybody, except for Bill. Other wildly awesome characters include Jason, Sookie's brother who besides being entreatingly stupid also stars in almost every sex scene on the show, Tara, Sookie's best friend who has a lot of boy and mother problems, Eric, one of the higher vampires who craves for Sookie and other lovely folk of Bon Temps such as Andie the alcoholic cop with good intentions, Hoyt an grown man who never got away from his mothers grip and Jessica, Bill's apprentice who still deals with being recently turned into a vampire. But one of the most flamboyant characters is LaFayette, a big gay black guy who defies basically every cliché that can be thought of. It's exactly that extraordinary care for detail and love for the characters that makes it such a delight watching all of them get into weekly adventures. They are all connected, have their own problems, and so always end up with each other fighting evil, whether it's a town's serial killer or a spiritual demon who can't find peace. True Blood does have a bad premise, it is a show about vampires, and even though the world is basically all fangbangers these days, that doesn't mean a lot of other folks out there still think of it as lame and boring. Little do they know that the show is not about vampires at all, it's about a world vampires are real and a part of everyday life. They face racial issues, social barriers and the choice whether to behave like expected of them or to rise above the rumors and prove that they can live next to the humans they so desperately ache. There's nothing like it on television, as the show doesn't just try to tell a story, it tries to continuingly entertain the audience, and succeeds almost flawless every week. Nowhere, except maybe Lost, do episodes end on such shocking cliffhangers as on True Blood. Where shows kept an ending like putting your entire cast in a room and let a bomb explode for a season finale, TB shows it off half way through the season, and that was just one week. The show remains fast-paced, doesn't underestimate the audience's ability to follow multiple arcs and still has time to have the appropriate character development. It almost never misses it's goal and, perhaps thanks to it being an adaption of a book, never loses it's purpose. If you like good quality entertainment, True Blood is the show for you, and I promise, there will not be a moment where you can think of anything else but fangs.
  • A world where the paranormal comes and lives with us normals. Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, Maynades, Minotaurs and lets not forget the humans. And also Sookie stackhouse and her mind-reading abilities. Watch for a brand new look at vampire kind.

    S3X, Blood and rock and roll.. that could well be the tag line of this series. Its a crazy roller coaster ride with the mythical beings of our imagination. I'm a big vampire fan and there's so many good vampire shows out there now.. true blood with the bad-ass vampire kind, vampire diaries with the eternal teenage vampire, twilight. True blood is just more 'in-your-face explicit' with all the sex and nudity. it shows the dark and glamorous side of the undead. the gay guy Lafayette is a real cracker as well :P 'Our blood sustains life.. Vampire blood IS life' joker.. Love the seduction of Jason by the preachers wife.. OMG classic..
  • The Show is about a telepathic waitress called Sookie stackhouse and other residents from the town of Bontemps, Louisiana.The series is by HBO and based on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris.

    vampires are a minority fighting for equal rights and have decalred themselves to the outside world. When Bill Compton a vampire returns to his hometown of Bon Temps, the place where he died in 1836, he has an instant connection with Sookie Stackhouse. At this point the adventures begin.For those of you who have not read the books i would recommend.The series is fantastic very addictive and is put to the screen by Alan Ball.Various characters are introduced as the series progresses.The story lines indroduce varios creatures along the way. Currently the UK is on to it's first season on mainstream TV.Season 2 has aired on FXUK ( cable).Season 3 of True Blood is post production and shooting beings later this year to be aired by HBO in June 2010.
  • More than justifies the addition of another vampire show

    This show pleasantly surprised me. I thought maybe there was no room for further vampire shows notwithstanding how amazing Buffy was, but anyway I watched it despite my misgivings last summer all in a row, when there was absolutely nothing else on. I grimaced as I hit play for the first episode, thinking I was gonna hate it and hating the fact that I'd probably keep watching it anyway. Well, after all that it was quickly apparent this is an awesome show. I inhaled all the episodes in a very short intense flurry of True Blood watching. I LOVE Anna Paquin in it and the character she's built up in Sookie is fantastic. I love "Bill" the Vampire. Bill. Too perfect! I love the dog-guy (can't remember his name). I LOVED the Grandma. :-( I love her smart mouth best and b**chiest friend (name??) with the (reformed?) alcoholic mother. I loved how vampire blood became an illicit street drug. ..... I loved everything!! I'd like to read the books but I don't want to wreck watching the show as long as it continues. If Season Two can measure up or surpass S one, it will be a great thing to watch during the tv drought that is summer
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